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luxvisage pin up ultra matt lipstick 524 bella logo

Quality is top notch, happy with everything.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Shade 523. Good lipstick, there are more for this price. The smell is barely perceptible, the texture is pleasant. It doesn’t dry out on my lips, but a friend tried it and after an hour said that her lips were dry. Apparently it's individual.See full review

dry food hill "s science plan sensitive stomach & skin for cats with sensitive digestion and skin, with chicken, 7 kg logo

The food is excellent! Animals love it. One of the cats had digestive problems, now they are almost gone. Wool sparkles. Dandruff is gone.See full review

vacuum cleaner xiaomi mi handheld vacuum cleaner g10 global, white logo

After a year of use, the turbo brush stopped working. I contacted amazon support, then the seller. As a result, the seller repaired the brush! The guarantee works 100%. fire seller. I recommend the device. I recommend the seller Has pros: Model improved in all respects. Replaceable battery. Powerful. Tricky turbo brush with protection against winding hair. Its cons: At automatic power, it the linleum and automatically raises the power. Non-glued linoleum can only be removed in a weak mode. The See full review

clipper carrier for dogs mps skudo 4 48x51x68 cm 68 cm 51 cm 48 cm gray 30 kg 3.86 kg logo

Serves faithfully for the fifth year. Now it is used for almost daily transportation of shortbread in a car. In a simple way, I figured out how to attach a soft bedding there, bought a drinking bowl for the door - now long trips have become as comfortable as possible for the dog.See full review

dry food royal canin maxi dermacomfort for adult dogs of large size (25 to 45 kg), with irritation and itching of the skin associated with hypersensitivity, from 15 months to 8 years, 3 kg logo

Previously I ordered 2 times: The first time it was perfectly packed in a branded box . The second time it was wrapped with a film . And this time it’s just a factory package and an expeditionary sticker is glued on some .See full review

💪 honor band 6: 1.47" amoled display, long battery life, 24/7 heart rate monitoring logo

Definitely a step up in budget fitness bands. If in version 7 they file a normal download of third-party themes and finalize (expand) the application, the best folk bracelet will come out. PS I didn’t write about the oxygenation sensor, because this is the prerogative of medical devices, and relying on a similar one in a fitness bracelet is nonsense.See full review

pampers aqua pure wipes pack diapering for wipes & holders logo

Pure wipes are a real miracle) 99% water, without perfume and parabens. A cool line of napkins with a convenient valve, thanks to which the napkins retain moisture and a pleasant aroma for a long time after opening, cope with the tasks, remove dirt, dust, various impurities and even makeup. Irritations and allergic reactions did not leave, there is no stickiness from them either. The material is dense, one napkin is enough to clean a large area. Price=quality #honestopampers See full review

💡 portable touch screen makeup mirror with adjustable led brightness & usb rechargeable by jordan & judy - vanity mirror logo

When choosing a mirror, I did not pay attention to the fact that there are several types of them. I ordered without the possibility of choosing a color temperature (warm / day / cold light). More comfortable with adjustment. The mirror is of high quality, but it is not made by Xiaomi. Judging by the information on the Internet, the manufacturer is a sub-brand company, that is, a company that has grown from Xiaomi divisions. For the money, the mirror is excellent: beautiful, high-quality, comfortSee full review

xiaomi smart antibacterial humidifier (znjsq01dem / skv4140gl), white logo

In general, I like him. Water is poured directly from above through a regular lid, which is very convenient, especially for the wife. Yes, it is noisy, but it is some kind of rumble, like in a large boiler room, of course, it is much quieter - but it reminds exactly that. If the doors are open - I can hear him at night even in the next room, but it is not adjacent, through the corridor. But he does not interfere with sleep, especially since I sleep in the room next to him! ))) He does not gurgleSee full review

shaver braun series 3 300s, black logo

Impressions are positive. There is something to compare, because. I have been using brown razors for over 10 years (all wired). The first thing I really like is the battery, it lasts a long time for me for a week, taking into account daily shaving for 5-10 minutes. The mesh is new now, so it takes little time to shave. It copes with three-day stubble, but it also takes three times more time :). Long hair (more than 3 mm) is difficult to shave, because they often lie on the skin and the razor canSee full review

maxxis bravo hp-m3 205/65 r16 95h summer logo

Some pros: I tried premium tires of famous expensive companies !. MAXXIS Bravo HP- M3 is beyond competition in all respects! . The best tires in existence. Some cons: There are no shortcomings. Who needs a lot of weights when balancing, check your rims or your hands are crooked at a tire fitting ! .See full review

🍋 pasabahce glass lemon keeper: enhancing storage for lemons logo

Pros: Roomy, beautiful, comfortable (the upper part does not slip in the hands when raised). The glass is quite thick - not fragile. Got cons: I would like the sides to be higher on the bottom. For insurance - all the same glass.See full review

air washer winia awx-70, white/turquoise logo

I fill in ordinary tap water, at the same time mine. Once every 2-3 months, I left it turned on in the bathroom for several hours with citric acid to clean the discs from plaque. Once again I added a little liquid soap to the water, when the smell appeared, it also helped immediately. Has pros: Before that, for several years there was a Boneko air washer, I gave it to the neighbors because I got tired of washing it (which was very inconvenient and in some places it was simply impossible) and theSee full review

filter eheim classic 350 logo

Just installed it and turned it on. In all the forums where I just read about him, they wrote everywhere that he was silent, right at all. Maybe I have such a sensitive ear, but it makes noise at the level of a refrigeration compressor. Which is not very cool, because. The aquarium is in my bedroom. But the fact that he is an outsider - you can build a soundproof box, which I seem to be doing in the near future. I put it on a double layer of 10mm foam (polyethylene foam insulation), although 1 lSee full review

smart watch garmin fenix ​​6x sapphire dlc wi-fi nfc, grey/black logo

Briefly: I used the watch for a year, without extreme sports. Yesterday the clock was discharged, today I put it on charge, but it does not charge. Flashing arrow and the inscription Garmin. I called the support service, they said the firmware flew off, bring it. And it's a hiking watch, with oxygen sensors, heart rate, altimeter, etc. And where is it all now? Imagine on a hike, when you need all the functionality that you paid for, the clock will simply run out and the firmware will fly off? ThSee full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 7 global for russia, black logo

Has some pros: The comprehensive range of features that are required for those individuals who make use of such devices. Maintain the charge for seven to ten days. You are able to download a variety of screens. The only difference that came to my attention was that it displays more steps than its previous version (version 6). In addition, the pulse will occasionally settle to the point where you are able to move the horses; however, 176 beats cannot have been correct. Having this drawback: The bSee full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v11, gray logo

I don't remember that I was so happy about buying from the field of household appliances :) It changes lives :D My main surprise is that vacuuming has become easy. The hated process, which was put off in every possible way, because it took a long time and hard to get a vacuum cleaner, turned into an easy task that you do without hesitation. I doubted for a long time whether it was worth buying to replace a wired vacuum cleaner. I thought it would be hard to hold it with one hand, but it turned See full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop 2 pro ru robot vacuum cleaner, black logo

Some pros: It does an excellent job of mapping the premises, including those locations where it is unable to penetrate. The dust collector does not have a "gate" on the "inlet" like the former model did, which means that dust can fall back when it is removed. This is a drawback.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock e5 ru, white logo

After much consideration, I finally decided to go with this make and model, and I do not feel the least bit sorry for my decision. The seller promptly fulfilled the purchase, and it was delivered from Hong Kong to Hong Kong in just two days.See full review

zwilling j. a. henckels four star 35145-000 set, 5 knives and scissors with stand logo

Before that, there were Jamie Oliver knives; in general, of course, heaven and earth, everything appears to be the same; yet, a lot of inconspicuous factors influence what happens.See full review

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