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diagnostic scanner/car auto scanner/auto diagnostic scanner obdii mini bluetooth elm327 v2.1 logo

When connecting via the ScanScaner application, select Chevrolet OBD 2/EOBD DIESEL in the profile. And there will be a connectionSee full review

jigsaw stanley sj60, 600 w logo

After a year of ruthless operation of the Stanley cordless screwdriver, I have confidence in the products of this company. I'm glad the jigsaw didn't disappoint.See full review

kumho crugen hp71 225/60 r18 104v summer logo

In general, I recommend this rubber for the city. If trips over rough terrain are possible, especially through mud, then it is better to look at other companies or take an all-weather, there the tread will be better. Well, or AT-shkuSee full review

ch341a bios eeprom programmer with soic8 sop8 programming clip for 93cxx eeprom (with clip) logo

Revived several motherboards. This programmer was very helpful. Before uploading a new firmware, it is better to first reset the BIOS, and then flash it.See full review

computer headset a4tech hs-28, black logo

You can unbend the darling, inside, as it were, the plastic is actually a metal darling, after I unbent it I get real pleasure, remembering how it used to crush)))See full review

cpu cooler deepcool gamma archer pro, black logo

I have been using this brand of PC components for quite a long time, but the old one has outlived its useful life, I decided to order a similar one to the previous one, and surprisingly it does an excellent job, I advise you to take it if you need a good and inexpensive coolerSee full review


The shoes were changed in the Koleso workshop, all the wheels were rolled, but after 2 days the tire went flat. So constantly after 2 days it went down, I drove into another workshop, the problem was fixed, it does not go down.See full review


01/23/2022 brought this little thing. By this time I bought more meat to test the grill)) I unpacked, inside I was waiting for a small gift (kitchen scale), a minimum of paper, packed with high quality. I got acquainted with the instructions (2 min), and took up the main process, fried the steak for 2.5 minutes, the taste turned out to be a bomb! The meat is juicy, roasting corresponds to the time, after the end of frying, all the dirt is easily removed with a dry paper towel. I am satisfied witSee full review


ford focus 2, wheels 215-60-R16 I liked how it keeps the rut, my summer was throwing along the rut, I thought the car was not working properly in steering, but when I changed my shoes to the winter Blizzak Revo GZ, the car began to stand in the rut. in winter I left any loose snow in parking lots, I didn’t go to the fields to test, but in urban conditions and on the road I never stuck in two winter seasons. A bit noisy but not critical. wife with little driving experience felt confident drivSee full review

gaming computer artel pc intel core i5-11400f (4.4 ghz), ram 16 gb, ssd 500 gb, nvidia geforce rtx 3060 (12 gb), windows 10 pro, black logo

So far so good, downloaded a couple of games everything is fine. I plan to install Windows 11, for such a price I recommend to buy.See full review


Has some pros: Determines electrical wiring (under voltage), non-ferrous and ferrous metals with sufficient accuracy for domestic work. It is convenient and simple to use. Has some cons: It should be understood that this is a fairly simple device and miracles should not be expected from it.See full review


Bought in 2022 for mowing ditches for SNT. in general, except for mowing grass in a summer cottage of 10 acres. for 6 years of use it didn’t let me down, it started up like a clock from 2-3 times (the first two for pumping gasoline), any fishing line mows with a bang, that a star, a ring, a triangle, but for me, the usual 3mm round is best. When dressing the Disc, he accidentally cut through a neighbor's metal fence,See full review


I issued a refund (the phone does not perform the main function) and from 09/11/2022 I sit and WITHOUT a phone and WITHOUT money. This is how YaMarket works. Support service utterly ignoring the return of money (it's been about 15 days already). It is not clear to whom to write what to do. At first they say that the money was sent on 11.09. and you need to call your bank and give the RNN number that the market should tell me, although the RNNs themselves do not give. They hung noodles from threeSee full review


I purchased this range hood for my kitchen. Very comfortable to use and almost imperceptible noise level. For all the time of use, I did not find any cons, it removes odors from the room well, it is easy to clean. It fit into the interior of the kitchen like a glove, and makes me happy when I enter the kitchen.See full review


I have been using it for more than a month, I have not noticed any problems with the operation of the router, it does not reboot, when buying, you can easily and quickly ateSee full review

stand kromax x-stand, black logo

The stand itself is solid, the equipment is good, it holds a TV weighing 27 kg. Because Since the size of the mounting platform turned out to be small, we had to collect an “expander” from what we had (a meter of a rectangular steel pipe). With its pros: Liked the quality. The kit comes with a large set of all kinds of bolts for mounting various TVs. With its cons: For our 47" TV, the mounting area was too narrow, or the mounting holes of our TV were too wide, not enough approx. 30 cm Legs are See full review


Presenting honest review.Has pros: Holds temperature well Convenient valve stainless steel Cons below: Came with a slight dent on the lid, the package is intactSee full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

The panel is not removable, so it’s not very convenient, but for this price everything is great, my husband really liked the grilled cutlets, the meat has not yet figured out how best to cook, the chicken turns out like a barbecue, in general we are satisfied ! ! Thank youSee full review


Multitasking modern device. There is enough RAM for the tablet to simultaneously load several presentations and a couple more toys in the background)). The multi-window mode is very convenient, I quickly got used to it. Especially in online markets, it is good to compare products before buying. Eyes feel comfortable even after prolonged use of this gadget. Sound like in a movie theater. Great for music playback too. I downloaded the LitRes application through App Gallery, I read a lot there). I See full review

antifreeze coolstream premium 40 1 l logo

I poured coolstream premium 5 years ago into my focus. It worked fine for so many years, now I decided to replace it, while the delivery is free. Bought the same coolstream. Satisfied.See full review

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