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January 30, 2019

New GIVEAWAY is here. 60 R tokens for writing a high-quality review. Join!

And here we are with the newest giveaway!

What you need to do

1) In order to participate in this giveaway you should own any amount of AT tokens. If you don’t have it, go to ABCC exchange, create an account and buy some AT.

2) Write a high-quality review on ABCC exchange on Revain platform. Your review should be at least 300 symbols long and contain clear and helpful arguments. Write your own authentic opinion. Doesn’t matter if it is positive, negative or neutral.

All reviews should be fully original and English language only. They shouldn’t be similar to other reviews on Revain or somewhere else on the Internet. If we suspect your review is very similar to some other text, we may ban you from participation in the giveaway.

3) Like and retweet this tweet and follow Revain account on Twitter. If you are from China, join our Chinese Telegram group and WeChat.

Add this WeChat account with a message "I want to join Revain group" and he will invite you to the group:

qr-code wechat

How to receive reward

After you complete all steps of the giveaway please fill this form. You should provide the following information there:

  • The email you registered with on Revain.
  • The email you registered with on ABCC.
  • Link to the review you wrote on Revain. To get the link, go to your review and click the ‘copy link’ button.
  • Link to your Twitter account from which you liked and followed Revain.
  • Screenshot which proves that you have some AT tokens.


The giveaway starts on January 30 and will end on February 13 23:59 (UTC time). The distribution will happen 24-72 hours after the end of the giveaway.

Conditions of this giveaway are not final. Revain reserves the rights to change the terms without any additional notifications.

Good luck!

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