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November 17, 2022
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Meet the platform updates!

Meet the platform updates!

🎉 Dear Revainers,
meet the platform updates!

What was changed this week: 
1) Now you can see more suggested products, companies, and reviews! We increased the number to 20 per page!

2) Let us introduce you to a new “Company-related products” section. Find it below the “Media” and “Photos” sections. The “Company-related products” shows you the companies that are somehow related to the one you’re looking for. 
👉🏻 4 companies now, click the button and see more.

3) When opening any product page, you see another new section - "Related company". You may find this information above the “About Revain Policy” section.

4) The bag when similar reviews are shown is fixed!

5) Review filter on the product and company works without any troubles now.

6) Revain is now on Pinterest! Find Revain_Official on Pinterest and our Social Media page 😉

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