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The seller saves a lot on packaging, it is so minimal that there is simply nowhere else to go. The battery came in a simple plastic bag, the contacts stuck out, the protective cap on the plus flew off, it can easily "short" during transportation. For this one star. However, there are no complaints about the battery itself, the charge test showed 13.8 volts.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

You can cook without oil. Nothing sticks. Cooks very quickly and evenly. The stainless steel body is very solid and stylish. The size of the grill is compact and does not take up much space. There is an indicator of the heating network. Tanks for collecting fat. In a word, everything you need for a wonderful and healthy dinner. Very satisfied with the purchase.See full review

antifreeze coolstream premium 40 1 l logo

Friends, now there is so much left g…a on the market due to sanctions that I advise you not to tempt fate and buy Coolstream Premium. This antifreeze is manufactured in the 2022, and the quality is at the level of world manufacturers!See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

corresponds to the price and quality. good budget TV for a nursery or kitchen. inexpensive and does the job. although it is Chinese, it still works stably, there are no complaints Got pros: ease of use, the ability to control via hdmi with the support of this function by connected devices. smart tv, bright picture, built-in wi fi. Its cons: smart tv can sign, there is a disconnection with the access point via wi fi,See full review

pistol children''s k-112s for children of any age. metal, with silencer logo

Has pros: Beautiful, weighty, with small dimensions normally fits into an adult palm Has some cons: They shot two stores, and the springs died. The last 4-5 balls are not served at all, it shoots at one and a half meters with a canopy. Balls used airsoft, 6mm 0.2gSee full review

centipedes for football, multi-studded football shoes virtey 21099 wolt r.40 white/gold logo

In general, not bad, it takes time to understand how long they will last. With its pros: They look very cool, in appearance they are not inferior to branded brands. They do not slip on the field, it is quite comfortable to play. Cons below: There is cardboard under the insole, so it is not machine washable. A little tightSee full review

air washer with aroma function electrolux ehw-620, white logo

Very convenient to handle. 2 modes. As a humidifier - 100%. As an air purifier - 70%. Cleans, well, as it is not effective. I am satisfied with the purchase.See full review


I connected it to my stupid projector and got a smart TV. In the script with Alice, everything works, the quality of the picture is excellent (on the canvas). Now I turn on cartoons with one phrase. Inside there is YouTube and KinoPoisk with standard cable TV rows. We can say that I bought a smart TV with dimensions of 1.7 * 08 meters at the price of a module.See full review


Pros below: It shows well inside the apartment in the corner on the curtain. Has some cons: I had to buy two plugs, one to the antenna and the other to the amplifier.See full review


For the first time I decided to buy a steamer for myself, I bought it on the advice of friends and did not regret it at all. Specifically, this model is distinguished from the rest by the fact that it is very compact. Easily fits in a suitcase and even in a backpack and a small travel bag. Now I will definitely take this steamer with me on trips. Its pros: Very well made, stylish and lightweight. Works great on T-shirts, shirts, jeans and more. Long power cord. A smart sole, water does not accumSee full review


Honestly, for a long time I chose a treadmill for myself. I wanted not only that the quality was good, but also that the price was not too high. This is how I found out about this brand while searching on the Internet. Immediately drew attention to the cost. I also read all the reviews before purchasing. There were negative ones, but not as many as positive ones. Ultimately, I settled on this treadmill. By the way, it is not necessary to keep it assembled all the time. If you need to free up spaSee full review


Acquired specially mechanical control of temperature and time. It's easier to cook without being tied to special programs. Intuitively cook as you need. the main thing was that the panels were removable for the convenience of washing them. And non-stick coating. It is very easy to operate the electric grill, and the process of cooking steaks has become more comfortable and entertaining. Heats up quickly to operating temperature and is easy and convenient to clean.See full review


Some pros: Completely worthy. Cheap and angry. Collected, filled and started. Sending the first completeness. Satisfied so far. Different cons: So far undiscovered. Everything is good, even the build quality.See full review

jigsaw stanley sj60, 600 w logo

They took a jigsaw for home use, from many models the choice fell on STANLEY SJ60. After the purchase, having arrived at home, they immediately began to check how he saws. They cut wood 4 cm, the jigsaw did an excellent job. The cut was even, went evenly, there were no shortcomings during the work. We will test it on other materials. For the home, that's it. The purchase is very satisfied. Yanchishina ElenaSee full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

After a good inflammation and treatment with antibiotics etc. (+ the thyroid gland made itself felt, etc. ). Started to jump pressure. The pulse is crazy. I decided to buy a tonometer. The choice was from several firms. I think made in Japon + guarantee of 10 centuries. Somehow looked. But it turned out to be a complete G. M. O REPEATEDLY COMPARED THE RESULTS, both at the ambulance and at the doctor. STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND TO PURCHASE!See full review


Has some pros: I took it to replace the ten-year-old Atoll. Nothing worse, but due to the pump, the tank fills up very quickly. It hums quietly and for a short time. The price of consumables is 2 times lower. Some cons: The absence of fumlenty in the installation kit. Stupid installation instructions, but since I put another in place, there were no problems.See full review

dice arena / dice tray / dnd / dnd / dungeon & dragons / pathfinder / d20 logo

A candid look at this product.Got pros: Comfortable Beautiful Cubes jump well Cubes like it Its cons: Cubes sometimes like it too much and jump for pleasureSee full review


Everything is fine, received quickly. I also connected it quite quickly, you just need to read the instructions on the phone screen a little more carefully when connecting the lamp. It's a pity there are only 6 modes, since this is a simple lamp with light from fiery warm to cold.See full review


Different pros: An excellent option from not expensive ones, it pumps normally, both cars calmly checked and pumped up at a time. Compact, fits in a niche under the trunk floor. Cons below: the plastic on the wire looks flimsy, it can fail in cold weatherSee full review


Different pros: the price is not very expensive, but the quality is disgusting Some cons: very poor performance, scuffs, painting, chips, the neck and string holder are peeling offSee full review

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