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viatti brina v-521 175/65 r14 82t winter logo

Pros below: Great tires, good road holding. The price was a pleasant surprise. Its cons: There are no shortcomings, we put on shoes in this rubber for the second time.See full review

digital piano casio px-s1000 white logo

Its pros: Very cool sound. A keyboard that captures the feel of a real piano very well. Appearance. Cons: If you want to connect this piano to a laptop or tablet, then you will have to visit many stores in search of USB-B wiring, which no one except Casio has been using for many years.See full review

mobile air conditioner electrolux eacm-13hr/n3, white logo

It's heavy but easy to move because it's on wheels. A couple of times they turned on the dryer to remove excess moisture (they dried clothes in the kitchen when it was raining outside). Well ventilates the air. In winter, he worked as a heater, for a room of 21 sq. m. just right. A little more noise than a refrigerator.See full review

seat cover with ventilation 12v logo

Throwing it on, I got into the car, sweaty and straight cold went down my thighs, buttocks and back. When it dried up, I stopped noticing it. Even without air conditioning, I came out with dry clothes. In general, I will buy more for the second car. With air conditioning, it works even more efficiently. Attaches securely. hooks in front of the seat, but I did not cling to them. In the corner there is an elastic band with fastexes, fastened behind the back. Top rubber loop under the headrest.See full review

stunt scooter techteam eddy 2021, black logo

The scooter is comfortable. He looks good. On the plus side, I also want to note that it is reliable. During the entire period of use, there was not a single complaint.See full review

protective silicone case for controller microsoft xbox one, xbox series s, series x (controller x box 1, series c, series x, ex) grey, camouflage logo

In general, I am satisfied, because when playing, the gamepad feels more knocked down, it does not slip out, the rubber does not stink, the print is not erased Pros below: It looks good, it does not interfere with anything during the game, the gamepad sits confidently in the hands Cons below: The print is normal, but the quality of the stamping is not good. On the front side, even more or less, the holes for the menu and guide buttons have moved closer to the edge of the gamepad, but on top therSee full review

liqui moly hydro-stossel-additiv, 0.3 l logo

I bought it on the recommendation of a friend. The hydraulics began to beat on the Renault Megan2 engine k4m mileage 273 thousand km I changed the oil, it didn’t help, I filled in different flushes, too, zero. I filled this liquid with 200 g of 300 g, since the bottle is designed for 6 liters of oil, and in the engine 4. After 20 minutes of engine operation, it became quiet. And I thought this does not happen. In short, take it, I recommend.See full review

wheel disk x"trike x-129 6.5х16/4х98 d58.6 et35, 7.7 kg, w logo

Special thanks to amazon|aliexpress, there are no problems with the return, from the word - Absolutely. Pros: Well balanced with the new tires. One disk without loads even. The crumpled disk that was, the paint did not crack off, although the jam was concrete. Cons: 1 disc was initially jammed, the package is intact, there seems to be no control. Check carefully.See full review

heater quick heat handy heater / compact electric fan heater / portable heater / heat gun / breeze logo

It can be used in the country in the spring (when the temperature outside ranges from minus 5 degrees to plus 10 below minus 5 degrees, it will no longer save), if there is a cold unheated toilet in the house with a maximum area of ​​2 m². The socket will have to be made specially for it at a distance of at least 30 cm from the floor.See full review

coiled cable rexant sat 703b+cu/al/cu (01-2431), 50 m, white logo

If you want to grab problems later with a cable You can safely buy a cable not intended for the street limited operating timeSee full review

gaming chair cougar armor one royal, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

Always sit on them in stores and showrooms before ordering chairs, otherwise there is a big risk of being disappointed, in the photo and the declared dimensions it is not a fact that you will be satisfied in practice. Its pros: Absolutely the same as the popular COUGAR Armor ONE on the market, with a difference in colors, and that the cushions and some parts are made of Alcantara here. Quite convenient, but there are drawbacks. You won't sweat, the materials are pleasant. Has cons: - The usual mSee full review


At a price of up to 20,000, this is a non-alternative option. If you haven't found it on sale - see shulz bubble 20 (not race), it's more expensive but the price is fully justified. With its pros: Great bike for your money. Lightweight, comfortable, high quality, beautiful. Got cons: Now in July they have already ended everywhere and are not expected until the end of the season. In stores and on Ebay I found a couple of offers at a price of + 25% to the recommended one, and this is already a dubSee full review


A wonderful block for charging, the phone does not heat up, it charges quickly, but for me it was very important) Thank you for a quality product!See full review

skully tube bandana s37 (red scarf) logo

Reflections on my product journey.the most for the cold spring of the 23rd year. excellent protection against colds, diseases and everything else.See full review


First they made a mistake with the size. Measured as instructed. It turned out to be very large in height. Then we focused on the length of the product. As a result, they took size M0 for height 175 (long-legged girl). Here he comes! Has some pros: There is nothing to compare with, but the daughter wears it as prescribed by the doctor, and does not complain. Comfortable. puts on herself. Some cons: Difficult to find the size. Strange vertebrae measurement system.See full review


The choice was made consciously, one of the main criteria was the small size of the phone, which can be used on the run and with one hand (when all other hands are busy). I was partially ready for the shortcomings of IOS, and I learned about some already in the process of using it. There is, of course, an unpleasant feeling that I have deprived myself of the convenient tools that I often used on my old Android smartphone. Yes, IOS sometimes gets so mad that there is a desire to test the bodies fSee full review


All in all, a great product with great features. No regrets, happy with the purchase. Everything you need (except for the level) is included in the set. Pros: Very flexible. The kit includes bolts of different lengths and thicknesses + many different spacers that allow you to hang almost any TV at any angle. I hung two - at 32 and 60 inches. Its cons: For heavy TVs from 60 inches, it is better to choose a larger mount - if you make a slight slope, then the mount does not cope - there are plasticSee full review


The seller brought the Chinese version instead of Global) Reflashing VR, of course, is not a problem, but the time taken, for which 2 thousands and kopecks were overpaid in order to avoid unnecessary hemorrhoids. I do not want to issue a return - the purchase was long-awaited. But for the seller to be attentive to the buyer in the future, I want to, and somehow reacted to the current situation. The product itself is excellent, no questions. The helmet can really stand on the same level as the OcSee full review


Bought to heat a room in the off season. Heats up the room quickly. It was necessary to supplement the control unit, because of the limited budget, I took the simplest one, and I am quite comfortable with it. I leave it on at night, it turns itself off when it overheats. Hangs on the wall and does not interfere. It will be possible to purchase a set of chassis if I decide to do repairs.See full review


The screw pump is capricious and even theoretically unreliable! The start of operation in the winter is not possible. The auger in cold water jams instantly. As a result, the engine instantly burns, as a result, an hour after the purchase, I could not prove that it was not my fault. The wear of the area along which the auger moves, even in ideal clean water, occurs very quickly.See full review

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