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December 27, 2019


DragonEx exchange integrates Revain reviews

Remember our little hint of partnership between us and DragonEx? We finally are about to tell you what that was about!

Today Revain is happy to announce the integration between Revain platform and DragonEx exchange. All user reviews left on DragonEx are now integrated into the main page of DragonEx website. From now on, DragonEx’s users can read and write reviews on their favorite exchange without leaving the website.

The Widget is located at the bottom of the main page. Check it out: https://dragonex.io/

Revain Widget is a web application which every website can install and integrate more than 12,000 reviews available on Revain. Companies can use Widget to display user feedback on themselves, while a service aggregator with a lot of listed tokens, projects, etc. (like coinmarketcap or cryptocompare) can add reviews on all companies. Revain Widget is super easy to install, customizable and based on blockchain technology.

DragonEx is cryptocurrency trading platform, started in November 2017 with accumulative transaction volume of $25,500,000,000. DragonEx pioneered the transaction mining model, and 100% of trading commission income is promised to share with DT holders. The platform increases community participation by sharing revenue among community members.

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