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large winter parka with fur mtforce 552021s, 52 logo

For 4K it’s still possible to be normal, purely for the city or going out for a walk. But the initial price is inadequate for such quality. I looked at the manufacturer's website, the price tag is even higher than here.See full review

dry food for cats applaws grain-free, with chicken, with duck 3 pcs. x 2 kg logo

Got it for a ferret. Composition Super. We order this for the first time, before that it was cheaper, but there were extra ingredients in the composition, which certainly did not benefit. We unpacked and he immediately appreciated the food. We put 5 out of 5See full review

14" asus vivobook pro 14x oled n7400pc-km059 2880x1800, intel core i5 11300h 3.1ghz, ram 16gb, ddr4, ssd 512gb, nvidia geforce rtx 3050, no os, 90nb0u44-m01450, silver logo

This laptop is the perfect size for easy computing and light gaming. Everything about the product matches the descriptions and ratings that were provided. In favor are: All of the requirements have been met. Ultraportable, bright display colors, and premium build quality. Specification-compliant technical parameters Inadequate fan power can cause the base to overheat and generate a lot of noise on occasion. It's not a big deal, and an extra cooling pad will take care of it.See full review

delonghi ecam22110b super 🖤 automatic espresso latte cappuccino machine, black logo

A classic unit, like writing in the office for many years without any care and maintenance. AK from the world of coffee machines.See full review

15.6" laptop asus vivobook pro 15 m6500qc-hn118 1920x1080, amd ryzen 7 5800h 3.2ghz, ram 16gb, ddr4, ssd 512gb, nvidia geforce rtx 3050, no os, 90nb0yn1-m006n0, blue logo

As I said before, I opted for a laptop that was neither heavy nor thick and, if at all possible, 14 inches in size; nevertheless, it just so happened that in this price range and with these needs, there was only a 15.6-inch laptop available. And to their surprise, they came across this miraculous occurrence. At first, I almost came to the conclusion that it was broken because there were no drivers available for it in Windows 11, even for the backlight on the keyboard. After a few hours of playinSee full review

🤱 effortless expression: discover the electric breast pump canpol babies easystart 12/201 logo

Easy to use, not noisy, which pleases, containers from avent with their adapter for a breast pump fit it for me, this was a huge plus. I was pleased with the equipment, an excellent bottle with a , its own container for storing milk, spare parts. Handsome and compact. Satisfied with the purchase, although at first I doubted it, because. not expensive. I have no regrets about buying it, it is very good in its use.See full review

vacuum cleaner atvel g9, black/grey logo

We chose to replace the usual old vacuum cleaner, with a pipe and a huge dust collector, it is very difficult to carry it around. This vacuum cleaner is light and comfortable, but at the same time I won’t say that it is inferior to our old goner in its best years in terms of traction) I clean the apartment on one charge in fully automatic mode. The nozzle helps to collect everything, does not scatter, and cat hair, and just garbage on the floor. The battery lasts as in the description + -30 minuSee full review

table service luminarc diwali p2961-p2963, 6 persons, 18 items logo

The packaging does not look reliable, but in principle, everything is packed in accordance with the transportation of glass) All plates are tightly fastened together, which provides sufficient thickness for safe delivery. Plus, the plates themselves are made of unbreakable glass, it is not easy to break them. Thank you very much for the price (2022r) and free delivery to my city (Hong Kong). Once I took 2 plates from this series 400r for 2 pieces and it was a promotion. The color is very fresh aSee full review

acoustic system dl audio gryphon lite 165 v.2 logo

I bought a complete set of the same forward and backward to Vesta, I use it without an amp. I had to tinker a little with the installation in the rear doors, since there is under 13 cm, and in the front and rear doors they got up perfectly through the spacer rings. They play for one day, but it’s already great, after they warm up, I hope they will play even better. I'm very happy with my purchase, great speakers.See full review

sink filter prio new water start osmos ou380 white logo

The inlet fitting was crushed along with the plug. I solved the issue on my own, as I found another fitting at work, though metal. The filter was installed the next day. But the residue is bad. Although it may have been damaged in transit. Nobody will know this anymore. In general, the problem is solved, water is pouring, for three boilings in the kettle, not even a hint of sediment. The taste of tea has dramatically improved, everything is fine in the coffee maker too.See full review

vacuum cleaner jimmy jv51, white/red logo

Ordered on 11/12 and arrived on 26/12. Helpful support staff "fed breakfast" for all 15 days. Apparently the seller himself ordered from aliexpress, and only after that he delivered it to me. For the entire waiting period, SMS messages were received with the following content: the courier will be here today from 9.00 to 22.00. But no one called. In the application, the status did not change until the support service was contacted. I ordered in advance, but alas, it did not arrive at the right tiSee full review

robot vacuum cleaner dreame f9 ru, white logo

Cats got used to it quickly)) In general, for this money, the norms of a vacuum cleaner. He sees obstacles, does not fall from the steps of the 2nd floor)) (we have a house). Different pros: I use 3 months. In general - the norm. Of course, the quality of cleaning cannot be compared with a conventional vacuum cleaner, but it’s convenient that I launched it and everything is almost clean)) Has some cons: Sometimes it "hangs" - it cannot find the base, or leave an inconvenient place, but rarely. TSee full review

humidifier / air purifier "fanline aqua ve400" with an ionizer, with a capacity of 410 gr/h logo

I bought it in November 2022 after a long choice among equals for 7400. Now the manufacturers behaved very strangely, raising the price right up to 12600. I immediately changed my mind about taking another one. The essence of humidification is the same for everyone, only foreign prices grow exponentially to the number of functions. For those who talk about low noise, I note that those Decibels that it gives out at low speeds (by my standards, about 30) are still audible. With such constant noiseSee full review

floor fan electrolux eft-1110i, white/black logo

I thought for a long time to put 3 or 4. But still 4, since it performs the declared functions. But for me, a huge minus is the noisy operation of the fan (although it blows quite powerfully). Even at 1 speed it reproduces such a confident rumble, almost like a hair dryer. Night mode is even worse than normal in this regard, since it does not make the work quieter, but simply periodically turns the motor on and off. Thus, the noise is not monotonous, but in gusts, which is even worse for sleep. See full review

humidifier smartmi evaporative humidifier/zhimi air humidifier 2 (cjxjsq02zm) eu, white logo

The sensor that detects the water level malfunctioned. The electronic nature of the sensor ultimately led to its failure. Replace the CD4066BM96 four-way CMOS switch in Chip Dip for a hundred dollars if your water sensor is broken and get it fixed at any repair shop with straight arms and a soldering iron. You can make a complete turnaround for $500.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700, white logo

The time period that we employ is six months. This is the best buy, and it functions wonderfully. Dust, hair, even cat hair, and splinters are collected. All that remains to be done)) Cons: The wire folding system isn't the most user-friendly, but considering its low price and high level of usefulness, you hardly notice this flaw.See full review

tevin suitcase, polycarbonate, support legs on the side, 62 l logo

I was in need of a suitcase for a last-minute flight. Express shipping; arrives in a few hours. The suitcase is so good that I bought it without any second thoughts. I love the zebra print, it's very cool. I found that the size M was just right for me—not too baggy and not too tight. The luggage is easy to pull and push and the handle does not get stuck. Contentment with the acquisition points.See full review

stool group style dsw chair set, metal, 4 pcs., color: white logo

I first put together two frames, after which I moved on to the seats, which are now as shown in the picture. The company attended the meeting and was prepared to swap, but decided not to bother again, so we ended up just putting on coverings.)See full review

kitfort toaster kt-2036, red logo

Excellent toaster with an excellent display and a good selection of features. I consider it to be the finest value in the class. I suggest. Below are some advantages: The selection of breads was great. function of frozen bread preparation (I freeze the majority of products, including bread). Display. I'm really happy with the crumb tray (there's no need to tip the toaster over and shake it off like Pinocchio)))) Cons of it: When the toast is automatically unloaded after it has finished frying, ISee full review

stationary blender philips hr2224, white logo

The blender has been in use for about a week. I really liked the deep bowl for ingredients - more than 2 liters. While I tried to make liter cocktails from frozen foods, I did it perfectly. Orange, banana and kiwi are whipped into a smoothie in 30 seconds. The bowl is removed in one motion and washed out without problems. A measuring small glass allows you to cook everything according to the recipe, and not "by eye". Noisy not much. Overall I'm happy with the blender.See full review

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