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apple magsafe silicone case for iphone 13 pro max, pink chalk logo

I like the product, the quality did not disappoint.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The sellers annealed it by gluing adhesive tape, which, when removed, leaves marks on the box, moreover, you can check whether the package has been opened by the presence of a tear lineSee full review

smart watch haylou gs ls09a (rostest / russian language) / blood oxygen level measurement / ip68 logo

The purchase did not justify itself at all.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

I wanted to switch to a larger screen with mi band 6, but these guys are just game, just stupid, like Galim China. Ped in half a day HORRORSee full review

computer chair tetchair zero office, upholstery: flock, color: colored logo

The only question to the packaging at the assembly stage. Some parts of the chair rested against the back, which is why small dents are noticeable. No damage, thanks for that.See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy s22 ultra 12/256 gb, dual: nano sim esim, black phantom logo

- Pure Premium - Solid - Everyone immediately understands that it's cool - Phone for VIPs - Camera fire, zoom is a necessary thing - Doesn't heat up like previous notes A phone for maximalists and it's good that there are such high-quality things that suit you.See full review

inkjet mfp canon pixma g3415, color, a4, black logo

light weight, easy to operate printer. good print. Different pros: works on wi fi network or you can connect directly up to 5 devices. Good photo printing. You can scan directly to the cloud or to your device. Power consumption 16 watts. Cons below: Probably, like any inkjet printer, sometimes you need to print something so that the paint does not run out.See full review

pirelli cinturato p1 verde 185/65 r15 92h summer logo

I got it from the salon with a new car. For 3 seasons, unusual bumps (bulges) appeared on all tires, similar to taking a balloon and squeezing it in the middle, and after that it takes the form of an hourglass. Balancing is no longer amenable. after that as I change from winter to summer, the noise from the wheels is not greatly reduced.See full review

napkin smart for glasses, 40x50 cm, blue logo

Good rag. The best that is on the market. Lasts a long time and lasts for years, years, years! It's worth every penny spent. I used the first rag for 15 years and still use it. Bought for my parents in a new apartment. They are very pleased.See full review

spark plug mobis original 4 pieces for hyundai solaris / i20 / i30 / kia ceed / rio / solaris / rio / soul / elantra 1885510060 logo

Packed with ngk candles. There were no caps, but all the gaps were the same. On the hologram, the batch numbers are different from those in other comments. Looks like the original spark plugs.See full review

xiaomi mi zjmh02iqi colorful fidget cube, 33 children logo

I am not disappointed, the quality is satisfying.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I have 3 of these: 2 from this package are random, 1 is gray-white. in comparison with each other - colored guys lose. if there was nothing to compare with, even thoughts would not have appeared that they were not satisfied with something.See full review

ac charger xiaomi 65w fast charger type-a + type-c, white logo

Best I have ever used, great product for anyone!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

It charges the phone very quickly, the cord is long, which is undoubtedly convenient. The charging itself is compact, I did not notice heating. European socket. The store on the same day corrected the delivery error, thank you, you are super!See full review

smartphone apple iphone 11 pro 256 gb, nano sim+esim, gold logo

Good phone but expensive. For me, it’s better to take a Samsung for this money and a bunch of other accessories for the flagship.See full review

video card palit geforce rtx 3060 dual oc 12 gb (ne63060t19k9-190ad), retail logo

Maybe someone will be confused by the memory of hynix, but reading the reviews some come across samsung, in fact there is no difference on the 3060, the marriage with memory was only on the 3060ti.See full review

watch casio a-168wem-1 logo

The backlight works without delay after pressing the button. The stopwatch is designed for 59 minutes 59 seconds. Rainproof.See full review

bit set metabo 626700000, 32 pcs, green logo

Pros below: Good workmanship. Bits are fixed in the holder, have color labels for groups. Some cons: The box does not fit in the screwdriver case, you have to carry it separately. I would like the hardware to be magnetized.See full review

dvr slimtec dual m9, 2 cameras, black logo

Money down the drain, poor quality product.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

And it started out so well. Some pros: Well, it worked for 2 weeks. Even forgot how to park without a camera. The form factor is super, very convenient. But . With its cons: Broke after 2 weeks. Namely, the charging port. Support is not responding, sorry. I was leaving so I couldn't return it.See full review

cpu cooler id-cooling se-224-xt, black logo

I didn³'t expect the quality to be this good.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I installed it on Ryzen 7 2700x instead of the stock cooler. It became quieter and the temperature of the processor droppedSee full review

miele smul0 triflex hx1 ru white lotus vacuum cleaner logo

Good product for me, no problems at all.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A good European ogue of the dyson, but you should not expect anything supernatural from him. Whoever has money - take it, it will definitely please you for a cordless vacuum cleaner, at least it will not upset you! (Dyson may even be worse, except for the number of nozzles, perhaps) Well, who wants to save money - for the same money you can buy a powerful construction vacuum cleaner welcome) there will even be wallpaper along with the walls))) but seriously, ogues are cheaper, especially xiaomi See full review

continental contipremiumcontact 5 205/55 r16 91h summer logo

Swapped old Kumho KH17 tires for Continental ContiPremium Contact 5. Immediately after the replacement, the softness and comfort of Continental auto tires caught my eye. Artificial obstacles (speed bumps) the car overcomes as if they are not on the road at all - nothing is felt in the car. Relatives also noted a decrease in noise in the car. On the track, the car has become much more stable, especially at high speeds. Even the car began to react more sharply to the steering wheel. After recent rSee full review

tire michelin primacy 4 225/60 r17 99 v logo

It was a reasonable purchase, will order more.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Let's start in order, and so the first thing is that the tires are not noisy, I don’t write “quiet” on purpose, because "Quiet" is a loose term. I’ll say for sure that they are quieter than the euro 129 kama. But it’s important to mention one more thing, the quality of the asphalt affects the noise - on coarse grained all the tires are unpleasantly noisy, and on smooth all the tires subside. Therefore, it must be borne in mind that if someone swears or praises the noise of certain tires, this maSee full review

🎧 logitech h390 usb headset with noise cancelling mic and knox gear 4 port usb hub bundle: ultimate audio solution with added connectivity logo

I've had these headphones for a very long time. and then all of a sudden offers to buy them inexpensively. Naturally, I chose to place an order in advance. But as it turned out, the photo is false and the reliable old model is no longer manufactured. View the variations in my pictures. Both the design and the quality of these headphones have altered. The noise grew louder! I tested blindly. And it's understandable why, given that the audio card's former location has vanished. It was changed out See full review

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