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I've been using the razor for about six months. I really like the result of shaving, there is no irritation (I used a rotary razor before, there were more movements, irritation was present). And here, five nets, a head moving in five directions, shaves quickly and without irritation. In addition, it can be used with foam. Very happy with the purchase, I recommend to everyone.See full review

logitech g g502 hero gaming mouse, black logo

I took it for games. there is a convenient g hub functionality for logitech devices. The feature with the wheel is cool, but the question is how long it will last.See full review

headphones 1more triple driver in-ear e1001, black/silver logo

The sound of headphones should be listened to only with your own sound source. On a phone with a whistle SHANLING UA1 PRO they play well, on Hidizs AP60 Pro they play mediocre in stock, maybe you need to adjust. For everyday use, they are good, play plus or minus like meze 99 classics. Recommend for audiophiles - not serious. Ps: TRN V90 headphones for 2022r tear 1MORE to shredsSee full review

xiaomi poco m4 pro 4g 6/128gb ru smartphone, cold blue logo

In general, the phone is performing well so far. A good purchase in relation to price performance. Because of these shortcomings, I give 4 stars. Has pros: A completely good phone for normal use without games (I’ll say right away that I don’t play games). Pleased with the set. There is a good charger, wire and silicone case. The phone works fast, there is enough memory. A lot of downloaded applications do not slow down the work. Comfortable in terms of ergonomics. With its cons. Unfortunately, cSee full review

perfeo huntsman fm radio red logo

With its pros. Works well, normal sensitivity, high-quality sound, small 150 g weight Cons: Echo of Hong Kong in Balashikha does not catch, but it does not catch and smartphone. One sector in the 3rd frequency indicator on the display stopped working, but did not change.See full review

google pixel smartphone 6a 6/128 gb jp, grey-green logo

In general, my wife and I use iPhones. Bought 6a Mother-in-law. The main request was that the phone was not large. So, I was pleasantly surprised by the operation of the system, applications, etc. On par with iPhone. The first time I got high setting up android. I am aware of all the movements regarding smartphones, etc., since I have worked in sales of such equipment for a long time, and I like it somehow. I knew that a pixel per head is best based on a bucket. But so much. Google did an amazinSee full review

replaceable bic 5 flex hybrid cassette, 4 pcs. logo

Has some pros Excellent blades. Better than Gillette Fusion in my opinion. The stubble on the face is shaved in much the same way, but it is better for long hair - they do not clog. The price is lower than the analogue from Gillette. For women, it is important that irritation on the body in intimate areas is much less than from Fusion. Its cons: Original machines are simpler than analogues from Gillette. There is no good rubber coating on the handle, no vibration version, etc. Overall, not bad,See full review

on-camera microphone rode videomic go logo

The downsides are more of a nitpick. Clear business that installation is meant on DSLR. On my Sonya AX700, I had to be a little smarter so that the wire would not interfere with pressing the zoom. The sensitivity needs to be adjusted. Otherwise, even the operator's breathing can be heard. In my amateur opinion, the sound is much nicer than it was with the "native" microphone.See full review

sound bar jbl bar 2.1 deep bass black logo

Has pros: Good sound quality for 2.1 systems, stylish design, integration into the TV remote control. Cons below: The only minus the TV set refused to work via hdmi, everything works fine through optics and bluetooth, and again there is no optics in the kit.See full review

samsung galaxy tab tablet case s6 lite 10.4" (2020) sm-p610/p615, with a stand / 360 degree swivel (dark blue) logo

Has some pros For a horizontal arrangement it is convenient - one of the positions is 50g Cons: The design is not convenient for reading books - the angle of inclination is about 30 degrees.See full review

canon eos 6d kit with ef 24-105mm f/4 l is usm lens, in black logo

I chose the first FF camera. The choice was between Mark 3 and this unit. For an amateur, it seems to me the most it. Mark 3 somehow seemed complicated to me . This one fell into my hand like a native. Taking into account the fact that I had only used Nikon before, and always said that I would never buy a canon for myself ., it was very easy to switch from one brand to another, a very understandable camera. After d90, the difference is of course very noticeable. Many are not happy with Wi-Fi, onSee full review

32" tv skyline 32yt5900 2019 led, black logo

The price point and the manufacturer's claims about the TV's quality led us to this particular model. It only took two clicks to set up the television (auto-tuning of channels - and two multiplexes, three radio stations, plus I caught some analog channels). After making a few adjustments, I created a color and sound that was unique to myself. Everything worked out wonderfully in the end. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the TV set will last for a long time. Despite the fact that the manual stSee full review

headphones sony mdr-ex450ap, white logo

If you want even higher sound quality, then take the Sony MDR-EX650 model If you are looking for a middle ground - and listen to music and a headset - then you have found a great optionSee full review

gamepad microsoft xbox one controller, white logo

What is surprising, there is not a single review regarding the connection, installation, etc. on the joystick. I had to take a pig in a poke, because it is also wireless, and the main reason for buying it is to use it with a computer. In general, I am writing for you people, so that they take it boldly, and not like me. The joystick connects to a PC with any ordinary microUSB, and what again pleased - without any batteries or batteries. Just plug it in and everything is as it should be. As a rSee full review

wireless headphones sony wf-1000xm3, black logo

The connection is reliable and quick, and the noise reduction and sound quality are fantastic (IPhone). Maintains its attractive appearance over time. There are a multitude of ear pads provided. Having these drawbacks: There is no need to be so condescending; the size of the case could be reduced. It is not possible to connect to two different devices at once. There is no claim of protection against splashing.See full review

baseus gan2 pro 65w white wall charger with type-c to type-c cable (ccgan2p) logo

I did not try to charge the mackbook because it is not there. I bought a wireless powerful unit for charging on good reviews. iPad pro is charging. I like.See full review

portable acoustics jbl charge 4, 30 w, red logo

Got pros: I use it as acoustics for a laptop, the charge is enough for a week. Great sound. Has cons: Although I received it as a gift, but looking at the price tag, my hair stands on end.See full review

computer acoustics edifier r1100 dark wood logo

Has pros: Good acoustics for a room of 12 sq. M. they play very well, the bass is soft, pleasant to the ear, there is no rumble. Has some cons Of the shortcomings, only the rear location of the volume and bass controls. but I knew what I was getting intoSee full review

graphic tablet wacom one small (ctl-472-n) black/red logo

In general, for those who do not earn a living from this, but only sometimes do something in editors like me, this is ideal. But for those who will work with the tablet all the time, it is still better to take something more comfortable with a pen.See full review

tablet huawei mediapad 10 fhd wi-fi logo

Pros: the screen (just super!), the camera, the casing (metal), the speakers are also nothing. Cons below: sometimes sticks a little, a soiled screen (but this is the harsh reality of any gloss).See full review

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