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Unfortunately, I can not test in more severe conditions than parquet flooring and short pile carpet, there are no animals either. It is not powerful enough for any large/heavy debris, but even so, a lot of dust, crumbs and hair are collected every day. Before him, I would never have thought that so much garbage is collected in the apartment every day. Unlike other models of vacuum cleaners, it has only one side brush, but it manages well with one. Collects a decent amount of dust, crumbs, etc. eSee full review


I bought a scanner from a supplier Smart Tech. Came a scanner that is not supported by the iPhone. Bought specifically to work with IOS devices.See full review


Sandals are pure white. Beautiful. All Velcro are adjustable, suitable for any fullness. They fit true to size. The insole is very soft and comfortable. And of course, this is a trend, you will not go unnoticed. I definitely recommend buying.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

When compared to cordless vacuum cleaners, it has several advantages, including sufficiently high power, maneuverability, convenience, and a low price. Below are some downsides: Because there is no attachment to the wall, either in the kit or in nature, which is quite inconvenient when compared to wireless ones, you will need to come up with something else. It gave off the impression of being flimsy. Neither the kit nor nature included any wall mounting hardware.See full review

oral-b eb 20-3 electric brush accessory set, white, 3 pieces logo

Has some pros: Excellent nozzle that effectively removes plaque from between the teeth. I decided to get it because tartar can build, and while the brush can remove some of it, it does not remove all of it. This type of toothbrush should only be used on teeth that are robust and healthy. Got cons: The gums may bleed initially, but this is typical and is explicitly included in the instructions. After a while, the bleeding should stop.See full review

rozhkovy coffee maker kitfort kt-702, black logo

At the time of purchase, the best offer in terms of characteristics for this price. I am satisfied with the purchase. Its pros: Good value for money. Large water tank. There is a cappuccinatore. Coffee turns out delicious, no worse than in coffee shops. The kitchen is very compact, looks stylish. Easy to use. Different cons: The tank for heating water is common for both the cappuccinatore and coffee. After using the cappuccinatore, you need to wait for the temperature to decrease.See full review

apple watch se 40mm aluminum case ru, space grey/black logo

Everything is super Pros below: I liked everything, excellent Watch, an indispensable assistant in the work of a manicure master Some cons: I didn’t like that my hand was sweating under the strap, but these are trifles. Already bought a metal strap and the problem is goneSee full review

vacuum cleaner samsung vc18m31a0hu/ev, dark blue logo

Been running for 6 months now, no complaints. It is very convenient that there are no problems with bags as in an old vacuum cleaner. I took out the container, threw out the garbage and washed super.See full review

nespresso c30 essenza mini capsule coffee machine, white logo

Long wanted, expectations are justified. I select capsules that will suit. Easy to maintain. Compact, stylish design, a huge plus.See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy a51 4/64 gb, dual nano sim, black logo

Good budget phone Different pros: The price / functionality / quality ratio was the best at the time of purchase Got cons: Xs. Well, he doesn't make coffee. Among his class, I see no shortcomings.See full review

contact lenses bausch & lomb soflens daily disposable, 90 pcs., r 8.6, d -7 logo

I have been wearing these lenses for over 10 years. For me, they are the best and most comfortable. The quality is time-tested, and here is also a nice price!See full review

xiaomi mi smart sensor set logo

There is a project on the Internet that makes a zeegbi2mqtt gateway out of a device, for this, in general, you just need to buy it Has some pros: Excellent form factor, good sensors included, if you buy somewhere at a discount just consider it as a gift Different cons: Devices that can be connected here quickly run out, of course, in the interface you will be scared that there are only 6 of them, in fact there are much more if you connect directly with a button.See full review

pampers diapers new baby dry 2, 4-8 kg, 94 pcs., white logo

Good value diapers. On a baby at 5 months (weight 6300), the deuce sits well, but next time I will order a triple. They do not leak day or night, although the baby is active, but they do not press anywhere. They do not cause allergic reactions. For the price👍#honestlyOpampersSee full review

coffee maker vitek vt-1517 bn, brown logo

I wanted it for a long time and my husband gave it for my birthday. I quickly figured it out and now I enjoy excellent cappuccino and latte. Take it, you won’t regret it.See full review

shower column gappo g2491, chrome chrome logo

Providing an impartial assessment.Was generally satisfied with the product. But I decided to take a rain shower. And found that it flows from all the cracks (See full review

hand blender vitek vt-3407, white logo

I bought this blender for chopping vegetables. He does his job very well. The set included a whisk and a chopper, as well as a thicket. Management is clear, the device takes up little space in the kitchen.See full review

instant coffee bushido original, glass jar, 100 g logo

Pros below: The coffee is great! There are no complaints about the product! Cons: Price! The spread of prices on the market is not real! I bought this product by mistake! 525 for 50g on this site, I waited 4 days and immediately next to the store MAGNOLIA 499 for 100g. UGLINESS!See full review

smart watch apple watch series 7 41 mm aluminum case, shining star logo

I have been using the watch for about 3 months, I am satisfied with the purchase, if there was a larger battery, they would not have a price! I recommend! Different pros: A clear image on the screen, beautiful appearance, nimble, in general, do not slow down. Cons: The charge is kept for 1-2 days, although this is considered the norm for such watches, I wanted more. No more cons found.See full review

schwarzkopf professional royal cream-color, 1-0 black natural, 60 ml logo

I have been using this paint for quite a long time, the paint is very good, it does not flow, it paints the sidenu perfectly, the hair is soft after dyeing.See full review

clumping litter cat's best original, 40l logo

An excellent filler, crumple due to the added composition similar to glue. It worries me whether it can be used for animals that like to chew filler. Despite the fact that woody retains the smell of the liquid well. Lightweight, be sure to use a cellular mat at the exit of the tray, then the filler will not be carried around the rooms.See full review

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