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aussie shampoo colour mate for colored hair, 300 ml logo

I still can’t decide if this shampoo from Aussie is worth the money. It seems to be nothing like that, the hair is clean after it, it smells nice, there is volume. But the price is high and the hair is tangled after it, that without a balm you can’t comb without tearing out a tuft of hair . the consumption is small, it is relatively liquid, the foam is good. The bubble is cute. I didn’t see anything special from him, although many non-typical components are declared. #pgbonusSee full review

huawei freebuds 3i wireless headphones, ceramic white logo

Happy with the headphones. Finally got rid of the wires. For this money, you should not expect super sound or a long battery life. But for the money it's a great option. As a cyclist, I can say they are very comfortable to wear. Has pros: Headphones are good. Conveniently connected. They sit well. Do not fly out even when shaking your head and running. They sound good. Soundproofing is also a pleasure. Now you can not hear the sounds of the subway. Got cons: Not a very good microphone. It happenSee full review

la roche-posay hyalu b5 serum concentrated facial serum against wrinkles to enhance skin elasticity, tone and elasticity, 30ml logo

Has some pros 2 drops are enough for the whole face and neck, very economical consumption. With its cons. If you use it in the morning, then leave it for 30 minutes until completely absorbed, otherwise the tone may not lie well.See full review

smartphone apple iphone 13 pro max 256 gb, sky blue logo

Let's see what happens in a year) Sometimes the phone really gets warm when using the camera, but I read it - many people have this situation, it's not critical. Got pros: The packaging and the phone itself are CHIC! pierced by imei! Everything is great! The store is really well done, delivery on time, everything is clear. Cons: If we consider a disadvantage - an American and in the phone itself - it is indicated that the warranty is limited to a yearSee full review

camera canon eos 1000d body, black logo

I bought body, I take pictures with Canon 50mm 1.8 and 28-200mm 3.5-5.6 budget lenses. Satisfied with the results. Subjectively: with desire and skills, even with such a modest set of equipment, it is possible to make interesting pictures and even paintings. Pros: Excellent (perhaps the best among competitors) price / quality ratio. Has some cons Very rarely (once every 3 months) the device freezes, in the on state and automatically turns off the screen, to save energy. When you turn it off and See full review

backpack dell pro backpack 15 po1520p 460-bcmn black logo

Different pros: Large, roomy, many departments for everything you need, comfortable. Cons: After two months of use, the zipper broke, and the bottom part under the "leatherette" began to try uglySee full review

jbl endurance sprint wireless headphones, red logo

Has some pros Comfortable. Waterproof 100%. The total memory is sufficient. Different cons: Touch buttons when wet, work themselves. Management when wet is not possible. Ran in the rain - they just turn off.See full review

wireless headphones samsung galaxy buds , white logo

If you buy for music and audiobooks, then it's great, but if as a working tool for communication, then I would now think and choose.See full review

wireless marshall mid bluetooth headphones, black logo

Completely content with the purchase that was made. Wires will no longer become twisted or knotted due to negligent movement. They have a highly relaxing effect when worn on the head. They write so often that their hands are getting calloused and they need to be broken in or even straightened out. I don't wear them for hours at a time, thus I haven't experienced any difficulty from doing so. These have a very restrictive fit, however they do not cause discomfort to the ears. In the beginning, whSee full review

canon powershot a3300 is camera, silver logo

Bought quite recently. All good. There are downsides, but they are minor. Some pros: Price, I bought for 5375. The quality of the photos is just fine, the noise appears only with a lack of light; shooting modes (I mean auto, live, programs, etc.). Video recording is pretty good. Although I think there are more advantages. Has cons: Small buttons. For men's hands, such a camera is not suitable, it's good that I'm a girl. As I already wrote, noises appear when there is a lack of light, and sometimSee full review

cosrx balancium comfort ceramide cream face cream with ceramics, 80 ml, 80 g logo

The cream is more like a frostbite ointment. On the one hand, this is good - I used it after strong peels, it helped regeneration very well, but if you use such a dense texture every day, you can earn comedones, well, dimethicone in the composition will help clog pores.See full review

audio toothbrush philips sonicare diamondclean 9000 hx9914/57, black/white logo

The brushes from this set are a really great purchase. Many different modes from whitening to gentle cleaning. Excellent performance and efficiency, so the result is not long in coming. Sensors for determining and indicating the replacement of nozzles, there is also a sensor that will warn of excessive pressure during cleaning. A full charge lasts at least two weeks. Wherever you look, this set is good everywhere. The purchase was very satisfied.See full review

royal clima alba luxe (raw-a300/6.0-wt), white/grey logo

Bought on the web. According to supposedly "shares". For 9 something. Worked for 1 night, crunched and broke in the morning. As it turned out, a cylindrical piece of plastic on the shaft collapsed. Where to buy it is not clear. The supplier abruptly lost interest in further communication. There is no guarantee and never will be. I examined the device better: even if it is repaired, something else will break: the device is assembled from the cheapest plastic; full g.See full review

farmstay snail visible difference moisture cream 100ml, 100g logo

Some pros: Gentle, non-greasy, quickly absorbed, perfectly moisturizes, does not leave a film, does not roll Cons below: I don’t like banks where you need to climb with your hands, I prefer pumpsSee full review

💄 professional makeup brush set in case - 8-piece high-quality makeup brushes logo

I took it as a travel set, as they are very small and in a case. They strongly absorb liquid products, but on the other hand, concrete does not lay down in a very dense layer, this has its advantages. It was not possible to type pressed blush on the brush, but fortunately they have a hard brush in the set. In general, the set is good. Especially for such a low price. Can't find cheaperSee full review

philips qc5115/15 series 3000, black/grey logo

Over time, from the heating of the blades, it seemed to start to choke from a lack of power, the lubrication of the blades helped, although nowhere is it written that this is necessary. After a few minutes, it barely pulls again.See full review

🌿 isme rasyan herbal clove toothpaste, 25 g logo

Got pros: I just love this pasta! Anyone who loves the scent of cloves, I recommend. Consumption is minimal. Cons: I won’t say that it’s a disadvantage, but it foams a lot, so keep this in mind when using it for the first time.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 3 global, black logo

While still young and there are no problems with vision, the "small" screen, as some write, more than suits me. Purely IMHO, it is ated by bluetooth for quite a long time, 5-10 minutes. But it has never played a cruel joke with me, fortunately. Well, once I got a thousand steps when I was driving in a car. But oddly enough, this happened 1 time, in other cases the steps were not added. Therefore, for me personally, the pedometer works accurately. Definitely worth your money. - 2 years alive and See full review

🔊 black sony srs-xb43 portable acoustics with 32w for enhanced seo logo

Not very loud, but the sound quality is very good. You can combine (synchronize) with similar speakers of the same brand.See full review

apple watch series se gen 2 44mm aluminium case, silver/white sport band logo

I bought a 1st generation SE to replace it, after more than 1.5 years of very active use, the battery degraded and stopped even holding daylight hours. You can change it unofficially, but judging by the video, the opening procedure is quite barbaric and no one will guarantee that the watch will work normally after that. There is no sense of novelty from SE2, it's the same. The color is slightly different, the processor is different - S8 as in the latest generation. It is claimed to be 20% fasteSee full review

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