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punch set (7 items) "avtodelo" (4-16 mm, in blister) autodelo art. 40417 logo

for sharpening it would be possible to make 1.5 cm, otherwise they can only be sharpened a couple of times, so the angle will change and that's it (for remelting).See full review

torx key t15 for adjusting fittings on windows, steel logo

I took the key purely for the house, to adjust the window mechanisms in the apartment. In addition, the key comes with oil for lubricating the hardware mechanisms.See full review

roof box atlant breeze xl carbon 450l logo

A good box, imported analogues are much more expensive. Convenient in installation. Noise is certainly present, but not very critical. Of course, I would like the bottom to be reinforced with metal strips, for example, made of aluminum, which would give it rigidity, but of course this will lead to an increase in the price of the box itself. Overall, I'm happy with the purchase so far. Let's see how boxing behaves on trips over longer distances, while it has wound a little more than a thousand kiSee full review

wheel disk ifree tortuga 7х17/5х114.3 d67.1 et45, neo-classic logo

I look at them without a car, no emotions, but when you put them on a car, they seem to change. Love the look of the car with these wheels!See full review

nintendo switch oled game console 64 gb, no games, neon blue/neon red logo

The kit included a plug adapter. In general, everything is super. Pros below: Portability, pretty cool exclusives. Holds a charge surprisingly long. Its cons: I don’t know if this is a drawback, and whether it should be so, but the box was not covered with a factory film and there are no sealsSee full review

diagonal cutters matrix 17506 160 mm red/yellow/silver logo

I work as an installer and bite the veins all day, I could not work with this tool. Unless it's for big jobs. It is better to overpay and buy a proven company, but this is for someone who constantly works with side cutters.See full review

spine, demi-season, natural nubuck, waterproof, size 43, grey/black logo

No one in the reviews writes that the sole of these low shoes is very hard. Don't let their "sneaker" look fool you. If you expect (like me) that the boots will spring at least a little when walking - forget about it (it's + 10C outside now, i. e. you can't say that they just harden in the cold). It's like pouring concrete into the tires of a car: it looks soft, but functionally a complete failure. I do not recommend!See full review

lanyard victorinox 4.1824 orange logo

A good addition to your knife, it is convenient to get it out of the sheath. It must be understood that the lanyard is short, about 50 mm, it will only fit on the finger.See full review

stand y-45b for digital piano yamaha p-45, 35, 85, 95, 105, 115, black logo

Got pros: the rack fits well with the yamaha p 35. when assembled, it does not stagger, it stands confidently, it looks good. The set is complete, even all the heels are in place. Cons below: on one sash, the holes for fastenings are slightly crooked. However, having straight arms is a very small problem.See full review

intex pool cleaning kit intex deluxe 28003 3.42 kg 113 cm 30 cm 13 cm logo

For those who write about a large mesh on the sap, so it’s not for small debris, use a skimmer, it will collect everything by itself.See full review

car boot organizer bag "car boot organizer" foldable, black logo

A good, inexpensive thing to collect everything in the trunk in one "heap". But if you are tempted to miss a filled organizer bag, then it’s better not to risk it - the bottom is not hard, it can tear.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Does its job perfectly. Nkdelyu definitely cooked only on it. Some pros: Dimensions, price-quality. It is convenient that you can open and fry on two surfaces at once. Some cons: The lid is light and doesn't stick. The Teflon surface is not removable, so it is difficult to maintain.See full review

xiaomi atuman duka ls5 laser range finder 40m logo

It will do for home use, and plus it is not expensive, but for work it is better to use professional rangefinders. Button option would be better Some pros: Compactness, does not take up much space, but I will also take it as a disadvantage Its cons: All control on the display (sensor), it is not clear where to press, it works poorly. During operation, you do not measure, but poke into the display, there is no clarity in pressing. Compact small size is good for storage and transportation, but notSee full review

case fan scythe kaze flex 140 pwm 300-1800rpm (kf1425fd18-p) logo

The kit includes an extension cable. Got pros: The fan is 140, and the mounts are 120, there are very few of them on the market now. hydrodynamic bearing. Good airflow, very quiet, can compete with Noctua and the like. Cons: Design and colors for an amateur. Takes off at maximum speed.See full review


The bike is heavy enough for a girl on the lower limit of the permissible age to use it, and there are no side wheels, so it’s more likely for the age of 6-7 years.See full review


I bought wheels with a dimension of 195/65 R15 for a Honda Civic 8 4d. I always dreamed of riding bridgestones, ever since I could only afford two WT-20s per rear axle on the Volga. Before that, I went to GoodYear Ice Navi Zea. So even after three seasons, I did not experience such fear when driving. That's a dream come true, is called. : almost reached the end of the season. Still, the score is a triple precisely because of the behavior on fresh snow. other than that, great wheels.See full review

stunt scooter ethic erawan, red logo

Verdict: Do not take this kit, better save up and buy a blunt prodigy or native stem kit Has some pros: Well, let's go through not numerous pluses: Lightweight (weight less than 3kg) Ethic grips (favorite sausages🤤) Quality wheels With its cons: And now to the cons: This scooter has some of the worst parts there is and also has ics compression to make it harder to swing.See full review

smart home control mi wireless switch (wxkg01lm) logo

Great versatile button. Different pros: Convenient button for mi home smart home. There are three click functions - short click, long click and double click. Very long battery life, a couple of years. Different cons: Is that an olin minus - the region in the application is only China.See full review


Experience of use: a week. ______________________ The size of the monitor is not too big, but I had to push it to arm's length. Color reproduction is very good, a billion colors can be seen with the naked eye. Resolution - 2k is more than enough, if you watch a video in 2k, you get the feeling of complete immersion. When working in Windows, the menu items are too small, you can use the scaling function, but it does not work correctly with my laptop, maybe there will be no problems on a stationSee full review


After 3 months, I gave exactly the same mother. She has a woolly dog, her mother suffered with cleaning the wool, it is impossible to clean it every day with a large vacuum cleaner. And with the help of this, it now perfectly removes hair. Yes, and the dog eventually stopped barking at the “strange stick” Has pros: I first bought it for my home, it conveniently hangs on my wall and charges. It sucks up all small dusts, dirt instantly, it is convenient to maintain almost perfect cleanliness, in tSee full review

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