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December 25, 2020


Blockchain competition final!

Our Bitcoin review competition has come to an end!

Food for thought: since we announced the competition, the Bitcoin price went up by $4,000. Will it keep growing? Check out the reviews and decide for yourself.

And now for the winners:

1. Authors of the most liked review:

LUIS RIVERO R and __Toprak Dere __

2. Authors of the most commented reviews

The hsotaka and __Ferhat Tunç __

3. Author of the Revain Team’s favorite review.

Benaiah Akinlade

Congratulations to the winners, your rewards will be transferred to you in the next 10 days.

Thank you everyone for participating, more competitions coming in 2021!

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ismail karasahin

4 months ago

Congratulations, I congratulate our winning friends. I congratulate them to continue to support this platform by writing successful and original reviews in this way.I hope they continue to support this platform that way.

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