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December 29, 2019


Revain launches a progression system. Levels, XP, referral program, rewards and more

We are super excited to share with you a new platform update which we’ve been working on for a while! Introducing progression system on Revain.

From now on, being active on Revain platform now is beneficial as getting an XP (experience) for different actions will give you an additional motivation in the form of new features and rewards.

Check it out: https://revain.org/promo/gamification

So, what is this system exactly?


Basically: you do different actions on Revain (e.g. write a review ) ---> you earn XP from each action ---> XP will add up to give you a certain level ---> for each new level you receive rewards. You can check your level in your personal profile in the ‘Achievements’ section

Actions and Levels

Different actions on Revain platform will gain you a certain amount of XP. Writing a review, updating a review, writing a comment, getting a comment from another user, getting a like on a review or a comment — all of this is the way to get some XP. XP in its turn will add up to give you a certain level.

There are currently 9 levels on Revain. All newly registered users start with level 1. Some old users with a great history of writing reviews will start from level 4 or 6.


More complicated actions are called Achievements. Achievements are difficult to execute, but they will gain you significantly more XP than usual actions. You can find the full list of Achievements in your personal account in the ‘Achievements’ section.


More XP you gain the higher level you are getting. Each level on Revain will give a reward in the form of new functionality, statuses and RVN tokens. You can find the full list of rewards for each level in your personal account in the ‘Achievements’ section.

Level 1

You are automatically awarded the first level when you register on Revain. It lets you write reviews and edit your personal page.

Level 2

Allows you to leave comments and rate reviews (likes and dislikes, or, for you reddit nerds out there, upvotes and downvotes).

Level 3

Opens up the ability to like/dislike comments and adds +1 RVN to your balance.

Level 4

Allows you to report reviews and comments to our support staff and give you +2 RVN.

Level 5

Opens up access to a referral program which will allow you to earn more tokens (you can read about this down below) and unlocks a new status.

Level 6

Allows you to update your reviews. Crypto is actively developing and some reviews, well…, let’s say they age like milk. Updating reviews is a nice way to alter your opinion and add some updates about what happened to the project in the meanwhile. Level 6 also boosts the power of your rating so that it influences the companies ranking more.

Level 7

Your voice matters! Reaching it increases your balance by +5 RVN as well as netting you an invite to talk directly with our product and dev team where you can ask questions, propose improvements, give feedback or propose changes.

Level 8

Leveling up gives you +15 RVN bonus and a new status.

Level 9

Unlocks an even rarer status as well as allows you to apply for our Revain Experts program. Gives you +50 RVN reward.

XP points

Different actions net you various amounts of XP:

  • Leaving a review - +20 XP
  • Leaving a comment - +2 XP
  • Receiving a like - +4 XP
  • Adding an avatar, writing a bio, linking socials, passing verification - +5 XP
  • Achievements - from +5 to +120 XP

You can find more details in the ‘Achievements’ section in your personal profile.

Referral program

Once you reach level 5, you will get an access to your personal referral link in the ‘Achievements’ section. You can share it with any person and you’ll both get +5 RVN once this person reaches level 4.

Excited to try out all the new features and unlock all the goodies?

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Farhan Mammadov

6 months ago

With assistance of this venture everybody composes the best survey of their own for this project. So,I think it is the best thing that to compose my own suppositions and musings in these tasks.


1 year ago

Very good sharing, thank you Sir


1 year ago

thank you to the revain team for this improvement. This project is interesting and very stimulating. congratulations to the team

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