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May 19, 2019


NEW GIVEAWAY: discuss crypto, invite friends and receive rewards🔥

What are some of your favorite reviews or authors on Revain platform? Share them! How they helped (or not helped) you? What is special about them? Which project rating is too high or too low? What is the latest trends in crypto? How much you gained on BTC rise?

Discuss any crypto related topics on our Telegram group and invite friends into it.

🚨Top 10 participants with most messages will receive following rewards:1st - 800 R, 2nd - 600 R, 3rd - 500 R, 4th - 400 R, 5th - 300 R, 6th - 250 R, 7th - 200 R, 8th - 150 R, 9th - 100 R, 10th - 50 R.

🚨Also, 3 participants with the biggest number of invited friends in the Telegram group will receive following rewards: 1st - 500 R, 2nd - 400 R, 3rd - 300 R.

IMPORTANT: Please use only ‘Add members’ button in the group to invite friends.

This giveaway will be held for five days, from Monday to Friday 23:59 (UTC time). Please note that only legitimate messages will be counted as a discussion, spamming is not allowed. To be eligible for reward, you need to have at least 15 messages and 20 invited friends.

Good luck!

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Comments 4

Gold Nut

2 years ago

Cool beans :-) yes there is little room for value of the token to grow, but as the use of Revain expands and branches out ? great potential in many areas. One day the whole world could be greatly affected by opinions and information herein.. Crypto experts especially could have great influence etc with their data feeds having hundreds of millions of followers. The token could be used to get the advance info from your fave perhaps ? hottest tips and advice to tippers.. bidding/auctions for someones knowledge, crowd funding for specific goals within the context of the site functions ? who knows :)

Raja Faxa6

2 years ago

Good Project

This is instructive.

Saheb Karami

2 years ago

I like this feedback platform. Over the past year, the guys have achieved a lot in terms of the platform. Now I see Revain as the largest site review for crypto projects. Unfortunately, their token is not growing, but I think the project will still show itself.

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