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May 27, 2019


Revain announces a partnership with financial services company Globiance

Great news out of Malta AI and Blockchain Summit, where Revain CEO Rinat Arslanov just held a meeting with Oliver La Rosa, CEO of Globiance, an online service which combines functions of a bank and a crypto exchange. The meeting ended with an emergence of the partnership between two companies.

As part of a partnership, Revain will be one of the first tokens listed on Globiance, therefore providing users who are interested in next generation financial services with access to R token. In turn, Globiance will be listed on Revain platform in the ‘Exchanges’ section, so Revain users and experts can take a look into it and share their feedback.

Oliver La Rosa on the left and Rinat Arslanov on the right.

Revain is a review platform which unites a community of people interested in crypto market. The platform’s goal is to give the crypto community a single source of trustworthy feedback about projects, exchanges, wallets, on which users can rely when it comes to making an investment decision, trusting money or making company’s product/service better. Revain custom-built AI evaluates all reviews based on a large number of parameters and gives an assessment of the written text, while blockchain technology ensures the platform’s immutability and transparency.

Globiance provides financial services for professional and personal customers. The Globiance platform covers exchange and trading of Crypto and Fiat currencies, payment solutions and worldwide money transfers. When opening an account with Globiance with only one KYC process a crypto exchange and full EU IBAN account will be opened for every client from Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

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Robiul Islam

2 years ago

Great news, keep up the good work :)

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