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electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

A scooter, one might say, for the whole family. We ride on it and with a child, and with my husband we go and still stand it. True, it weighs 20 kg, so if a child wants to ride, then my husband and I help to endure. And the scooter is super cool!See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

I've been using it for many years now with no complaints at all. Got the same one for my aunt. She is also satisfied. It is very good that there is an adapter and the device works from the network. T to when the batteries sit down, the devices begin to lie.See full review

heater quick heat handy heater / compact electric fan heater / portable heater / heat gun / breeze logo

Norm apparatus. Just noisy. The control from the remote control was pleasing, and the shutdown timer. With its functions, although it is small, it copes with a bang. Took 2 pieces. The room warmed up for 4 hours, not that Tashkent would have become straight, but comfortable. I checked the heating of the room one at a time for 2 days, at the beginning 1 worked, then immediately 2. The maximum temperature is set to +32.See full review

wheel nuts m12x1.5 for ford vehicles, chrome turnkey 19 mm enlarged cone with ledge, height 30 mm closed 10 pcs. logo

Perfect fit for the Ford Kuga II. Very similar to the original ones, only monolithic, without a "cap". I liked that it is possible to buy 16 pieces if you have locks and not overpay for 4 extra nuts. Suspiciously low price for good nuts - I guess that after some time they will begin to rust. In this case, I will add a review. So far happy with the purchase.See full review

automotive tool set stels 14122, 109 pcs, green/silver logo

Pros: A very high quality tool. With a large ratchet, I calmly tore off rusty nuts by 30. Different cons: Too expensive. I bought such a set in the city at the car market for 4200. (Original with all documents)See full review

pump station metabo hww 3300/25 g (900 w) logo

While I managed to use only one summer, I took it off for the winter, drained the water and put it in the garage, in the spring we'll see how it survives. In general, everything is fine, everything works. The build quality is basically normal - everything is screwed on, the nuts do not burst, there are no backlashes, everything works. But it differs from pumps for 25+)). Efficiency - I don’t know how much the branching of the pipeline around the house affects (I have a full-fledged branching forSee full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

the grill is excellent, for home use it’s the most, it will quickly cook any food for you, it’s tasty and without harm, the purchase is very longSee full review


I think this keyboard is one of the best! I hope it will become popular and phosphor keys will be added to it in the future, which should not affect the cost! Some pros: 1. The location and travel of the keys! 2. Strict design! 3. Solidity! 4. Threshold under the palm! 5. Price! Has cons: Large keys have a little free play, which causes more click sound!See full review

tablet stand / phone stand / e-book stand mobile stand for tablet pc steel logo

I really liked the stand, my heavy tablet holds with a bang, very strong, high-quality, folds into one small stick, you can easily carry it with soy, plus a comfortable case, in general, I was satisfied with the purchase and delivery, even very much.See full review


The Kitfort KT-1652 electric grill is an excellent option for an electric grill for your money. Very well made from quality materials. Power (2100 W) is enough to fry chicken with a golden crust. The fat tray is convenient for draining excess liquid. Nothing sticks to the panels, although if necessary, they can be removed and easily washed. It is very convenient that there is a 180-degree turn, which speeds up the preparation of food for the company. In general, I advise you to buy!See full review


The only drawbacks are poor lighting and the curvature of the right shaft. I put the same stones on the left, spinning smoothly, and on the right - eight.See full review


I took off 2 stars because I ordered white, but black came. The telly is white, the wallpaper is also light. I have to return and order again.See full review

set 2pcs. screen protector for apple ipad pro 11 (2018/2020/2021/2022) / apple ipad air 4 (2020)/air 5 (2022) 10.9" 0.33mm logo

Its pros: The sizes are suitable for iPad Pro 11 (2022), stuck on the first time without bubbles. Its cons: There is no oleophobic coating in principle, so you have to change to something better over time, it's a chore to wipe fingerprints every time.See full review


I traveled a lot on what tires on the same car (I have owned a car for more than 10 years, Toyota Chaser G3.0), but I have never used Continental tires, having traveled this winter on Continental IceContact 3 tires, I fell in love forever! From now on, only Continental!See full review


Operated on Mondeo-3. I bought it in April 2022, to replace the Premium Contact conveyor, the net mileage for this fall is 62895 km. The indicator has not yet appeared (about a millimeter is left on average, but the wheels have already begun to beat, in the spring it needs to be changed. I rode south several times (Crimea) and north (Finland), behaves predictably and reliably in any weather. If there are weather surprises unexpectedly threw a snowball or ice - I knew that the car would remain stSee full review


Navigator preinstalled. It is convenient to use several functions in one device, so let the old navigator lie on the shelf. GPS - the module, unfortunately, is remote, but I adapted where to install it, so I solved the awkwardness right away. The package contains almost everything you need. There are no questions about assembly and components.See full review


Unlike Chinese consoles, it works perfectly. Previously, it seemed that voice control was something long and easier to press the remote control - no, voice is much more convenient. Immediately sucked the column. I took it mainly for a child to make it easier to turn on cartoons. It's a pity there is no LAN port, only wi-fi, sometimes the signal loses a little. Of course, you need to have a PLUS otherwise it's just a brick, but since there was already a column with Alice and a plus for a year anySee full review


I got rid of scale in the kettle, delicious water, I use it in a humidifier, before that I used it from the tap, a white precipitate formed on the furniture, now there is no such problem. I use 3 months.See full review

surface pump jileks jumbo 70/50 p (1100 w) logo

After winter parking, in the spring it starts up normally. And it works all summer, intensively enough for domestic needs and for watering the garden.See full review


I don’t really like it when manufacturers put their logo on such products, but here it is at least small and does not hurt the eyes, for which I thank themSee full review

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