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Vault - a repository of secrets from recognized "solvers" of modern infrastructure problems - Hashicorp, authors of Vagrant, Consul, Terraform, Otto, etc. Secrets are stored in key-value form. The storage is accessed exclusively through the API. Main features of Vault: All data is stored in an encrypted container. Getting the container itself does not expose the data. Flexible access policies. You can create as many tokens to access and manage secrets as you need. And give them the permissions that are necessary and sufficient to perform the work. Ability to audit access to secrets. Each request to Vault will be logged for later auditing. Support for encryption-decryption of data without saving them. This can be convenient for encrypted data transmission over insecure communication channels. Full secret lifecycle support: create/revoke/expire/renew. Uberfeature, the importance of which is difficult to overestimate, is the ability to create your own CA (Certificate Authority) to manage self-signed certificates within your infrastructure. The /cubbyhole backend, which allows you to create your own secret storage that is not available even to other root tokens. Ready-made modules and plugins for popular configuration management systems. For us, Vault solves the problems of transferring secrets over insecure channels, the problems of fault-tolerant storage of secrets, as well as the problems of flexible access sharing and auditing. I plan to use Vault as my own CA.See full review

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Today I want to talk about the Scandinavian brand COS, its pros and cons. Surely, many are familiar with the Swedish brand, but not everyone knows exactly how its name is deciphered. COS - Collection of Style, briefly and at the same time so fully reflects the essence of the brand. Like almost every Swedish brand, COS is primarily concise and restrained style. This fact can immediately be attributed to the advantages of the brand. Thanks to simple clothes in restrained colors it is possible to collect all the necessary base to create the right daily look. But the brand every season adds to classic models and products made with interesting details that allows you to make even a daytime look evening. As, for example, on the first photos. It is enough to take off the jacket and change the loafers for shoes with heels, and you can feel free to go to the most fashionable party. It is worth adding that the quality of fabrics should also be attributed to the advantages of the brand, predominantly natural. The company also pays great attention to the cut clothes. Laconic or unusual, but in any case - beautiful. Meanwhile a discreet palette of colors makes it easy to combine things and combine materials with different textures. A rather big plus is that the brand releases every season repeated models, sometimes changing the tone of the color. No more need to purchase a basic longsleeve for a few years, because in a year it will the opportunity to buy the same, although will it be necessary? After all, things of the brand serve for years and kept in excellent condition. Next, let's talk about the plus for the brand itself. Brand clothes can pick up both a young girl and an adult woman, as well as how it has become fashionable in recently, there is no division by gender, representatives the weaker sex easily picks up clothes for themselves from the men's collection, and vice versa. An example is in the 2nd photo. A men's T-shirt is most often a more correct length than female. Well, at the end of the pluses, you can sum up a little: a fashion brand gives a great opportunity to assemble a basic wardrobe within your brand, value for money, key tones, no age restrictions and gender category. Cos is about modern fashion, everyday style, about minimalism with the highest quality. It is difficult to talk about the cons of the brand, but the topic implies a couple of things. find. For us, residents of Russia, the main disadvantage is, of course, the lack of offline stores. More precisely, there is one in Moscow, but prices periodically go off scale, in comparison with European, which we are so used to seeing when entering a store in Europe. Another downside is the size mismatch. Namely, almost the entire size range of the brand is oversized, this applies to both women's and men's and children's collection. For example, a girl with a Russian size 40-42 will not be able to pick up much "according to the figure", rather it will be an oversized style. And clothes from the children's section with marking 1-2Y will only be in time for 3 years. As a rule, most models are made in a free style, so when If you want a tighter fit, choose the smallest size. See full review

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