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case uag mouve for apple iphone 12 pro max, ash logo

I have been buying cases from this manufacturer for a long time. Satisfied with the quality and protection of the smartphone.See full review

automotive tool set stels 14099, 47 pcs, gray logo

Good set for your money. The tool is good. Everything you need is there and takes up little space. The kit has come in handy more than once. And every time I say: how did I manage without before)See full review

microphone preamp for klark teknik mic booster ct1 dynamic or ribbon microphones logo

Almost every dynamic microphone on almost every, especially budget device, will require the gain to be set to maximum values. And it will be noisy. Or maybe not enough. The preamp allows you to turn the gain to the middle, where everything is clean. Do not forget about phantom power, it will need to be assembled dynamic + pre, like a capacitor.See full review

cpu cooler deepcool gamma archer pro, black logo

Pretty good cold for a penny. In Aida's 9 minute stress test (photo attached), my i5 4460 temperature did not rise above 66-67 degrees (photo attached) assuming that the cooler speed was 1080 rpm, with a maximum of 1600 rpm. It is worth noting that a month ago I replaced the thermal paste with Arctic MX-4.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Bought for a summer cottage. When connected, it was ated for about 5 minutes, then it all worked. The sound can be rebuilt, the factory setting is deaf. To give the norms, I took it to the nursery to watch smart TV and movies by subscription. Wi-Fi catches well, the router is on the first floor, the nursery is on the second . . For 10900 I think there is hardly an alternative . .See full review

flight nut 310 tenor ukulele logo

Bought for my daughter. For a beginner, that's it. Included is a beginner's guide with tuning rules, chord fingering and strumming.See full review


In general, the camera suits, it copes with the tasks for which it was bought. The main thing was to refine the sound. 7000r it took an additional microphone 3 and an adapter for it 4 ! ))))See full review


I did tests and comparisons with the Rode NT-USB at a price of 15,000s and the difference in price is great, and the sound is minimal. The microphone comes with a tripod (stand) for initial use. The sound is voluminous, high-quality, without background noise and cod. I recommend to buy, for minimal money you get excellent build quality and great sound.See full review


Pros: Works as written, created a script in the application, can be adjusted by Alice Has some cons: Works only from 4G! If wi-fi 5G is at home, then it will not connectSee full review

mtf light led lamps, cyber light series, h7, 12v, 45w, 3750lm, 6000k, cooler, set. logo

Installed on Niva Travel. I have only one question for myself! Why haven't I used these lamps before? ! STG is clear, the light is bright.See full review


Revealing my genuine perspective.Everything came up, only the only thing in the canister is 4 liters, I poured 3 into the engine and shows a normal oil level . .See full review


When you order, look immediately: 1. All metal must be sealed with a protective film! If not, the scooter has already been used. 2. Press the center button below the display. It will turn on. Click on the second button from the left to switch the display mode to ODO. It will show you the real mileage of the scooter. (I did not know this and the store sold it to me with a mileage of 30 km. Not much, but nonetheless. ) 3. Check assembly and disassembly. Try it yourself with the courier / seller toSee full review


With 2 4mAh batteries, I worked for 2 hours, both sat down halfway, after I got tired, I didn’t drink, I was tired. A definite plus in the absence of odors of technical fluids. You can safely take it with you to nature, chopping firewood is more than enough. Has some pros: - intuitive assembly - small with a tire of normal length - easy to use with 1 hand Cons below: - oil is leaking, but I think to find a sealing gum and the issue will be resolvedSee full review


A handy thing, especially when working in tandem with a smart speaker. The lack of TV channels can be eliminated by installing online cinemas with movies and TV channels. With its pros: Compact module. Console with sound. Easy to find if lost in the bowels of the apartment. Learns as you use it. Remembers preferences. Got cons: Drops into a black screen when giving voice commands to control a smart home. Support has not yet resolved this issue. The default set of TV programs is not very good. ThSee full review


I recommend to buy With its pros: Good quality materials, in general, a large number of mounts for different types of surfaces and also TVs Its cons: It turns out very close to the surface, it is necessary through suppliesSee full review


The model is successful. Especially folding, rather for car and storage, rather than moving along the street and metro. But a lot of improvements are needed, in principle, not difficult. Probably for a rider of 60 kilos it will travel more kilometers. be sure to stretch the nuts if possible.See full review


To the seller: it would be better to have the shower itself in the kit. Because people buy these water heaters specifically for the bath and shower. So here's some advice for you: include in thecommposition either the adapter itself (because the thread is not standard) or a hose with a watering can, and then the reviews for your, in general, good product will be noticeably higher and there will be more purchases. As a result, I found an adapter in Leroy Merlin. Brought - everything fell as it shSee full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

Before the purchase, it was exactly the same (only the buttons had no memory), worked for 14 years💪, although the service life was 10. Therefore, we bought it without options ! ! 💪👍See full review

sports smart watch smart waterproof round / wristwatch round digital / black logo

Bought for a young man as a gift. Came quickly, the quality pleased, very stylish and look impressive from the outside. Lots of features, battery lasts for days. The clock is generally cool, we liked it! I'm glad I chose this model, the seller did not disappoint 👍See full review


A good thing. True, pay attention to the minimum pressure threshold that should be in your line. I have passed the minimum limit. As a result - it works. But the water barely flows. And how much is dumped into the sewer - I don’t even want to think. But it seems that if you have 3-4 atm in the house, then there will be no problems (at least with a reset. And the pouring speed is hard to say)See full review

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