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computer headset razer blackshark v2 with usb sound card, black logo

These are by far the best wired headphones I've ever used. I bought it for a friend's birthday for a concoction on a mobile phone, then I bought it for myself for a quake (QC), and now I'm buying it again as a gift. Has some pros Sound quality in games. I hear the steps-rustles of opponents very clearly and positionally. Included is a usb sound card with built-in THX spatial audio software. Very well sit on the head of any size. The sound from the headset is clear. Lots of sound settings in the See full review

dvr roadgid blick gps wifi, 2 cameras, black logo

This is my second DVR of this kind (like a rear-view mirror, I somehow liked this one more than the standard type), the previous one was one level simpler, so I'm happy with the purchase. Holds tight, no doubt about it.See full review

sony wh-1000xm5 wireless headphones, silver logo

Pros: The most comfortable fit, excellent noise reduction and cool sound quality. Its cons: Marked plastic, they seem fragile and it is hot to move around in them.See full review

portable acoustics jbl xtreme 3, 100 w, blue logo

Oddly enough, rock plays well, vocals are cool. Rap and all youth music plays so-so. Indoors with a volume is excellent, on the street - if you put it against the wall of norms - you can hear it within a radius of 6-8 m. Ate without a wall - a radius of 2-3 m and it seems quiet. Some pros: Versatility. Plays good music well. Great design. Excellent build quality and materials With its cons. It plays quietly outside. Expectations for the volume on the street were higher - all the same, the power See full review

💦 canon pg-440xl 5216b001 cartridge: high-performance ink solution for canon printers logo

Cartridge is original, no complaints. There are complaints about the printer: if you need to print a lot, then this printer is not for you, go broke on cartridges.See full review

wireless headphones jbl tune 215 tws, black logo

In general, headphones designed for listening to music are not terrible; however, as a result of issues with communication and connection, I ranked them as a 4. My JBL headphones that came with a wire were superior, and as a result, I was able to carry on a normal conversation in the subway without raising my voice. It was essential to treat everyone the same as they had been treated previously. These things dishearten me because there are always fresh problems each month. Has pros: They are welSee full review

256gb adata su900 sata ultimate solid state drive logo

Has pros: After installing the system on ssd, the laptop began to work much faster. Has some cons: After 1.5 years he died, the bios stopped seeing him. And I looked at his condition a couple of months ago, it was excellent. Firmware Q0125A.See full review

tv box apple tv 4k 64gb, black logo

It's worth it, I'm just delighted and glad that again I did not listen to the advice of others and made a choice in favor of Apple. She fulfilled all my desires and satisfied all my needs. If you wish (if you have little money), you can not spend money on streaming services without crutches at all. Before that, they let me use the prefix on Android, and after buying Apple, I realized what a difference there is between them. I respect and appreciate Apple technology for stability and quality, andSee full review

wi-fi router xiaomi mi router ax1800, white logo

Pros below: Long-range (on Chinese firmware). I would even say very long-range. Covers 40 acres (!) Works stably. wifi6 Its cons: I had to flash it right away. On the global firmware, the range is greatly reduced.See full review

4g lte modem huawei e3372h-320 white logo

This modem was purchased in order to ensure reliable Internet reception and signal distribution via Wi-fi smartphones, but it turned out that it (wi-fi) was not there. But there are connectors for an external antenna. Unfortunately, the modem had to be returned, although it fit perfectly to the laptop. But the main purpose of his purchase was still pairing with smartphones, that is, he simply made a mistake with the choice of model. It is likely that the HUAWEI E3372h-320 modem is in demand in iSee full review

wireless headphones honor magic earbuds, white logo

Headphones fully met expectations. They pair with Honor 20pro and Hiawei p30 with a bang. Noise cancellation, together with plugs, works perfectly in the subway and near noisy highways. Voice quality in calls is also ok. I didn’t use airpods, but I think it’s a good replacement for a third of the apple budgetSee full review

canon powershot a480 camera, black logo

This machine "draws" well on its 10 megapixels, making it possible for the "cheap" to have a full-fledged - not in functions, but as pictures - digital camera, which also has impeccable automation, in spite of the "nasty things" written in the shortcomings. In point of fact, despite the "nasty things" written in the shortcomings. And which will shoot, shoot, and shoot some more, in contrast to the same phone, which will immediately run out of the remaining half of the charge the moment it is useSee full review

robot vacuum cleaner irobot roomba i7, black logo

I will write answers to questions that I asked myself when choosing a robot. 1. If we compare the motor power, then this robot belongs to the prestigious series with a tenfold motor (as well as the 900s). Cheap models come with fivefold. 2. In the description of the aliexpress, it is indicated that the robot has a "cyclone" filter. It is not true. There is no "cyclone" there, first there is a coarse mesh filter that can be washed, then an air duct and a HEPA paper filter that cannot be washed. WSee full review

tablet digma eve 10 a400t atom z8350 (1.44) 4c ram4gb rom64gb 10.1" ips 1280x800 windows 10 black 2mpix 2mpix bt wifi touch microsd 12 logo

I have been using the tablet for 2 weeks. For its price, the device is completely satisfied. The tablet is used for lecturing (like a tablet + projector), editing documents in MS Office and surfing the Internet using MS Edge. Sometimes I work in MS VS Code. As for power. This configuration, in all respects, is the minimum possible for comfortable work in Windows 10. A smaller amount of RAM and ROM will already create problems for the OS and application software. RAM single channel DDR3L. The IntSee full review

💡 hiper hg-c106rgb: enhance your computer experience with sleek rgb computer case logo

In general, the case is beautiful, I liked it, I took it with jambs, because I wanted it, and in our city it was a problem to find such, but again I didn’t want to waitSee full review

soundbar sony ht-ct290/ht-ct291 logo

As a result, the device of "pleasure" at its price is an ordinary high-quality consumer goods, I did not expect that from SONY (I was seduced by the seller and the brand). I decided to compare it with Chinese active speakers (each the size of a subwoofer) bought 7 years ago for 3000 + bluetooth adapter (last year for 3000, which also has optics, a digital output and an analogue), the sound turned out to be better and more dynamic ((((See full review

🎉 enhanced oral care: philips sonicare protectiveclean 4300 hx6806/04 sonic toothbrush - lovely pale pink shade logo

We ordered it as a gift! It’s good that not immediately to the birthday man, but to friends, so that you can pack it beautifully and give it personally in your hands! Otherwise, there would have been embarrassment and the birthday girl would have received a huge box of cat food on her birthday! We are terribly dissatisfied, because we have been waiting for the order for almost 2 weeks and there is no time to come up with and buy a new gift. + money will be returned only after 10 days at best ! PSee full review

🖥️ satechi aluminum vertical laptop stand - universal and seo-optimized logo

It's worth the money, but now I would choose the option where the rubber band covers the metal completely. My laptop costs 200,000, if a couple of scratches appear on the used market, it will immediately lose 10-20. Has some pros A single piece of metal with an elastic band inside so as not to scratch the laptop. Heavy enough to stand firmly on the table even without a laptop. Different cons: The rubber band is only inside the mount, and the outside is metal, that is, inserting the laptop right See full review

apple airpods pro wireless headphones, white logo

Fake. Today I took the headphones with the AirPods Pro. Also a fake for 16900. I immediately saw that the box was not wrapped tightly, everything was hanging inside, the film did not open by the tongue. Opened, case with scratches, headphones do not turn on. Put it on charge, flashed green, the original is lit on the charge with a red LED. I called the hotline, they still claim that the original. It is necessary to solve this issue coordinately, how many more deceived customers who may not distiSee full review

32" tv samsung ue32t4500au 2020 led, hdr ru, black logo

this is the 5th TV of this brand. Perhaps it's just a force of habit, but I compare it with both Sonya and Toshiba (which are also available at home), the choice still falls on Samsung: easy to manage, settings.See full review

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