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April 5, 2021


E-commerce reviews are live!

Dear users, we have an important reminder: there is now a new review category on Revain: E-commerce.

Online shopping is an important part of modern life. We buy a lot of things online and need the retailers to be reliable. Consumers want to trust the shop owners. And the shop owners want the consumers to know about their strengths. This is why reviews of e-commerce platforms are so important.

We added as many popular shops as possible. Even more will appear soon.

And remember - reviewing companies with less than 10 reviews provides bigger rewards!

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Barış D

8 days ago

In the age we live in, everything is done through the virtual world and environment. There are many websites that we can do shopping that also provide services in this regard. Knowing which of them provides better and higher quality service and managing our shopping accordingly will provide a positive guide for those who read the informative articles and have more detailed information about that platform.

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