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Good afternoon! ! Earlier I wrote about the Omron RS-1 blood pressure monitor. I want to say that we are very satisfied with the device, my daughter likes it. Yesterday was my nephew's birthday. Let him have no serious illnesses. But the gift must be useful. And of course, I bought an Omron RS-2 blood pressure monitor. This model has a container, which makes it convenient to store and take it with you, it does not take up much space. and for those who control their pressure, it is very easy to uSee full review

humidifier smartmi evaporative humidifier 2, cjxjsq04zm ru, white logo

It just so happens that the brightness of the screen is all the way down to zero, and the humidifier is running. At the same time, there is no way to identify from a visual standpoint whether or not it is functioning. With its positives being: It still functions correctly in the year 2022. Convenient control through app and via Home Assistant. Some cons: In a calm environment, when the device is set to the first speed, there is a peculiar and irritating hum emanating from some distance away fromSee full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock e5 ru, white logo

I am, in general, rather content with the acquisition. I believe that this is the most effective copy with a budget of up to 20,000 dollars. With a height of 9 centimeters, you can easily pass under both the sofa and the toilet. This was a very significant point for me. Pros: Quiet enough, capable of overcoming challenges, and unconcerned about working in environments with dark carpets and flooring. One of the drawbacks is that shaking out the dust container is not a particularly convenient procSee full review

vplab ultra men's sport tab., 180 pcs. logo

I'd prefer a lollipop or marmalade flavor for the pills inside the tablet. When fried, a strong chemical odor is released.See full review

computer chair bureaucrat t-898axsn for executive, upholstery: textile, color: gray 3c1 logo

Some pros: Affordable cost. Nice fabric, and it fits perfectly. I like spending time in it. This is correct from a considerable distance. Its cons: Structural integrity, but a poor design; the side handles can be moved, and the plugs that go into the nuts easily come out. I have no idea how long this will go on for. Despite just having extremely light use, the gas lift ceased holding.See full review

sneakers new balance nb 327 8 men logo

When I say a certain item "fits the size," I am referring to an American size 11. According to the size chart, this is a 44. In reality, however, I sport a timeless 43.See full review

🧺 1.5 kg vanish fabric stain remover gold oxi advance powder for effective stain removal logo

you should definitely try in an inconspicuous area because the paint from synthetics can be washed off along with the stainSee full review

convector electrolux air stream ech/as-1500 mr, white logo

Works the second year, did not break yet. Cute and fits well on the wall. Easy to manage, no smell, although I turn on the maximum, apparently, a successful heater. It heats up pretty quickly, works silently, just clicks when you turn it on and off.See full review

crest whitening strips 3d white professional effects logo

I used only half and already the result is very pleasing, the sensitivity did not appear, although I had to throw out the other bleach for this reason.See full review

floor fan electrolux eft-1110i, white/black logo

Cool modern fan. Management is clear, touch, for convenience there is a remote control. The plastic is of high quality, the footrest is stable, 3 speeds (even at 1 - the air flow cools well).See full review

vacuum cleaner samsung sc-18m3160vg, gray logo

Analyzing my hands-on experience.Different pros: Powerful vacuum cleaner. Power adjustment. A light weight. Some cons: Lack of adjustment and on / off buttons on the handle.See full review

2 tb external hdd adata hd330, usb 3.2 gen 1, blue logo

My candid thoughts on the product.Some pros: Vinch itself is normal, working and generally satisfying Cons: They tricked me with extra points for the promotion!See full review

tires michelin primacy 3 205/55 r16 91v runflat logo

The previous tires were German Michelin Primaci HP. Skated 4 seasons and had no problems. the car was well controlled. like a train on rails. Pros: It brakes perfectly on dry and wet pavement, and perhaps that's all. Cons: Made in 2022, too soft, sluggish, handling on Ford Focus 2 (size 205/55 R16) became terrible, all the time it seems that the tires are flat. When rebuilding like a cow. Teranul curb parking, side cut through, she's thin Oo Noisy at a speed of 140 on the Hong Kong Ring Road, pSee full review

soocas electric shaver soocas electric razor et2 black (xseret2b), black logo

I managed to use it 2 times, after which the nozzle on the razor stopped rotating. Full charge, without a nozzle the pin rotates, with a nozzle it does not. DisgustingSee full review

wood grill gfgril gf-picnic2, 134x35x90 cm logo

Generally satisfied! With its pros: Delivered on time. Mangal as in the description. Everything matches. Full set. Has cons: Came in a torn box. It was hard to assemble, the holes did not match due to the deformation of the parts.See full review

apparatus for manicure and pedicure handle, max professional / milling cutter for manicure / manicure pen / apparatus for manicure with cutters included logo

The device arrived on time, but there is a big "BUT". When turned on, it began to smell like we were paying plastic at home, the buttons were not working. Just a waste of money.See full review

trimmer philips oneblade qp2620/20, black/green lime logo

I get high from it, because skin irritation, even with a nozzle at zero, is simply absent What can not be said about razors, of course . Has some pros: Use for the body in the bathroom - in combination with a set of nozzles, it becomes an indispensable thing for restoring beauty Its cons: Use for the face in the sink - works out the hair around the perimeterSee full review

🚰 white aquaphor dwm-202s under sink filter logo

Providing in-depth thoughts on it.Pros below: Ease of installation. Easy to change cartridges. Got cons: Very slow filtering speed compared to other companies.See full review

kitfort toaster kt-2036, red logo

Very stylish toaster, does not take up much space. Convenient crumb tray that can be removed and shaken out. Roasting for every taste - from light ruddy to croutons. Reheats and defrosts well too. Pros below: Design, price, number of roasting levels, heating mode, removable tray With its cons: It can be a little inconvenient to take out small (narrow) pieces of bread, even with the loading lever raised all the way up - it is better to pick it up with something so as not to burn yourself.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock e5 ru, black logo

In general, very happy with the purchase. For a budget of up to 20 thousand, I think this is the best copy. Height 9 cm allows you to call under the sofa and the toilet. This was important to me. Has pros: Quiet enough, overcomes obstacles well, is not afraid of black floors and carpets. Got cons: It is not very convenient to shake out the dust container. First you need to remove the filter, it is also the cover of the dust collector.See full review

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