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December 11, 2020


New website guide

Revain is entering its new stage of growth. We were preparing major updates for a while and are excited to show you the first step of the process - our new website! There are big improvements and changes, and many more are yet to come. Here is the general overview of the things that we’ve already implemented.

Better structure

The new design is not only pleasing for the eye but also makes the platform easier to navigate. The user-friendly structure makes finding and writing reviews more convenient than ever.

We achieved it mainly by implementing a new filter system. You can find them on the company’s or product’s pages and search for reviews with a certain rating. More filters will be available soon.

There is also a better filing system in place now. It helps us to represent the full spectrum of a company’s projects. For example, if a company runs a crypto exchange and a mining pool, it will be represented in both categories.

The new website is also much more informative. User profiles now display more information about authors and experts, so that readers can get a better understanding of whose opinion they are reading. In time we will add more details about companies, services, and projects.

New review features

Reviews now have three important updates. The first one is the “top views” section on the main page, which will display the most popular reviews. It makes finding relevant posts easier and promotes interesting and detailed opinions.

The second one makes sharing easier. Reposting, forwarding, or saving reviews is now much more convenient - you can simply press the button in the review list or after reading the text.

The third one introduces new previews. Now photos featured in reviews are even more important since they are displayed on the main page. Images improve communication and make posts more appealing. So choose a fitting image and make your review shine.

New review categories and more

And finally, the long-awaited update for the whole platform: we are introducing new review categories. They are already available on the main page the content is already there and will be expanded soon.

We are already finalizing other updates. Soon you’ll see:

  • The new, more user-friendly, and informative review page.
  • The new “You might also consider” block will display information about a service or a company, as well as its rating.
  • The launch of our partner program with CoinMarketCap.

These changes are a testament to our readiness to grow. Blockchain and crypto have enormous importance in the modern world. We will keep supporting reviewers who want to write on these topics. However, we also want to give other dynamic industries the honest and useful feedback that they need. Now authors and experts can show their expertise in financial services, and soon we will add even more categories.

We’ll share more details about it in another post.

Meanwhile, explore the new site and stay tuned for more updates.

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