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computer chair chairman vista for executive, upholstery: textile, color: beige logo

Successful in geometry and kinematics armchair. Slightly improve the design and it will become much more durable. In my case (I weigh 110kg) it lasted 5 years. Not the longest time in my lifetime.See full review

🍋 pasabahce glass lemon keeper: enhancing storage for lemons logo

Cool little thing. The lid fits snugly, the lemon does not ventilate. True, the big one will not fit, the average size. Glass again. There was such a crash, the second attempt may be more successful. See full review

coffee maker vitek vt-1517 bn, brown logo

Initially, they planned to buy VITEK VT-1514, but in the store it turned out to be 1000 more expensive. The consultants explained to us that this model is absolutely no different from 1517, only that this model is coffee-colored. We ended up buying it and don't regret it. The main advantage of this coffee machine is an automatic cappuccinator (milk frother). The foam turned out right away and it was very thick (we used milk from different manufacturers 3.2%) The cappuccino machine milk from theSee full review

philips avent comfort scf330/50 hand pump, white logo

I used a breast pump when I was breastfeeding my baby. Very simple and easy to use. 1. The silicone pad fits snugly on the chest, does not slip off. 2. Fits very comfortably in the hand, can be expressed with one hand, nothing needs to be supported. 3. Decanted into a bottle, put on a and you can immediately feed. 4. Easy to disemble and wash. Does not deform when boiled. I recommend to all mothers!See full review

motorola talkabout t42 radio, 2 pcs. logo

Below are some advantages: All liked it. stylish walkie-talkies available at a reasonable price. Children are in a good mood. Has disadvantages: the answer is yes, although they probably don't. (Channel selection) options that aren't quite straightforward.See full review

roadgid blick gps wi-fi mirror dvr with second camera, external gps and superb night vision logo

I chose a registrar for a long time before going on vacation, after reading the characteristics and studying the prices, I chose this particular model. I liked the large touch screen, where you can easily view the recording. The fastening is reliable, does not hang out, it is installed directly on the mirror. The most important thing is the two cameras, which write perfectly, even in the dark. Works flawlessly.See full review

clumping filler pi-pi bent sensation of freshness, 24l, 1 pc. logo

We will continue to buy it. so far the most adequate manufacturer with good quality raw materials Has pros: Great filler! For a long time we use the clumping filler - it is convenient to clean it. But few brands maintain quality. We used a different brand for several years, then it began to dust and it was impossible to breathe in the house from it! were looking for an alternative. This brand in terms of price-quality ratio seemed to be one of the most adequate. Bought and satisfied. The smell hSee full review

cylindrical heater aquael aqn platinium heater 200w (130-200 l) 200 w logo

Has pros: The business is, as it always is, in first place! It does a good job of maintaining the temperature. In addition to that, it displays the current temperature of the water in degrees. Its cons: If you do not use a filter and instead only a sprayer, all of the heat will be concentrated in the heater. This is a minor issue. It is essential that there be sufficient water circulation.See full review

gas stove gefest 700-02, brown logo

Different pros: Convenient to connect and use. The feet are well adjustable. Some cons: There was a small marriage, the burner switch did not snap off due to contact with the body. I had to do minor repairs.See full review

l10 pro cleaner navigation by dreametech logo

Wet cleaning is quite good, but it will not replace a wife with a mop. After the first cleaning, when the house was cleaned a couple of days ago - the droid collected a full container! Through the application, you can manage from anywhere, which is very convenient if you forgot to give a task before leaving. He is friends with animals, at first the cat was in shock, but now he lies calmly and looks with his usual arrogance. The droid loves to eat rags and wires, so if you don't want indigestion,See full review

robot vacuum cleaner mijia robot vacuum-mop 2c global, white logo

One of the many benefits is that it even cleans under the baseboards. As the very first robot, I think it's very cool. After I gave it to my mother, I kept it for myself. Buying is something I highly encourage doing. Having these drawbacks: There are certain retailers that do not stock them with a European plug. I ended up getting a Chinese one. The problem was easily fixed by investing three hundred dollars in a new adapter. I'm sorry, but I'm still not getting it; he only goes to charge when hSee full review

water filter for philips coffee machine ca6903/10, blue logo

It's really expensive for what it is, but it's identical to a product that can be purchased in China for only 600 yuan. Since there are alternatives for less money, it is not rational to pay 1.5 pound.See full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop 2 pro ru robot vacuum cleaner, black logo

We purchased yet another Dreame bot L10 pro model about a month ago, and it is doing fantastic work here. And this one was given to my mum with the instruction to mop the floor in mind. Given the presence of Lidar, I was rather taken aback to see that this vacuum cleaner collides with the legs without even slowing down, that it rolls cat bowls all over the kitchen, and that another robot vacuum cleaner collided with it with such force that it moved from its charging station! Additionally, the faSee full review

yeelight motion sensor closet light a40 ylcg004, 2.4 w, armature color: black, shade color: black logo

Since there wasn't enough light in the crowded closet, I did a lot of research on possible solutions, read numerous reviews (most of which were contentious), and ultimately settled on one specific model from a well-known brand. I found this renowned firm that didn't have any quality issues and offered a warranty. The clips are simple to use, the pads are magnetized and adhere to double-sided tape, charging requires only a few shots, and the battery hasn't run out in months. Although it appears dSee full review

🔥 unleash the legendary power of the classic stanley master vacuum bottle: 1.3l black thermos logo

I strongly suggest! Thermos with plenty of room. Body made of stainless steel. The handle of the thermos is made of rubber. In addition to that, there is a thermos that has a capacity of 0.75 liters. To satisfy a hunger. Now we have a full set, consisting of two thermoses. Both thermoses are able to maintain heat for an extended period of time. Serviceability.See full review

humidifier smartmi evaporative humidifier/zhimi air humidifier 2 (cjxjsq02zm) eu, white logo

From an engineering perspective, this gadget is really effective. Efficient evaporative disk system; turbine-type blowing (also well-balanced, silent, and prolific for the same reason); side air intake from the outside. Simple to empty and refill with water from the top. Never in a million years did I imagine that the Chinese technological miracle would inspire me to write about. It was excellent; I enjoyed it greatly.See full review

vacuum cleaner dyson v12 detect slim absolute (sv20), silver logo

There is not enough room for me to write the full evaluation here; however, you can read it in its entirety on the CSN website. To cut a long story short, the first two vacuum cleaners were both malfunctioning, and it wasn't until the third one that we found one that worked perfectly!See full review

ground coffee lavazza caffe decaffeinato vacuum package, 250 g logo

with advantages. Quick delivery. a great value. The problem location is close to the residence, and the coffee has a very excellent expiration date. Cons: I got four packets of coffee; three of them are precisely packed, and one of them is somewhat swelled but otherwise appears to be entire.See full review

computer chair noblechairs hero gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: white edition logo

At a height of 195 and a weight of 95, eighty percent of the chairs are easily avoided by the speaker. As a direct consequence of this, I had to make a decision between this chair and the cougar throne. Hero from Noblechairs requests that the depth of the seat be increased by 5 centimeters. The "throne" did not experience any issues with the seat, which is extremely large; nevertheless, the gas lift only works within a range of 5 centimeters (if memory serves). That's just too low for me. And thSee full review

gaming chair chairman game 15, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/blue logo

Before taking up an item, always check it. The computer chair has made the kid very happy. At least with this, I was content.See full review

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