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cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

After I started the return, they told me that they would not return the money for the paid installation of the wheels. I highly do not recommend the store.See full review

spark plug ilkar7l11 pe5r18110 spark pulg (shanghai) co, ltd mazda 3/6/cx-5 2.0 skyactiv-g 11 art. 94124 logo

I checked the spark plugs for a number of signs: 1 - there is a white coating, which is typical for NGK candles; 2 - the central and side electrodes are not magnetized, which indicates the presence of iridium soldering. 3 - visually compared with the original, was already worked out on hand.See full review

multitester - voltmeter ammeter in case dsn-vc288hv 10a logo

When compared with a multimeter, the difference in millivolts can be adjusted. Have they come or are they coming more guys still coming Artyom has come yesSee full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with large cuff and mains adapter logo

He is also capricious: in order to put on the cuff, one must have considerable skill - the tonometer does not like the weak coverage, writes "error". (My grandmother's copy does not have this). I think that such a defective copy is a shame for a respected Japanese company. Its pros: The grandmother in the country has been using the same model of a tonometer for 2 years without any complaints. With its cons: A copy that was recently brought to me by about 20 units underestimates the pressure readSee full review

induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

I bought this stove in the 2022n haze of Hong Kong, I am satisfied with the purchase, it works in tandem with wein 6 pro 50l every day.See full review

multitool pliers leatherman rev (832130) silver logo

Its pros: Small, not really hard to carry as a keychain. At the same time, it is quite heavy, which immediately gives the impression of not a "cheap trinket", but a solid instrument. Some cons: A little more functionality would not hurt, although I could be wrong, because then, most likely, the multitool would not be so compactSee full review

wheel disk tzsk ford focus 6x15/5x108 d63.3 et52.5 logo

I didn’t bother with the return and re-order, I was already in the mood to go to the tire shop. The packaging (film) was not damaged, so the seller most likely sent the scratched discs.See full review

car holder defender ch-150+ 58-90 mm, panel logo

the holder is not bad, a good suction cup (holds well on the ribbed panel) and a tight clamp. BUT - the leg is flimsy, the phone twitches on the move. the result - you need to clamp something to restSee full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

In principle, if no more sores come out, I'm happy, but troubles with cameras are very annoying, especially for me, I have to go to a neighboring city to change them Its pros: Well pulls 100 kg, application, design, the ability to make tubeless tires Has cons: This is some kind of horror, I don’t know if they do it on purpose or not, but the tubes in both wheels frayed at intervals of a week, the specialists say that they don’t fit these tires and the wheel as a whole, I advise you to immediatelSee full review

plumbing pliers kraftool 22065 250 mm silver/green logo

Has pros: Reliable and practical mechanism, the quality of workmanship for the money is good. Its cons: Of the shortcomings, I can only say one thing, you need to monitor the mechanism so that dirt and sand do not get into it, but this is a design feature.See full review

karcher suction hose sh 5 eco (2.643-100.0) logo

Well packed, a good long hose for Karcher, of course it would be better if it came with Karcher, and not buy everything separatelySee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

normal TV, in the kitchen or cottage, convenient firmware and management. a lot of inputs and output to the speakers, of the minuses, the built-in acoustics are not very good.See full review

xiaomi atuman duka ls5 laser range finder 40m logo

generally suitable for domestic use when just a tape measure is not enough I do not recommend for professional activities because of the touch control that is not very easy to use Some pros: compactly works fairly well a bunch of features that you will never use Has cons: does not charge from fast PD charges, not at all even in slow mode so if you don't have a simple 1 amp charger this could be a problemSee full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Got pros: Everything is fine, delivery on time, the quality is on top, it works perfectly Some cons: Not very convenient to wash, you have to choose to remove the coatingSee full review


It is sad that such a marriage turned out, it would be convenient to exchange the goods for a working one, and not return the moneySee full review

massage rocking chair yamaguchi liberty, gray logo

Great compact chair for the money. Extremely satisfied. Has some pros: Adult neck and back massage. Compact size, fits perfectly in a standard apartment. Outer chair from Ikea. With its cons: It’s not easy to use a rocking chair just like that, because. rollers are not included. In general, it's a matter of habit.See full review


Rubber bought last year urgently together with Yokohama, she completely worn out. Car - Chevrolet Lacetti (dimensions - 195/55 / ​​R15). The work involves frequent business trips, so the city-highway is 50/50. About a hundred on the highway - good grip on snow and asphalt, in the city it is still calmer and more comfortable. It goes into turns very well. Here, wear is still far away, therefore, despite other work and a different load on the tires, they are ready for the second winter.See full review


I liked the AND CN 233 inhaler, I have been using it for about six months now. It works stably, without failures. With the service and its build quality, everything is in perfect order.See full review


I found a company that actually makes them in Malaysia. Quite large, specializes in protective equipment. That is, it was done far from in the basement, but the price tag is normalSee full review


Very powerful trimmer. With it, you can not only easily mow the grass, but also cut fairly decent bushes. But it is better to do this not with the help of a fishing line, but with a special knife. The trimmer is not that heavy. It is easy to control with a convenient bicycle handle. That's just the belt must be properly adjusted so as not to overload the arms and back.See full review

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