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September 6, 2022

Me and Revain: photo contest!

🥳 It's time to take part in the birthday contest from Revain with a generous prize fund - 100 000 REV! 


Terms of the competition:

  • In the Revain Photo Competition “Me and Revain” you need to take a photo of a device with an opened Revain website in front of a cultural landmark or a pleasant view. It can be a smartphone, a tablet device, a laptop, or any other device. Revain’s logo needs to be visible.
  • Post the photo on Instagram with the hashtags #Revain and #RevainPhotoContest (We kindly ask you to open your Instagram profile for the contest period so that we can check the fulfillment of the terms of the competition). 
  • Send the photo and link to your Instagram post to [email protected] and add a description of where the photo was taken.
  • The subject of the email should be - “Revain photo”. 


💰 Authors of the 20 best photos will each receive 5 000 REV!

Photos are accepted until 23:59 (UTC+0), October 16th.

We already ran such a competition last year (2021). You can view the winning photos here:

*All prizes will be awarded to the winners in REV tokens in their personal accounts.

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