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smartphone samsung galaxy s22 8/128 gb ru, black phantom logo

When buying, I received the SM-S9010 (China) model, and not the SM-S901B (Global). Considering that the phone is good, I did not bother. I used it in every possible way for two weeks, I checked whether any nuances would “pop up”. I use the phone and do not see the difference with the Global version. Pros: The best deal for its price. I use the device every day, I almost never let it out of my hands. Cons: If you do not manually turn off mobile data or Wi-Fi, and leave both functions on, the battSee full review

game console sony playstation 4 slim 1000 gb hdd, black logo

Has pros: I have been using it for more than a year and I am glad that I did not take the pro version. Everything plays just fine. Has cons: Sometimes the ate of games is dull, such as there is not enough space, although it is in abundance.See full review

wi-fi router xiaomi mi wi-fi router 4a gigabit edition global, white logo

Moved from D-320, heaven and earth. The speed on YouTube and Twitch really increased two or three times. The first days, I am very pleased with the router. Seller MSota Seller.See full review

haylou solar ls05 global smart watch, black logo

Has pros: Nice big screen. The charge is kept for two months. The straps are suitable for regular watches with a 22 mm fastening. Different cons: Slightly damp application on the phone. But after the last ate it got better.See full review

🏋️ m4 fitness tracker bracelet logo

Pros: Nothing. This is a bracelet with a color screen and that's it. They do not work and do not connect to the phone. Cons below: Everything did not live up to expectations. Device is not working.See full review

aerocool vx plus 500w power supply logo

Bought as a temporary solution for R5 2600x system (stock), Asus Strix RX560, 16gb 3600mhz, AsRock b450m hdv r4.0, M.2 SSD, WD BLUE 1TB So, because of this block, I had random crashes of the system (black screen and sound looping). Under load, it heats up like an oven. In short, the block is complete garbage. If you have a more or less good system, I do not advise buying at all.See full review

trimmer philips oneblade qp2620/20, black/green lime logo

The trimmer is normal, equalize the whiskey and remove the bristles just right. It is very difficult to shave your armpits or groin normally, it is only suitable for the first run, if it is completely overgrown.See full review

xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds basic 2 global wireless headphones, black logo

Different pros: - Comfortably sit on the ears - Lightweight themselves and a lightweight case - Convenient buttons on the headphones. Thank you for not being a sensor! Has cons: - The charge does not hold very long, I would like longer - microUSB - If the case is discharged, the headphones are not cut down by themselves when placed in the caseSee full review

case samsung ef-pg975 for samsung galaxy s10 , blue logo

Bought for 850. Sits perfect. Compared to Chinese counterparts like heaven and earth. Very pleasant to the touch. Practically does not thicken the phone. The buttons are pressed clearly like on a Swiss watch. I will definitely pick up a couple more colors for a change. I advise you to buy.See full review

game keyboard logitech wireless keyboard k350 black usb logo

The purchase price is a little steep, but I believe it was money well spent because I am really happy with this keyboard. I suppose that makes me the first owner in the year 2022:) 10/19/2022 THE KEYBOARD STILL WORKS! Really happy with it, and who was it that stated it couldn't be used for games? I've been messing around with it for a day and a half every single day for the past year, but nothing gets stuck, and it never gets silly! It's true that after approximately a year of use, the keys starSee full review

🚗 baseus glaze gravity car mount: enhanced black mounting solution logo

Its pros: It is well attached to the grille, the phone can be installed with one hand. Has some cons To remove the phone with one hand, you need to twist the side holders with your fingers.See full review

23.8" monoblock lenovo ideacentre aio 3 24alc6 f0g1001yrk, 1920x1080, amd ryzen 5 5500u 2.1 ghz, ram 8 gb, ssd 256 gb, amd radeon home, windows 10, black logo

The wow effect has not gone away for me yet, so after two days of use, there is a dumb question in my head: “What could be so?”. Works quietly and quickly. Only under load do you start to hear a buzz from a monoblock and you understand that after all, this is not a tablet in front of you. I don’t play games, so I can’t say anything about performance in various toys. But for the Internet, working with the office or watching multimedia, it's just super! I bought a wireless kit with a keyboard and See full review

headphones philips tah2005, black logo

They do not cause any discomfort when you stay in them for a long time, and you can completely get used to them in just a couple of hours. As for the sound itself, it pleases me, because I initially expected the worst.See full review

office lamp in home cho-15, e27, 60 w, armature color: black, shade/shade color: black logo

Pros below: For such money, I thought that there would be foil on the ceiling, but no, thick enough metal. Everything else is pretty good too. Its cons: The lining material of the stand is so-so. The clamp seems not very reliable, although it holds confidently.See full review

huawei freebuds 3i wireless headphones, ceramic white logo

Before that, there were qcy tc2 for 2022 at that rate and I compare it with them. The main drawback is the constant loss of communication with the phone for some reason only on the street. Very quickly sit down (2-3 hours). Against the background of qcy, I don’t understand at all why these are 3.5 times more expensive. The sound is at the same level, they sit down faster, the noise reduction is not an essential function for which the overpayment is not justified, but the most important thing is See full review

smart speaker google nest mini (2nd gen) logo

Of the two speakers purchased, after four months, one of the power cables died, how to fix it or where to buy a replacement is unclear, like Ali has 1k / piece, with delivery in six years (just kidding). The speaker itself is alive, but it doesn’t work without a cable, obviously, so we can say that in 4 months exactly 50% of the Google Nest 2 speakers become unusable, which looks like a terrible quality. This prompted me to write a review. Consumer Advice: Buy twice as many speakers for your hoSee full review

waterpik wp-450 irrigation, white/white logo

This is my first irrigator. Everyone is happy. I am glad that I took this particular portable model, although I don’t carry it anywhere - I simply didn’t want to litter the bathroom with a stationary irrigator. The water tank lasts about 1 minute, but refilling is very easy. The contacts are really not protected, but they are in a recess and I have never had water on them.See full review

asus vivowatch bp smart watch, black logo

What they measure cannot be called pressure with all desire and with any attempt to calibrate. I tried many times to calibrate them, hoping that maybe there will be an error, but at least approximately the readings will correspond. It's useless - just by measuring the dynamics of pressure changes (after exercise, coffee, alcohol, nicotine, sleep), it becomes obvious that this watch measures the weather on Mars. When an ordinary tonometer shows a gradual increase or decrease in pressure, the dynaSee full review

🖥️ black case for brauberg option 13-14 laptop: handle, pocket, 35.5x24x2.5 cm, model 270830 logo

conveniently, honor magicbook 14 and two A4 notebooks fit into the large compartment, but it’s hard to put a charger and a mouse. for a student, the most important thing is that the stationery will fit in the outer pocketSee full review

mat a4tech x7-200mp (78895) black logo

I bought it for work, so I needed a small size. The bottom is rubber, so the mat does not go anywhere. This rug is just right. The mouse sees perfectly For the money - a great option for work. See full review

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