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bridgestone potenza sport 265/45 r20 108 year old logo

I don’t pay attention to the minuses, it’s better to let it buzz and not tear and don’t catch hernias, before that, prime 3 (2 seasons ended / rolled at a time) hack blue 2 (4 seasons ended but I wasn’t satisfied with it in size, it cracks)See full review

dry dog ​​food pro plan opti derma for large breeds with sensitive skin with salmon 14 kg logo

Pro Plan Opti Derma Salmon is the perfect food for dogs. The food has an excellent composition. Convenient packaging. Good shelf life. The dog likes the food very much, he eats it with pleasure. Well-fed and healthy.See full review

genuine leather belt stitched brown logo

The skin is quite soft. Scratches quickly. After trying on, there was immediately a trace of the buckle. My non-expert opinion is that the belt will quickly lose its appearance. Color for an amateur.See full review

hankook tire kinergy eco k425 195/65 r15 91t summer logo

Review of Hankook Kinergy Eco K425 205/55 R16 91H. It was delivered with a new car (Elantra MD), after a hernia that popped out, I put a spare tire, and with a hernia in the trunk. This tire is for those who ride around the city in traffic jams, bought and forgotten for 10 years. To understand what opinion I have about this rubber, I can only say one thing - I will change the rubber without even half the tread.See full review

royal black royal mile 175/65 r14 82h summer logo

I took 2800s for a balloon, it came fresh - October 22. Good for its price Option as they said at the tire shop, I will ride and watchSee full review

refrigerator biryusa 110, white logo

Our first refrigerator was also of this brand, therefore, after it broke down, we decided not to change ourselves. We are satisfied with the refrigerator. Firstly, it is quite roomy and not expensive. We have pots and pans in there. Secondly, it practically does not make noise, it works very quietly. Thirdly, it is compact. Freezes well. True, the freezer is not very large, but for such a price we did not expect more.See full review

underwater snorkeling mask with action camera mount, size l/xl, black logo

The mask lived up to expectations. It took 3 days from the moment I ordered it to the time it was delivered to me. Feels comfortable on the face. I will use)See full review

hc-synthetic engine oil gt oil gt turbo sm 10w-40, 20l logo

Excellent engine oil, I fill it in for the second year in harmony with the 8 valve grant. I change every 7-8 thousand kilometers. Doesn't light up at high speeds. I buy in online stores at a price of 1150 - 80. Has pros: Metal canister, because of the low price of oil, it makes no sense to fake it. Oil imported from Korea. Since 2022, the SN classification has begun to come with marking. Has some cons: The canister has a short spout, which makes it inconvenient to pour without a funnel.See full review

chair gaming knight gaming n1 fabric black light-20 with headrests. cross metal logo

The chair was delivered on time. I spent about 25 minutes to assemble the whole chair, it turned out faster with my brother. For everyday spending time, it is convenient, the lower back now at least does not torment so much.See full review

casio collection ae-1000w-1a quartz watch, alarm clock, chronograph, stopwatch, countdown timer, waterproof, display backlight, black logo

I have been using for about 6 years. I ordered them from the catalog for 1560 re. The glass is all scratched, the inscriptions on the case have all been erased for half a year already. But scratches in general are not noticeable, so these are all trifles. I had these watches everywhere: they fell into water, into sand, into dust, into mud, into clay, into loam, into a swamp. Unless they were in fuel and lubricants, but it’s better not to climb there. And yet, they never let me down. In general, See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

when my father-in-law was diagnosed with hypertension, my husband decided to buy him this blood pressure monitor. Since the person is already an adult and it was inconvenient for him to measure the pressure on his own with an ordinary tonometer. Plus, the pulse readings are displayed immediately. After working at home, I can already view the tonometer readings for the whole day, since it still has a memory function.See full review

saw takagi 108002 logo

the price tag is certainly not humane, but it seems like the quality is not bad, let's see how it is over time, but for now it's nice to work, I'll leave it as the main saw for carpentry in the workshop. Different pros: it cuts well, at the level, I compare it with another Japanese saw, bought several years ago in a company store. Some cons: the cover is uncomfortable, most likely it will not work, but you can get used to it, and most likely she immediately needs to look for a stationary place iSee full review

automotive tool set stels 14122, 109 pcs, green/silver logo

They took it both for cars and for general construction work. Sometimes it is also needed for plumbing. Now tighten, then tighten. Especially wrenches with ratchets. We considered different models, but it was because of the keys that we settled on this option.See full review


The bike came in small Kotska, one on the handlebars, several on the frame, it feels like it was a return, a trifle, but not pleasant. Magnesium alloy steering shaft, before installing it, make sure that the lower wedge is straight, it is very easy to dent when installing. In general, he led a good one, but there are nuancesSee full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

I liked the scooter, I can’t find fault with the functionality and those characteristics. I bought this for several years, dangle calmly. But at first I was worried that they would be banned, because then the rumor started just right, but I still spent more than a couple of mowers, it would be a shame. But now a month and a half has passed and everything is quiet. Everyone drives, no one slows down, there are no prohibitions. Get high)See full review


The first experience of use exceeded expectations. I sprayed it on the screen, wiped it with a rag and the screen is perfectly clean.See full review


Some pros: The product fully corresponds to the description. In appearance, the filter is really original. Cons below: It was packed simply in a dark film, which of course does not protect against anything. However, it was delivered completely undamaged.See full review


I liked the wallet very much, it’s nice to hold it in your hand, you don’t want to let it go, everything you need is inside, there are many departments as I like, unfortunately I can’t upload a photo, I advise you to buy A nice bonus was a face mask, I'm happy as an elephant with this walletSee full review


Very easy to use. Temperature adjustment and timer, rotary, good and high quality. After the first application, the impressions increased. Removable panels are very easy to install after washing. Good stock for fat. The surface itself is easily wiped with a damp cloth. In general, after the fifth application, the reviews are only positive! And the fish in it - "you will lick your fingers" ! !See full review

cocktail set - 33 drink accessories, bartender set, gift for a man logo

The set itself is good - a lot of items, a Boston shaker, a rotating black stand made of thick plastic, not falling apart "bamboo". But it is clear that such things are usually bought as a gift and the box still matters.See full review

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