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32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

In general, the purchase is satisfied. For the price, we got a little more than what we expected. The picture is clear, the sound is not from the barrel, everything is audible, the remote control does not need to be directed to the TV set. Pros below: FullHD, a clear menu, an affordable price and, most interestingly, a bluetooth remote control, which I had not read about anywhere before buying and was pleasantly surprised. Also, the TV remote controls the TV box that is connected via hdmi cable,See full review

laufenn s fit eq 215/55 r16 93v summer logo

Pros below: Quiet. Light. In rainy weather confidently holds the road, if without fanaticism. There is disk protection. Has some cons: Soft cord. Slightly wobbles in a turn. The tread width is less than 205.See full review

grill tefal optigrill elite xl gc760d30, silver/black logo

Generally satisfied. I hope my criticism will reach the engineers and the following devices will bring to mind. With its pros: 1. Machine for 16 programs, poke and sit, wait. Plus customizable manual mode. 2. It is easy to wash the plates, even in the harsh operation mode, you do not need to scrub them, just washed them with a sponge and dish detergent. 3. Removable fat container. 4. The grill is tilted. 5. 2022n language and many others besides it. 6. 10 years technical support. Has some cons: See full review

computer chair bloody gc-500 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

The chair is full, but I regret that I bought this chair at all, we supported this series of products of this company so much, we bought a mouse, a keyboard, a rug, well, I think we need to take a chair of this series, we bought it and after six months the material was all worn out, the crosspiece burst although not fat people live at home, a maximum of 92 kg, after a year of operation it hurts to look at it, before that there were a lot of chairs, so this is the best among all that we had, I doSee full review

puma t-shirt, size s, pink logo

cool t-shirt, very light, pleasant to the body, not short, for a long time I did not come across t-shirts of such a correct cut, I advise 100% to buy!See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Great grill, we cook dinners on it very often. You can fry potatoes and meat and sausages. Enough power, very hot. Still it would not be necessary to clean it, there would be beauty. I recommend to everyoneSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I skated one season on Cordiant Snow Cross 215/65 R16 102T, they stood on Qashqai. There were no questions about controllability, about noise too, but trouble with spikes. During the season flew 10 percent and all of the central row.See full review

refrigerator biryusa 110, white logo

I took it as a temporary solution to an apartment during the renovation, it freezes perfectly, for one person, of course, it’s big, for two people it’s just right. Inexpensive, I bought a little less than 11 thousand in the spring of 2022, I sold it a year later in a new condition, I delivered no problems. It works a little loud, but still this is a budget option, and the apartment is empty, perhaps the echo intensifiedSee full review

chandelier led ritter scandia 52079 5, 84 w, number of lamps: 6 pcs., color: black logo

When inserting glasses, you need to slightly bend the glass (it bends easily) and insert one side into the bowl all the way into the empty corner, and then it easily enters completely and in the same way it is easy to get it out of there. But I realized this when one had already cracked. There is no mention of this in the instructions. It’s good that it was shown how to bring the wire out of the sleeve (one to fly out the second in the middle comes out of the hole). Outcome: Looks expensive, staSee full review

monitor arm cactus cs-vm-lh08-bk black logo

I liked the bracket itself. And easy to assemble and use. But the store is a huge minus, because they could not know about the condition of the goods. Its pros: The bracket itself is good, comfortable, adapts well, easy to assemble. I recommend it. Has cons: The product has been damaged. On the shoulders, which are attached to the main rack, the plastic cable channels are broken. Judging by the box, it was opened several times, there are many layers of adhesive tape on the valves. The monitor sSee full review

casio f-91w-1yer quartz watch, alarm clock, chronograph, stopwatch, waterproof, display backlight, blue logo

For 5 days, they ran ahead by almost a second - not critical. Very convenient because they are small and you can clearly see the time. It doesn't interfere at all, but it's a bit unimpressive.See full review


Didn't like it. Do you want a chemical, green jasmine, that is, a sample of 10 ml. For me, a bad purchase. In the truest sense of the word, water for the toilet.See full review


it seemed to me that it was a little low (for me personally). I had to modify it a bit and attach the legs. and for this, I first attached two longitudinal boards of the appropriate color and quality.See full review


I died after 3 weeks, I think that the little pressure went to look, it seems to be buzzing, but it doesn’t work itself, it’s all warmed up already PPC is shorterSee full review

6020p2r dust/aerosol pre-filter (pack of 4), jeta safety logo

The price was good, cheap compared to similar products. I liked the quality of the pre-filters, good protection against dust and aerosols, filters with them last longer, and you can also attach them directly to the half mask with adapters 6101. This is how we replaced respirators. I recommend!See full review


Cats only eat it. Other feeds are not accepted. While this food was coming, the cats went hungry, although the bowls were full (but with other food). I have cats of an expensive breed, so I don’t want to risk transplanting them to other food.See full review


This watch in black looks expensive. More expensive than they cost. The dimensions are pleasant, not very high, they will not pull up a sweater or shirt. I really liked it, I recommend it to everyone.See full review

drawer dewalt toughsystem 2.0 dwst83293-1, 55.4x37.1x16.5 cm, black logo

This is a small one in the photo, I bought a big one. Apparently the application slowed down giving a small suitcase. But the big one in me is a very large capacity devalt suitcaseSee full review


The problem with Morion and oil has existed for more than a year already, is it really impossible to fix it in such a period? And why, during installation, the master does not immediately flush the tap and bring a replacement one. The service department itself says that in production they prefer not to notice problems. I will add that I put two filters, one at home and one in the country. There is also oil in the country! Fixed by replacing the faucet under warranty. The service center said thatSee full review


Pros below: The original tires were made in Spain. Soft, control is not as knocked down as in Pilot Sport 3, but not critical. With its cons: Not very quiet, the difference with the winter Velcro is negligible, at least on the Optima.See full review

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