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acoustic system jbl partybox 310 ru black logo

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Did the bear step on your ear? You turn on normal music through a normal application and everything plays perfectly without dancing with a tambourine. Quiet or loud, it doesn't matter. Equally good. Connected to the TV. The sound does not run away, you can and should watch movies. I want a secondSee full review

laser pointer green laser 303 logo

It shines cool without question, but once I put the battery on charge and the first time it died to zero and no longer began to charge, respectively, the lazar simply became useless.See full review

moschino toy boy eau de parfum, 30 ml logo

It came even before the deadline, which is undoubtedly a plus, well packaged, in general, I’m happy with everything, the Dog also liked it :)See full review

disc brake pads rear sangsin brake sp1401 for hyundai, kia, ssangyong (4 pcs.) logo

I have been quite satisfied with my 1.8-liter KIA Cerato from Korea. Only Korean auto parts will do for my vehicle. That's how it went down, and it's become one of my guiding principles. Of course, this isn't always the case, but repairing brakes requires zero planning. For the brakes, I went with the Hi-Q brand. My new automobile got me some Stellox. Since the maker of my vehicle suggests Korean replacements, I went ahead and bought some. Sangsin Brake was selected as the winning manufacturer. See full review

mountain bike (mtb) welt ridge 2.0 hd 27 (2022) matt black 18" (requires final assembly) logo

In general, I drove quite well, I took a size of 18 for a height of 167-168 cm (I'm a girl) - excellent, just the perfect frame size. The brakes are good, the landing is comfortable, the speed switches clearly. Now the disadvantages: 1) lousy fork (expectedly, I had to block it right away, it's good that this possibility exists) 2) a saddle that is uncomfortable for girls (I write it down as a disadvantage, although they are all about the same on mountain bikes in this price category) 3) the mosSee full review

paipaitek pd-258s electronic collar, collar length 66cm, neck circumference 12-55cm, 1 piece, black/silver, s logo

Our dog is smart enough, but recently he started barking when we started to leave, and only in the evenings. They fought in many ways, the anti-bark collar was the last variator in the fight against barking. We read a lot, thought the dog would not understand, worried that he would be shocked just like that, in the end they ordered and decided to try it in practice The current does not hit immediately, only after a long bark. In general, the collar reacts very quickly, and only to barking. I donSee full review

mif computer desk №1, wxdxh: 145x50.2x135 cm, color: bleached oak logo

I read the reviews after the order, I was worried that there would be a shortage, but, fortunately, everything came perfectly. The accessories are in place, there is an instruction, there are no chips, they brought in two boxes.See full review

fruit bearer cut the rope: omnam logo

One of the favorite characters of the child, so I ordered it! The real cost is in the region of 150-250, but, as the commentator wrote above, there is nothing to choose from!See full review

steam cleaner deerma deerma dem-zq610 eu, white/red logo

The decision to get a steam mop came about when I was deep in position and couldn't bend over to mop the floors. We were looking for the maximum equipment at the minimum price. The Xiaomi Deerma steam cleaner immediately became a favorite in our selection. I ordered, received, I have been using it with pleasure since October 2022. There are no work orders. I pour water from the filter into the tank, one tank is enough for 2-3 rooms (kitchen, corridor, room). There are attachments for other functSee full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

If you have Marusya-mini - most likely you have children) Well, or you just love cool devices. We fall into both categories, and have never received such a bingo: so that it is interesting for us and fun for the children. Games for all ages, lots of learning. Interactive fairy tales - everyone in our family likes it. Well, it looks very nice, and it's great that there is a clock display. Cool thing exercises for the brain. Something like sounds for meditation, according to the capsule - stimulatSee full review

tactical belt logo

Some advantages are that it may be put on fast and that it normally fits a wide variety of shorts and pants. Has drawbacks, such as the fact that it can be worn everywhere, and in both comfortable and convenient settings, it requires continual tightening.See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-595, white logo

I took this vacuum cleaner, because from washing with a mop there were always stains on the floor. Nothing changed. Now mine with a mop for 13,000 thousand)) Water dried up on the linoleum, a trace remained, passed several times with a “miracle vacuum cleaner”, so this trace remained. I don't know where the rave reviews come from. + heavy in weight, but very flimsy. It is inconvenient that the steam button is located under the handle, when you press the vacuum cleaner a little, the steam immediaSee full review

caliper bandage fixator on the knee joint with reinforced silicone protection and stiffeners knee, size s gray logo

I used it as a training aid because my knee starts to pain around a minisk after the load (without a proper warm-up). After finishing my program, I intend to unsubscribe from the feelings and the result.See full review

treadmill unix fit mx-930r, black logo

Excellent track. Easily withstands heavy weight, does not creak, does not make noise. Reliable construction. Assembling on your own is quite simple, the two of them coped with the husband literally in the evening. It is very convenient that you can move it due to the wheels. It folds into a vertical position very easily, due to which it is convenient to clean under it.See full review

women's shoes summer rieker article 43753-00/37 logo

Its pros: Incredibly comfortable shoes, like many other pairs of shoes from this manufacturer. They look stylish. The skin on top has a pattern, thin and graceful. They go to size. Different cons: The shoes are lined and made of faux leather. Can't be worn barefoot.See full review

electric scooter midway i-one, up to 120 kg, gray logo

Pros: Fast even with my weight (100kg), pulls uphill perfectly, the best design among analogues, with a height of 190 it is convenient to ride, taking into account the fact that the handle is not adjustable Has some cons: The shock absorber is only in the front, and not in both, it feels strange, as if your front is about to loosen and fall apart on the go the lack of disc brakes in situations where you need to brake hard can make itself felt in the future, especially with our roads and driverSee full review

humidifier / air purifier "fanline aqua ve400" with an ionizer, with a capacity of 410 gr/h logo

I must say right away that you need to take the ve-400 model, and not 200. The 200th drum has less humidification, respectively, the efficiency is lower, and the noise level will be higher. Plastic is like plastic, they wrote about disgusting plastic. I do not understand very well what kind of plastic is needed? Cosmic, fireproof, stronger than steel? There are no such plastics. Well, sometimes fireproof, but why is he here? Ordinary household, all other household devices are made of the same. vSee full review

nyx professional makeup lip lingerie lipstick matte, cashmere silk 18 logo

I would want to express my gratitude to both the WOOP program and the NYX brand for providing the opportunity to test. Cherry Quartz lipstick from the Glitter Goals line. The features of the lipstick are quite unique. To begin, it has a liquid consistency when first applied, but after a short while it dries out and takes on a matte appearance. Second, when the lips are closed, the sparkles cover the lipstick completely. Light and airy perfume of berries. The color is vivid and completely saturatSee full review

computer chair bureaucrat ch-w299 for children, upholstery: textile, color: tw-13a pink logo

Some advantages are that it is an excellent choice for a space of this size. The size that is typical. The hue is perfect for an elevated bed like this. The daughters really enjoy using it. despite its advantages. Due to the color's susceptibility to picking up dirt, I had to clean it several times.See full review

ground coffee lavazza caffe decaffeinato vacuum package, 250 g, vacuum package, 4 pack. logo

in any case, it is a good alternative when it is better to avoid caffeine, but you still want a coffee ritual, I recommend Has some pros: I like that there is an opportunity to drink decaffeinated coffee, Lavazza is one of the few mass market brands that offers such a product, it is presented on many shelves, in the same ABC With its cons: coffee is empty, it is clear that a decaffeinated drink will always be inferior to natural coffee with a full composition, however, in the same VkussVills it See full review

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