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June 28, 2020


Meet Revain Academy and Glossary

Revain is happy to introduce you new major part of our ‘Learn’ section - Revain Academy. Academy is a place for you to learn all about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the series of articles dedicated to provide information both for newcomers and experienced crypto enthusiasts.

All of our incoming articles in the Beginner's section of the blog will be in the Academy. More comprehensive articles for experienced users are coming as well.

Check out Revain Academy: https://revain.org/academy

Big part of the Academy is Glossary, a list of all crypto and trading related terms explained in plain and simple English. Unlike most other cryptocurrency glossaries, this one will provide you with a fully updated list of 1626 terms. Every term provides an explanation of the term, example of its use, as well as the real use of the term in the reviews of Experts and other authors on Revain platform.

All terms are organized alphabetically. You can use the search bar below to find a specific word.

Many of the terms described in Revain Glossary have been made up on social media such as Twitter and Reddit, as well as on various crypto forums such as Bitcointalk. Others are ordinary mathematical terms, trading terms and terms from cryptography and encryption.

Check out Revain Glossary: https://revain.org/glossary

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