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Important message for all R token holders: R swap is coming

Important message for all R token holders: R swap is coming

Dear Revain community!

Revain is excited to share with you some important news regarding R token. As Revain platform progresses further and further, we are aiming to make our ecosystem more accessible for a larger number of people around the world and be in line with modern technical standards of the blockchain industry.

After studying the possibility of integrating R token into various blockchains, we encountered a number of problems that arose because of the nature of the current smart contract. A vivid confirmation of this is the lack of the ability to integrate R token into the Binance Chain, the Tron blockchain, as well as listings on BinanceDex and PoloniDex.

Because of that, Revain decided to improve R token’s smart contract to make it more up-to-date, secure and functional.

Making changes in the smart contract requires a swap of the current token (R token) on a new one (called REVtoken). Therefore, on April 1, 08:00 (UTC+0) we are about to make an automatic swap for all holders of R token. Instead of R tokens you are currently holding, you will receive REVtokens with 1:1 proportion.

Please note that Revain will temporarily close R tokens withdrawal from the platform from March 31 to April 3. Please don’t try to withdraw it on these dates.

After April 3 all withdrawals will be opened again. Instead of old R tokens you will start receiving new REVtokens which will be tradable on a number of popular exchanges just like with R's.

Important steps to make before the swap

1) Please don’t do any transfers of your R tokens starting from March 31, 08:00 (UTC+0) until a notification of the end of the swap process on our social media.

2) Wait for REV tokens to arrive in your wallet. After that, you are free to start any transfers again as usual.

3) To avoid any misunderstandings we recommend to move all your R token holdings from exchanges to your personal ERC-20 wallets before March 31, 08:00 (UTC+0).

Revain will provide full support for all R token holders. If you need any help or have questions regarding the swap, please ask them in Revain official Telegram group. We also gathered some questions you might wonder about in FAQ section.


How many new REVtokens am I going to receive?

Exactly the same amount of R tokens you are currently holding. For instance, if you are holding 5000 R tokens you will receive exactly 5000 REVtokens.

How long will the swap take?

We expect it to happen within 24 hours, starting from April 1, 08:00 (UTC+0). There is a small possibility that it will take longer than that. Please follow Revain social media for updates.

What will happen to my R tokens which I am holding after the swap?

R tokens will stay in your wallets.

What if I didn’t transferred my R tokens from an exchange or exchanges to my ERC-20 wallets before the swap?

In this case we can’t 100 % guarantee that you will receive REVtokens as it will depend on exchanges to update the old smart contract.

How REVtoken is different from R token?

The only difference is an upgraded smart contract. You can learn all information about it below.

Why is Revain doing the swap?

It is necessary to make adjustments and improvements to the smart contract of our token in order to ensure full integration of the token into the ecosystem of Revain platform, as well as various blockchains and decentralized platforms.

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