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Roman Ochnev

October 24, 2018


Revain v1.0 goes out of beta in a full-scale working version and what to expect next

It’s been almost two months since we launched Revain platform’s version 1.0 in beta and now is the time to bring the final release!

During the beta we continued improving platform’s usability and user interface as well as clearing some bags. Right now we are pretty confident in the product we’ve made and really excited to announce that v1.0 is out of the beta testing and in a full-scale working version now!

v1.0 most significant features include the platform’s main page, blockchain implementation, Revain AI and authors incentive system. What’s that features all about?

  • From now on the Revain platform is completely blockchain-based: all reviews are stored in the blockchain and can’t be manipulated by any party in any way. The blockchain technology and our verification system which is to be released shortly make sure that reviews that are visible on the platform are worth to trust. Users can see all reviews written in the blockchain on a special page.
  • The Revain AI developed by our data science team checks the reviews, filters out low-quality reviews and makes quality ones eligible for rewards. On Revain, projects and exchanges have an option to reward authors for high-quality reviews with tokens. We created RVN token for this purpose. Users can earn RVNs by writing well-reasoned authentic reviews.
  • v1.0 also brought improved ranking. Revain custom algorithm ranks all projects and exchanges based on their popularity and people’s impressions, which can help quickly understand the overall quality of the project/exchange. A large amount of high-quality feedback will move a project or an exchange higher in an overall ranking.

So, that’s it, v1.0 is here. What’s next, you may ask?

A lot of things, actually. In v1.0 we delivered all features we were committed to in our White Paper, but our work on the product is just getting started. We are far from satisfaction and currently working on tons of improvements, about some of them we even can’t talk about yet. But generally, the next milestones for our developers and product people are platform redesign, improvement of UI/UX and author verification.

Can’t wait to show you how the platform will look like just a few weeks from now. Thank you for being with us!

Revain Team

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