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July 14, 2020


New feature on Revain: add pics to your reviews

Great news! Today we are launching new functionality for the platform. All users now will be able to attach up to 3 images to their reviews.

Want to share a trading chart with your investment, point out a bug in a wallet? Or maybe show a character in a blockchain game or add your certificate which confirms completion of a crypto course?

Now you can do it! Just click 'Attach images' in the form where you write reviews.

You can add up to 3 images to your review. Each image's size should be under 1 MB.

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Comments 2

José A Rodríguez

8 months ago

This is an impressive feature. It gives more representation to our reviews while adding some nice pictures of how we manage our wallets as well as other devices related to cryptos. It is so much better now. Keep up the great work!

Robiul Islam

8 months ago

Revain always brings new features to the platform, adding a picture to the review seemed like a unique idea to me, This will be more effective in the case of crypto courses and wallet reviews. I hope to see some more awesome features in the future. Well done guys 🦾

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