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February 10, 2018

Revain gets listed on OKEx and HitBTC exchanges

We’re back with more exciting news of our recent activity, R token is now listed on OKEx and HitBTC.

We are making a lot of progress, continuing with our roadmap and expanding. Affiliations with major exchanges as well as upgrading to version 0.5 (keep an eye our for more detailed blog posts) is us realizing our long-term dream systematically.

OKEx, which was launched by OkCoin a while ago, is a margin and spot trading platform set on dominating the global regulation space. It offers 10x or 20x leverage, convenient hedging, some of the most notorious investors in the business ($10 000 000 market cap overall) and the best liquidity around. In terms of trading volume OKEx is one of the biggest platforms around. That means plenty of happy trading prospects. We are very exciting to be a part of something this big.

We have also been listed at HitBTC, which you will know if you have been following our activity closely on social media. HitBTC is a UK-registered platform that has been around since 2015. It has been on the rise ever since. You can find all the details in our post on the subject. You probably have heard all about it because we have been twittering about it for eons.

Stay up to date with our latest releases and let us know what’s up. We’re glad to hear from you anytime.

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