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grill redmond steakmaster rgm-m817d, black logo

General impressions are positive Different pros: I bought it on sale so I liked the price. Large capacity for dripping juice. it is convenient to wash, the meat does not dry out (if not overdry) Has some cons: Up to 230 degrees, it heats up for a long time (at least for me, although someone wrote that it heats up quickly)See full review

yeelight a2001r900 starry sky ceiling light 95 w white logo

The purchase brought only positive emotions.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

My personal recommendation to anyone looking for a really cool ceiling light. Took for 11 k on the stock Thanks and XiaomiSee full review

led chandelier ritter malta 52019 1, 108 w, number of lamps: 1 pc. color: white logo

Best I have ever used, great product for anyone!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Initially I ordered a chandelier with black rims for a black kitchen, but when delivered they were white. I was upset, but the description said that they are white. Therefore, he left to blame himself for inattention. However, when I plugged it in, the white rims "turned" into black - this is magic! Who will prove anything, I will cover my ears and shout LA-LA-LA.See full review

processor intel core i5-11400f lga1200, 6 x 2600 mhz, oem logo

Whoever writes that it becomes hot with a boxed cooler in a turbo boost, so take an OEM + tower cooler right away, it will come out the same if not cheaper in terms of money and more profit.See full review

mif computer desk №1, wxdxh: 145x50.2x135 cm, color: bleached oak logo

Terrible product, not satisfied with the purchase!

Revainrating 1 out of 5

If you don’t know how to complete furniture, maybe then you shouldn’t do it? I paid for shipping and they didn't deliver.See full review

logitech g g703 hero wireless gaming mouse, black logo

The mouse delivered only positive emotions in all ranges of use. It says overpriced here, but guys, you're buying a WIRELESS GAMING MOUSE. Do you seriously think that it will be worth 2500? Logitech, thanks for this device!See full review

tv tuner world vision foros combo t2/s2 black logo

Its pros: 1. Easy setup. 2. Caught 30 channels (on a rainy day). 3. Intuitive menu. 4. The remote control works on both the TV and the set-top box. 5. The similarity of the remote control with the main types in appearance, no need to get used to it. Has cons: Point 4 of the advantages - if the functions of the buttons overlap, then you can climb in the wrong place, but basically there are no problems - you set it up once and that's it.See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy s22 ultra 12/256 gb, dual: nano sim esim, black phantom logo

Used for six months, only positive emotions. If you have the opportunity and money, definitely take the phone 🔥🔥🔥. I switched to Fold4 512gb (79.300), my version of the imitation.See full review

balaclava-balaclava katran selen black logo

A wonderful product, its nice to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking. Doesn't make breathing difficult. Stretches well. Doesn't put pressure on your head. I know how it protects from the cold in winter. I work on the street, so I bought it for work. I am delighted. Thank you.See full review

gamepad gamesir x2 bluetooth, black/grey logo

Changed review from 1 star to 4. I disassembled, removed the battery, pushed it with the help of a laboratory power supply. I put it on charge, it accepts a charge. In general, I restored the device, along the way I found ways to upgrade the battery. Returning the device would cost me half its cost plus half a day of travel. My choice is conscious, but I advise you to return such immediately, reddit is full of stories about dead batteries when buying these devices! But I hope it helped. I'll makSee full review

samsung galaxy watch 42 mm wi-fi nfc ru, rose gold/pink beige logo

Expectations were not met, average quality.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

I dare to suggest that a number of the shortcomings mentioned above might not have happened if I had paired Samsung with Samsung, but "alarm clock - alarm clock", "notifications - notifications", and such moments as an electronic store, lack of messages, unnecessary body movements with training - left a negative precipitate due to which perhaps it will be a fit for someone on NG on ebay. CONCLUSION: The watch is undeniably good. But provided that this is a direct optimization of the “brand withSee full review

michelin primacy 4 215/55 r17 94v summer logo

Silence, smoothness, control. But as soon as you leave for the Hong Kong Ring Road or a track where it is "allowed" to drive more than 110 km / h, all the pluses instantly disappear from the imbalance of tires. Balanced 4 times in different places. 1 time: where I bought the disks (replica, all the parameters are the same as the standard ones up to the central heating center) (balanced, installed, left) . I rode around Hong Kong for 2 weeks, the weekend began and I first learned about this probSee full review

philips ep3246/70 series 3200 lattego coffee machine, black/silver logo

The purchase brought only positive emotions.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I have been using the coffee machine for more than 3 months, I have not experienced any problems that I would not have coped with myself. All designations on the touch panel are clear even without instructions, it is possible to adjust the machine by the amount and strength of coffee. The assembly is of high quality, there are no creaks or design flaws, except that when installing the filter it is not clear whether it is installed or not - there is no click by which you can determine. You can onSee full review

5w-40fs a3/b4 logo

Great product, best quality.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

For those who are looking for the Security Code! 🔥🔥🔥 The method for identifying the authenticity of oil in new canisters has been changed - a QR code is now placed on the label to check the product using a special application. To prevent copying the QR code from the original canister, it is covered with a special invisible protective layer, the absence of which is automatically recognized. To check the QR code on new canisters, you need to scan it with a mobile phone camera; on the web pageSee full review

sailun atrezzo elite 205/55 r16 94v summer logo

bought for Renault Capture 215-60-R17 instead of pirelli scorpion verde for 4 seasons became an egg 40 thousand km and along the way, not just me, these pirellis are thrown off everywhere in the region I also have experience with sailun winter tires for Toyota Rav 4 R18, 2 seasons the spikes are in place everything is fine China can be taken for a brand overpaying I don’t see the point, there are a lot of reviews and comparisons between China and the brand the difference is minimalSee full review

15.6" notebook hp 15s-eq129ur 1920x1080, amd athlon 3020e 1.2 ghz, ram 4 gb, ssd 256 gb, amd radeon graphics, dos, 22v36ea, dos gray logo

On September 13, at 11:15, the order was finished and unintentionally canceled, but four minutes later, at 11:19, the same laptop was ordered once more and paid for right away. Everything arrived on schedule and without any issues. BUT! I bought it on AliExpress for two reasons: first, the price, and second, a promotion that offered 1000 Plus points for purchases starting at 5000 r. When I asked technical assistance, "Where are the points?" they responded, "On your account, the first order made See full review

renewed asus zenbook ux333fa-dh51 laptop: windows 10, intel core i5, 13.3" lcd, 256 gb storage, 8 gb ram, dark royal blue logo

Excellent product, especially considering the cost. Since I don't compete in games, I have no problem with it. Version on i5, 256gb ssd, 8gb ram and 1920x1080. Various advantages include: - The case is aluminum, and it can be opened with one finger, just like a MacBook; relatively light - approximately one kilogram - Maintains around 7 percent of the battery life while connected to the Internet plus any other light work (papers, social networks, etc.). In addition, a tool is installed that giveSee full review

6" e-book amazon kindle paperwhite 2018 1440x1080, e-ink, 8 gb, standard equipment, black logo

Different pros: Moisture protection Backlight Long working time Support for both WiFi and Bluetooth Library classification, collection formation, and accessibility with the Official Send To Kindle Downloader. Having this drawback: A few book formats are missing, however there is an official converter you may use.See full review

🔴 sleek mystic red samsung galaxy buds live with active noise cancelling - wireless earbuds logo

I was concerned that they would not be able to go in both ears, but they did so without any issues, and they do not cause the ears to become tired. The surrounding environment can be heard; while this is not a problem for me (it is preferable to maintain some level of oversight over the goings-on in one's surroundings rather than entirely obstructing them), it may be for another person. When I press the headphones firmly into the auricle, I am able to fully block out any sound that is coming froSee full review

sapphire 11266 09 20g radeon backplate graphics logo

Some pros: 1. For this price, the performance is 10/10, unbeatable. 2. Sapphire did a good job on the cooling system, despite the fact that 570 is colder than 580 \ 590, the cooling system is almost the same. 3. The card is quiet due to the large heatsink and large diameter fans. 4. With a 2K monitor, I have no problems with any game, everything is on high or ultra. 5. 8GB on board allow you to twist textures to the maximum in any game without any problems. Cons below: 1. Trixx from Sapphire abSee full review

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