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electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

Pros: The appearance is very cool, the ride is comfortable and it turns out quickly enough Cons below: I took it for work trips, wear it in the subway if necessary, it’s still very heavySee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Has some pros: Good TV for its price range. The picture is good, TV does its job . Different cons: The sound is very flat, I connected an additional Bluetooth speaker.See full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

I liked the rubber, if I don’t dare to experiment with a new one, then most likely I’ll buy the same one again. When you drive carefully, i. e. you think not only about yourself, but also about other road users, then this rubber is enough.See full review

smart watch amazfit t-rex 2, charcoal black logo

Bought more because of GPS, requires accurate positioning and building a direct route to a given point for parachuting. This function works 100%. The watch itself is cute, light, ideal for active and extreme sports.See full review


it is convenient to drink dividing into two equal parts, round with vitamins in the morning + capsule + 2 chondraitin, in the evening hyaluron + the same. Different pros: after regular intake, the overall feeling became better, apparently due to the accompanying components. Some cons: for several years now there have been problems with the wrist, when the wrist is not in a straight position + load, the ligaments hurt. I've been taking it for over a month and haven't noticed much improvement.See full review


The phone weighing 229 g holds quite confidently, but I did not check it on bumps. The plate was glued black under the skin directly to the case, since it is also black, so it is stronger magnetized. The second phone is noticeably smaller and lighter (~180 g), I glued the plate to the phone under the cover, so it is less magnetic, but due to the lower weight it holds well. Verdict: if the weight is over 230 g, then I would not recommend it. : Round transparencies (3 pcs. ) are also included in tSee full review


Has pros: Everything washes perfectly, not very noisy, we fit in all the dishes that I collect. Dries dishes well too. With its cons: It’s a pity that you can’t see the time of work, and how much is left until the end. And so what could be the disadvantages, she washes the hated dishes for me.See full review

riding gloves shires bridleway "windsor" (great britain) logo

I don't recommend taking it for sure. I think that the service life of them is three days. They are not designed to work with horses and hold the reins.See full review


On the day of purchase, it did not light up. I already wanted to return, I thought the jamb. But looking through the Internet I realized that everything is not so bad. He helped a little with a gas burner to glow the ceramics - and voila . . Now he plows like a hard worker! Already burning! There are troubles at the first start, but if it pays off with your hands as it should, then you will get a buzz from using it! So if the first time did not grow together - do not panic, read, perform! Yes, aSee full review


We ordered CE285A, the seller sent us CE28. We applied many times for a refund, but there was no response. After that, our staff replaced his charcoal cartridge with our old one, which was usable, but it ran out after less than 500 copies had been printed. Different pros: We ordered CE285A, the seller sent us CE28. We applied many times for a refund, but there was no response. After that, our staff replaced his charcoal cartridge with our old one, which was usable, but it ran out after less thanSee full review

plumbing pliers kraftool 22065 250 mm silver/green logo

Before buying this tool, I read a bunch of reviews and reviews. I searched for a long time and finally bought two keys exactly the size of 180mm. For homework, or rather for plumbing, for me personally, that’s it. In the future, I will purchase the same set of 250mm wrenches in this store. Such tools are always useful in the house. They are worth their money.See full review


For more than a year we have been playing this game with friends, we decided to buy ourselves a box to brighten up the evenings. Great game, four of us played the easiest game available - all against all. You need to find the other players and not give out your identity. If you are caught, you change your personality, and the one who catches you gets a point. A very fun game in which you need to be attentive, bluff and think, but not so much as to bother and strain.See full review


The pump is not included! I specifically chose this kit with a pump, as a result, there is no pump ! For that kind of money, I could buy a separate pool of this volume and a pump for it! Deception!See full review


Product tested and reviewed.Its pros: Connects both 5ghz and 2.4ghz networks. Convenient to use. Has some cons: It does not work very well if you use a regular usb connector.See full review

track hot wheels city t-rex rampage gfh88 logo

Our boy unscrewed the dinosaur to play with it separately, then screwed it back on - everything works! We bought the track, so it's even more interesting to playSee full review

15.6" notebook acer aspire 3 a315-58-312a 1920x1080, intel core i3 1115g4 3 ghz, ram 8 gb, ddr4, ssd 256 gb, intel uhd graphics, windows 11 home, nx.adder.01c, silver logo

I ordered an Acer Aspire 5 model, they brought an acer aspire 3. There was no time to change the goods, since the laptop was needed urgently. The warranty is issued and the check for acer aspire 5. How to solve the problem with the payment and the warranty card?See full review


I installed it myself in 30 minutes, everything is simple and clear. The water is delicious, the pressure is good. I am satisfiedSee full review


I did not expect that this electric grill is a solid minus. I gave 5700 for it, well, I think the average price should be good. 1- in the process of cooking meat, the entire surface on which he stood and everything around him, the tile, the table where the multicooker stands, everything was covered with fat. 2- the meat tasted like it was cooked in an oven. It doesn't look like it was grilled at all. 3- sausages cooked in a closed grill did not work at all. They just spoke from there. I had to cSee full review


In general, decent tires in the management of the car are excellent more than once rescued in emergency situations at speedsSee full review


Honest thoughts on its quality.The cable is cool, especially for the money - the magnificence itself. Simple packaging and fast delivery.See full review

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