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computer headset msi ds502 gaming headset, black-red logo

Very convenient Bass and microphone control, I also really liked the fact that you understand when you have the micro turned on. The pads are soft and do not put pressure on the head, they sit very comfortably.See full review

construction square bahco 9045-b-300 logo

The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

Revainrating 4 out of 5

I took Leroy for 700 from memory. Got pros: Workmanship, easy to use (marking), European origin and manufacture, accurate. Has some cons: Alas, nothing lasts forever. The main disadvantage is the paint scale. It wears off over time. Pictured after 8 years of use.See full review

semi-synthetic engine oil ford formula f 5w30, 1 l, 1 kg, 1 pc logo

Money to nowhere, poor quality of the goods.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

The oil came without a verification code. It's most likely from Europe. But very suspicious. The packaging has plastic flashes and labels different from the original. There is no way to check for originality.See full review

sharpening stone hatamoto ht0960, green logo

In shortcomings, of course, it was possible to write the price, but the Japanese quality. These analogues of Japanese brands are much more expensive in other stores.See full review

grill redmond steakmaster rgm-m813, black logo

I will try to cook, I will add a review. So far, only this weariness is embarrassing ate review after a month Everything is super. Cooks quickly, the meat is very juicy.See full review

computer chair defender pilot gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/red logo

The chair is good, although quite expensive. I chose because of the footrest, which was not functional for my height of 178 cm. But if your height is less than 170, then the chair is excellent.See full review

realme c30 smartphone 4/64 gb ru, dual nano sim, blue logo

The phone is excellent, I bought it for my daughter's birthday, it looks like a bomb, everything is tolerable for its price 👍👍👍See full review

apple iphone 13 pro max 128 gb ru, nano sim+esim, gold logo

Fulfilled my dream, switched from 11 to 13 pro max, the price was nice especially with the promotional code from , went beyond 70400, plus points from came, as well as other cashbacks, delivered by the Japanese, is no different from rst, I use it for a week, that's all clearly works. The seller was amazon itself, thank you!See full review

tool set wmc tools wmc-2462-5, 46 pcs., black logo

Best thing for the money, glad I did it.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I bought such a set on Vseinstrumenty. Ru in the car for a ridiculous 1190r. I chose specifically to have heads and torx (oh, these modern machines) I chose for a very long time and doubted, because I am familiar with a cheap tool, but there is no money for an expensive one) I bought a car for minor repairs and already managed to throw off the bumper with them - unscrewed the 10 20torx and twisted it back - the flight is normal, the bit is intact) (I attach the photo) First of all, I disassemSee full review

gaming computer chair anda seat t-pro 2, black logo

Very happy with the purchase, purchase for years. Pros: An excellent fabric gaming chair with a multi-block rolling mechanism. Designed for tall and not light people (XL). Comfortable chair with lateral support, a neck pillow and a lumbar pillow. My height is 183 cm and weight over 100 kg - it is very comfortable to sit. leans back so that you can lie down. You can also use the chair as a rocking chair. Nothing creaks, does not play. The upholstery material is very solid - the back and fifth poiSee full review

intel 2 83ghz desktop processor eu80570pj0736m logo

Overclocking is possible, which is a definite plus. For socket 775, this is possibly the finest percentage. Con: Perhaps it's just me, but when overclocked to 3.0 Hz, it generates a lot of heat for some reason. Either the cooler isn't the same or the thermal paste needs to be replaced.See full review

📷 canon eos 5d 12.8 mp digital slr camera (body only) - perfect for professional photography logo

It will not replace either Sonya or Nikon or anything else, Markovka is Markovka, but I did not feel the same step toward perfection as I did while making the transfer from MK2 to MK3 (MY working conditions, this is the SAME). With its positives being: It's a Canon, all right! brand loyalist with 20 years of industry experience, I still have in the "park" even a film 30 ku, I shoot for the soul, the picture is amazing, and the ergonomics are satisfactory. Having these drawbacks: To my mind, it iSee full review

gaming chair cougar armor titan, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/orange logo

In total: mb I did not have good fortune. On the other hand, the fact that they failed after a year is still a fact. Has pros: Chair that is easy on the back. The upholstery fabrics have been used for a year, but they still appear exactly the same as they did when they were first bought. Having this drawback: The mechanism for repairing the backrest failed as soon as the guarantee period ended, which was almost instantly. Now I can do nothing but lie down. Although the chair can support up to 16See full review

dry dog ​​food monge bwild feed the instinct low grain, wild boar 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 12 kg logo

The quality of the cuisine is high, on the whole. Some advantages: It's great food, I've been feeding it to my dog for about a year now, the flavor isn't boring, it hasn't given him any allergies, and other than that, everything is perfect. Having this drawback: I used to be able to taste like an ostrich, and I preferred the flavor of it. Plaque still clings to the teeth in significant amounts.See full review

📸 transcend 8gb sdhc memory card premium class 10 uhs-i pack of 5 ts8gsdu1 - top value bundle logo

I grabbed it to have on hand as a backup plan. After the first 10 shots, it dropped perfectly into the camera. Even though the photographs were clearly visible just seconds before, the camera started recording "unsupported data format." On average, the unfortunate guy's camera took one uncompressed photo every 15 seconds. When compared to other class 10 flash drives, its recording time is only a few seconds. The videos were transferred from my computer to the flash drive. The rate of data transfSee full review

wireless compact mouse xiaomi mi wireless mouse 2, black logo

Has some pros: It is convenient to work with graphic documents, buttons are pressed with a very pleasant quiet sound, white color with red stripe looks good, and after a few months of use proved to be a workhorse. Fits comfortably in the hand, there were no failures during use (four months), tactilely pleasing reaction is fast, feedback is instant, there were no failures during use, and there were no failures during use. Some cons: The kit's batteries ran out pretty immediately, and new ones neeSee full review

office lamp yeelight led screen light bar pro yltd003, 10 w, armature color: gray 1 logo

Advice to all people who have bought or are going to buy: connect the lamp through a Type-C wire that pulls 5v into an extension cord or socket with a USB port and you will be happy and minimalist. Its pros: uniform light Nice backlight Remote control both through Mi Home and Yee light (off. Application) Many additional control features 4 Good Light Scenarios Got cons: Grey colour! against the background of most black monitors does not look very good The Yeelight inscription on the front of the See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy fold 12/512 gb, 2 sim, black logo

This phone was bought in M ​​Video, the service said that this is not a warranty case, the pixel burned out, change it yourself.See full review

seagate external hard drive game drive for playstation 4 2tb (stgd2000200), black logo

Seagate Game Drive for PS4 is generally a good enough option for those who for some reason are sorely lacking hard drive space. Personally, as a user, I was extremely pleased with the Seagate Game Drive and am grateful to Seagate for saving me the unnecessary problem of constantly deleting games.See full review

window cleaner karcher wv 2 premium black edition logo

I ordered Karcher WV 2 black, and they sent me WV 2 plus multi edition, which seems to be out of production. I don't know the price difference.See full review

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