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cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

The rubber is soft to the touch, in fact it should not be very noisy if it doesn’t get hard. (They complain about the cordiant because of the noise)See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

The perfect purchase! I don't regret buying this grill at all! Super quality! I took it mainly to make grilled vegetables, the vegetables are just perfect! I fry everything at minimum power, at the end for a minute I make the power a little more, otherwise it will burn! Easy to clean, clean first with a damp paper towel, then dry! I highly recommend this grill, I have no regrets about this purchase! )See full review

led headlight/led h7 logo

I have long wanted to buy such a lamp, delivered quickly, the quality of the lamp is excellent, bright light, the price corresponds to the quality, I did not regret my choice.See full review

laufenn s fit eq 215/55 r16 93v summer logo

Who even leaves reviews here? ) I took it for the summer. When you look closely at the little things, it seems that all the balconies are different. It costs a few hundred cheaper than the Korean kumho. . I took it to see if they write the truth. There is NO sense to take it.See full review

car compressor 70mai air compressor lite midrive tp03, black logo

I really liked the compressor, it performs all the declared functions. Now, if a branded storage bag was included in the kit, it would be doubly pleasant. The compressor is packed in ordinary white polyethylene Has some pros: Small, easy to use, with memory. The compressor has a modern design, which is also not unimportant. Inflates the wheel to the specified parameter and turns off. Got cons: WITH Very small cable storage box. It took longer to pack than to check the wheels)).See full review

sewer installation vortex kn-300 (300 w) logo

In our country house, it was not possible to make a good slope at the sewerage on the way to the septic tank. Accordingly, sewage stagnated. Not enough bad outflow, more smells! In general, put this pump. In the manual to him useful information, the cat cried. It doesn't even say that the valve caps need to be removed. The installation went according to instructions from the Internet. It no longer smells, the water flows from three points immediately. Meanwhile, when the whole family is togetherSee full review


Excellent lamp, 3 types of light: warm (yellow), cold (white) and daylight. Several brightness modes. Convenient phone mount, iPhone 11 stands up quietly. The tripod is stable and easily adjustable in height. The tilt of the lamp itself and the location of the smartphone are also regulated and fixed. For the money, this is a find! I recommend.See full review


I haven’t seen snow yet, it’s buzzing on asphalt, grip on wet and dry asphalt seems to be normal! As a result, I traveled for 2 years, good tires, purely for winter, snow and ice, also excellent on asphalt, dry, wet excellent, cons do not like ruts, noisy. For 2 years, not a single spike has fallen out even with an aggressive driving style on asphalt, for this winter of 2022-2022 it has never been buried anywhere, the car is a VAZ 2115, tires are 175 70 13.See full review


Just opened it, stuck it anywhere for the time being - just test it. The device looks cheap, the power cord is not stuck in completely and backlash. There is no fixation. The power wire looks like you know - well, you know when you choose wires from the most cheap to the most expensive on Ali. This one is the most . An ancient android device. Standard user methods do not remove any program. There are also questions about one program there - what it does there and what functions it has. I manageSee full review

karcher suction hose sh 5 eco (2.643-100.0) logo

Has pros: I bought it and forgot it, without dancing with a tambourine of falling gaskets (as if you do it yourself). It is convenient to rearrange into another canister, the check valve prevents water from pouring out of the hose. 2 canisters of 20 liters of water are enough for washing the sedan. Different cons: The hose remembers its shape and does not always touch the bottom of the canister. I attached a piece of wire to that area with ties The price could be a little less, but for ease of See full review


Pros: The lamp is good, changes temperature from very warm to cold, changes brightness Its cons: Terrible crap with the connection, turned it on 10 times, turned it off 5 times before blinking so that Alice saw her, she just didn’t want to recognize her and that’s itSee full review


Bought a treadmill to lose weight. As long as I'm satisfied with it. It stands securely and does not wobble. In addition, the track does not take up too much space, especially if it is folded. Well, it works really quietly. And most importantly, in a month I have already lost 6 kilograms ! )See full review


I bought this thermometer yesterday. readings with cuff omron differ. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Today I took both and went to the Omron service center in Hong Kong. They both checked (in front of me), and gave a conclusion that they were correct. The master clarified the situation. To my complaints that the manufacturer claims + -3 units. so this is from the reference pressure that they check at the stand, not from yours. And the readings, whatever one may say, will differ on the wrist, and See full review


Guys, I mowed one season, of course, compared to the trimmer, heaven and earth. Although it already mows in a pass than a trimmer, it turns out 1. Much faster 2. Smoother 3. Much less labor intensive 4. More economical It sucks over bumps and potholes, cutting down anthills, molehills (of course, you have to adjust the height of the mowing). The front end will rest against large obstacles and will not let you kill the knife or engine. I almost never use a bag for collecting grass, it throws mulcSee full review

automotive professional thickness gauge (lkp) of paint coatings coating thickness gauge (fe/nfe) logo

I took it as a gift for my dad. I have long dreamed of such a device, since it is engaged in the resale of cars and often you have to check the paintwork of vehicles in order to be one hundred percent sure of the quality. The device is easy to use. The father was pleased with the gift.See full review


Thoughts on this notable purchase.A complete rebranding of the packaging, a decent shelf life and God forbid that everything goes for the future! !See full review


Bought for my mother to replace another. Where the previous vacuum cleaner passed, this one sucks the same amount. Space difference. At the same time, it does not yell like the previous one. The handle is comfortable. In general, my mother is super happy, I'm even more soSee full review


Comprehensive feedback on the item.With its pros: Easy to apply. The varnish is transparent and durable. Got cons: Shagreen after application. Requires polishingSee full review

refrigerator indesit ds 316 w, white logo

Has pros: The refrigerator is quiet. It freezes and cools quite normally. Before that, we had Indesit who worked for 16 years. I hope this one will last a long time. Has some cons: It took 1.5 years flew thermostat. I called Indesit and they said they would do it for 5 thousand. I thought about it and changed everything myself.See full review


I regret contacting you. The computer didn't even start. Put the old percent - flew. But the processor is in the compatible list. Don't be fooled by the cheapness. And the seller, using a good platform, acts extremely disgustingSee full review

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