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de "longhi magnifica ecam 22.360 coffee machine, black logo

What you need, a cool purchase, I advise you.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

In general, apart from the problems with the first launch - no complaints. I would recommend that you first read the instructions for any technique, and then start working with it, so that there are no questions where, where, what and how to pour, and the interface of the machine was clear.See full review

hair dryer coifin ek2 r extra korto 2 ionic, black logo

Nice price, good quality.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Pros below: Perfectly dries 70 cm hair in 5 minutes. The nose is short, it is more convenient for yourself to dry your hair than with other prof. hair dryers Has some cons: I do not like the quality of the hair after such drying. The hair looks like straw (apparently from the strong pressure of the hair dryer) before that it was only 2022W, after drying the hair looked much livelier and better. By the way, the sound is very loud compared to the same 2022W hair dryer. If there was an opportunity,See full review

vacuum cleaner kitfort kt-541-1, blue logo

Poor quality, not suitable for use.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Got pros: We chose a vacuum cleaner for a long time. Ours broke down (from the mains). We decided to buy a battery-powered vacuum cleaner. An electric broom. ))) We chose according to reviews. several nozzles, a nice bonus magnet. With its cons: And now what I didn’t like for four days of use: it collects garbage badly, only if it in dust. for a long time and it is not clear when it was charged, there is no indicator of readiness for work. For such a price we could buy a good vacuum cleaner. ASee full review

collar collar evolutor 4243 for daily use, collar length 70 cm, neck circumference 25-70 cm, black logo

In general, I have no doubts about the reliability of the product, I watched a lot of reviews and I am really glad that the guys from Ukraine produced a worthy product, but there is something to work on not in terms of reliability, but in terms of processing. The collar came to me with kotsanny fittings, this is definitely a factory problem, because the collar was in a sealed bag. In some places, scuffs, chipped paint and even small dents (I'm talking about accessories) I don’t think that this sSee full review

smart watch samsung galaxy watch4 44 mm wi-fi nfc ru, silver logo

A pair of S-20+ and Galaxy Watch 3 work flawlessly for me, I bought a pair of Galaxy A-52/256 and Galaxy Watch 4 40mm for my wife based on my impressions . But alas. A charge of 100% of hours is enough for daylight hours, no more . Disconnected all applications and notifications, turned on the power saving mode, let's see what the effect will be. Moreover, when working with the clock from the phone (settings) constantly fall off ! I hope they will handle the firmware or ates in the near future. See full review

📷 sjcam sj4000 wifi action camera - 12mp, 1920x1080, 900mah, black logo

The quality of the action video (fast-changing outdoor picture) is excellent (on a par with go pro), but shooting indoors is mediocre, and you can’t shoot good landscapes either. The main minus is a raw application for Wi-Ficommunication, itcomnstantly crashes, the picture on the phone freezes, file transfer is often interrupted. But still happy with the camera! Beware of fakes - the original Wi-Fi version is sjcam (I bought thousands on ebay for 6! Video example: See full review

floor fan xiaomi mijia dc inverter, white logo

With its pros: There are no issues with the operation of the fan itself. Not loud, blows well Cons: Chinese version. Does not pair with mihome if it is configured for our region. When you change the region, your other devices fly offSee full review

toyo observe g3-ice 285/60 r18 120t winter logo

My wife’s Tiguan had a COUNTRY model from last year, I like it exceptionally, I couldn’t find one this year, they took it off the market, I bought an Observe G3-Ice 215/65/16 model, I installed it today and I just don’t understand how it can be, rubber hums like a plastic wheel with jagged edges! I can compare with the sound of a flat tire that chews rubber ! The feeling that deep grooves are cut on the tire and noise in the range of 50-60 and from 100 is not real, I’m ready to go into the examiSee full review

seacare dead sea body butter for dry, rough or chapped skin, 250 g logo

I wouldn’t take it for the full price (2022), at a discount - it’s good, but the 700 for which I bought it is the maximum for this oil-cream Its pros: I liked the jar itself - it is convenient to type exactly as much as you need. Absorbs quickly and leaves no stickiness at all. Some cons: This is not an oil, but rather a cream with a soufflé texture and I didn’t like the fragrance, I can’t even say what it smells like, because it’s not bright, but it’s somehow alarming, like powder probably smelSee full review

gps collar gmw tk909-gmw, neck circumference 30-55 cm, 1 pc., red logo

Quality goods. In the package: a beautiful box (can be bought as a gift), everything is neatly folded: there is a tracker on the collar, a cable, an adapter, a one-year warranty, and instructions. When used, it has already proved to be a quality product, it justifies its price, it’s not difficult to figure out how it works - following the instructions, I adviseSee full review

l10 pro cleaner navigation by dreametech logo

Maybe I wouldn't take it. But then what to take? Before that, there was 360s50, without a laser with a gyroscope, it cleaned well, but all the time it flew out of the Internet and was not ated. I had to reinstall 3 times for cleaning. This is quite sad. For 40 minutes over him fun each time. Like these vacuum cleaners in order to turn on and forget. I handed over to the store, I wait 20 days, I bought this one and it has its drawbacks.See full review

smart bracelet honor band 5 global, blue logo

Has some pros * More informative sleep quality data in comparison to the Amazfit * Waterproof Having this drawback: * There is no syncing of exercises with third-party services like Strava * Archiving is only possible on devices that are exclusive to the Honor brandSee full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop 2c global robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

The advantages are that it is simple to use, has a variety of modes of operation, and is effective when used for wet cleaning. Some disadvantages include: Once it hung that I was trying to get through the wall, it's extremely simple to decide that you need to reset the card; this can be an inconvenience.See full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

In general, the product is satisfied! It’s too early to judge by feelings, but now in hot weather it’s cooler with him and it seems easier to breatheSee full review

bestway hydro-force kajak-set cove champion 2021 275cm blue/orange logo

A convenient size in length, but the width is redundant and it is inconvenient to control the oar. At the very first campaign, the Cherkashes remained at the oars and on the surface of the boat. On the 2nd trip, the balloon burst. The instruction manual is written in cursive language. They say it is necessary to apply a stencil on the balcony to check the pumping. It is not realistic to do this and download and apply a stencil. The boat can be turned inside out and dried, although it can ruin itSee full review

air humidifier with fragrance function xiaomi smart humidifier 2 (mjjsq05dy) eu, white logo

Some pros: Excellent humidifier, large water capacity and performance Cons below: Adapter from Chinese to 2022 plug. We thought that the humidifier was defective and wanted to return it.See full review

gaming chair zone 51 armada, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black logo

Good sturdy chair. I have one for ~8 months, the other a couple of months (I bought the same model) With its pros: strong convenient flexibly adjustable everything that is possible wheels do not spoil linoleum, large and quiet I’m sitting on a chair with three children of 6 years old, they periodically sit on the handles, and still a whole (!) design in all colors fire With its cons: the pillow is stuffed very tightly, I don’t understand why, it’s uncomfortable to sit in such a position, if you See full review

hair dryer dyson airwrap complete long hs05, prussian blue/rich copper logo

Some pros: Everything corresponds to the declared requirements of the manufacturer, the drying speed is excellent. Has some cons: Heavier than a Dyson hair dryer, the model does not come with a hair dryer nozzle that dries hair, you need to buy it separately.See full review

coffee beans broceliande ethiopia yirgacheffe organic coffee, 1 kg logo

I recommend! With its pros: I love variety, and no matter how delicious coffee is, I want to try something new. I bought it and did not regret it, this is something unusual, and not only its pleasant aroma and aftertaste, but I also noticed that mental clarity, awakening is much more effective ! Some cons: It is a pity that the packaging without fasteners, after opening, I had to pour it into a package from another coffee, where it is possible to close it to preserve the aroma, although the packSee full review

electric turk beko bkk 2300, anthracite logo

A car from the first 200 samples (according to the serial number) was bought more than 4 years ago in Turkey, for 399 liras, as I remember now. During this time, more than 5,000 cups of delicious coffee have been made. With what kind of grinding, varieties, types of coffee I just did not experiment. You can even warm up a cold drink and prepare boiling water for tea :) At a distance: after a couple of years, the plastic on the glass burst, sometimes the sensor does not recognize coffee (some braSee full review

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