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computer chair ch-330m office bureaucrat, upholstery: artificial leather, color: grey-blue logo

I agree with the frequent marriage statistic that was cited by several consumers. I wanted to update, so I ordered two chairs, but despite my best efforts, I was unable to assemble one of them since its wheels would not fit. I had to go back. The second seat, though, has brightened my mood. I went with faux leather upholstery since, in theory, it seemed perfect. You can sit on this chair comfortably for five hours without getting up. The lovely curvature of the back follows the natural sway of See full review

jögel camp performdry tight short compression shorts (jbl-1300-061), black/white - size s logo

Some pros: Material that has a pleasant feel to the touch. After being washed, the paint will not flake off and will not become misshapen. The seamless construction of this athletic underwear is cited as a detriment. This is not correct. They begin to rub the skin exactly at the location where the seams are once they have received sufficient training over an extended period of time.See full review

steam cleaner deerma deerma dem-zq610 eu, white/red logo

Some pros: Easy to handle. Long power cord. Heats up quickly. Not expensive. Cons: There is no nozzle "nose" for cleaning corner joints. Little power.See full review

solgar omega-3 fish oil concentrate caps, 60 caps logo

I have been buying Omega of this particular brand for a long time, but usually in a pharmacy. This time I ordered from the market. The 1in1 packaging is like a pharmacy one, in mica, but when I removed the cotton wool, it immediately caught my eye that there were few vitamins. I reread it - it turned out to be 49. Usually I never count, but here it was immediately clear that it was less, since I take it not the first timeSee full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

Cleaning is now fun for the whole family! The time spent is minimal, at any time I took it, turned it on and it was clean, there was no need to run from socket to socket with wires. Maneuverability allows you to clean in hard-to-reach places, of course, it can’t cope with carpets with a bang, but I really don’t have them). Easy to clean. Takes up little space. For this price, I'm very satisfied.See full review

nextool sailor pro 14-in-1 multi-function tools (ne20102) silver logo

With its pros: I liked it more than the blackknight nexttool. Assembled, nothing backlash Has some cons: I put 3 points for the crooked assembly, the place for the knife spring is not completely finished because of which it does not block - see photo. For everything else, I liked it. I tried to spin the table knife to cut off the excess - I bent all the screwdrivers. In general, it is necessary to check immediately upon issuanceSee full review

electric scooter midway i-one, up to 120 kg, gray logo

I have been using it for almost 2 months. There are already 160 km on the run. There were several situations when I got into a light rain - but everything is in order. Cushioning softens the ride. With a weight of 85 kg, it travels 18-20 km. Depends on the weather, air temperature. Now the steering wheel is a little loose due to the fact that I call on low curbs, I think it can be solved by tightening the bolts. But the application is terrible . they recently released an ate, they can’t translatSee full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

Appeared in the home to take up position in the kitchen's corner in a state of constant combat readiness for immediate use, in order to avoid the need to gather a sizable vacuum cleaner for more insignificant occasions. Without a shadow of a doubt, I endorse. Some pros: It is imperative that you comprehend the rationale for the acquisition of this apparatus. This is not a conventional vacuum cleaner by any stretch of the imagination. This is a broom that uses electricity. sufficiently movable, aSee full review

clumping filler van cat baby powder, 11.8l logo

Has pros: Clumps well, does not stick to the tray, keeps the smell in a reasonable time Some cons: It always dusts very, very strongly, when pouring, when digging with a cat, when cleaningSee full review

room temperature and humidity sensor aqara temperature and humidity sensor white cn logo

I easily connected it to Alice 2 directly using the zigbee protocol, it shows temperature, pressure and humidity, after connecting it immediately appeared in the smart home application from where you can track all indicators, both current and for a long time. Naturally, you can also ask through Alice; however, each indicator must be considered separately.See full review

adidas sneakers, size 4uk (36.7eu), magic mauve / iron metallic / legacy purple logo

It is interesting to note that this model and exactly the same size on Ozzon have an insole that is somewhat smaller than standard. Because the ordered crosses provide greater comfort in this location, the logical option is to go with them.See full review

isotonic olimp sport nutrition iso plus powder tropic blue 1 pc. package 1505 g logo

A very useful supplement for active sports. Very helpful on long bike rides. I am trying this particular product for the first time, I hope it will not disappoint.See full review

bellapierre loose powder mineral foundation 5 in 1 cinnamon logo

With all of its perks. It was extremely enjoyable, the texture was perfect for lying down, and after using it, my skin was left glowing and there was no shine during the day. Some cons: Brought in a disorganized manner, with instructions to inspect upon delivery, I did not immediately look.See full review

air washer winia awx-70, white/turquoise logo

We use it for about half a year. It should be understood that this is a humidifier. I would never consider it as an air purifier. Of course, some dust will settle on the water when passing through the device, but this is already an indirect result. Moisturizes great. :) Its design is extremely simple: water is poured into the pan (something about 8 liters), several dozen ribbed disks are on the axis - they spin through the water in the pan - drops remain on the disks - they are blown - humidifiSee full review

split system roda rs-a07f/ru-a07f, silver logo

For the money - the best in the class. The minimum consumption of electricity from all that I found. Not an inverter, but close to it.See full review

cordiant road runner 185/65 r15 88h summer logo

Today I installed tires, they do not make noise, they go softly. I’ll look at the strength and how much they will run during operation. So far the impression is good.See full review

toaster kitfort kt-2047, silver logo

Great toaster, bread bakes well. It is very convenient that the buttons are located on the front side of the case. I would like the case to be a little narrower, but in this price segment, the dimensions are the same for everyone. The warm-up function is quite convenient to use. It is best to use purchased bread for toasters, we tried to make bread from our own bread, it turns out a little harsh. I recommend to buy!)See full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

This is my first humidifier, for a very long time I chose between different models and the choice fell on this one. At first I really liked the design, it is very concise and fits into any interior. I want to note that it is very quiet, I didn’t even expect it, it doesn’t interfere with sleep, besides, you can turn off the backlight. You can not be afraid to leave it at night or when you leave home, the self-shutoff function, when the water runs out, works properly. I really liked the aroma funcSee full review

apple iphone 13 pro max 256gb, nano sim esim, alpine green logo

For the first time I ordered a phone through the marketplace, I was very worried ! And I did not regret at all, I recommend the seller to everyone ! Arrived quickly and quality! There were no defects on the box or on the phone itself ! All seals are in place! The original has arrived! Thank you very much, very happy with the purchase! And the live color is just space 🤗See full review

children's 2-wheel city scooter globber flow 125, purple logo

Got pros: The second scooter of this company, at first it was three-wheeled. Reliable, strong, I bought a child of 5 years old and I drive myself. Maximum weight up to 100 kg. Cons below: The side parts on the footboard were immediately erased, because it does not stand on its own, unlike three-wheeled ones.See full review

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