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Roman Ochnev

December 24, 2017

The Revain blog birth and beta v0.3

Happy New Year everybody!

Today we’re excited to open Revain’s corporate blog for the very first time in public. Revain continues working on it’s communication strategy and this blog presents an important step for us. This is the centralized hub for all of the Revain associated information. With social media we try to be dynamic, short and fun. Here we will be more detailed and thoughtful. Welcome!

Also, the big news of the day is the official beta release! Just after 2 weeks since the last v0.2 release, platform’s version 0.3 is here. This time we added a number of enhancements.

First, the improvement of the overall design and interface. The graph which shows token’s dynamic became much smoother and detailed. The review section of the site was corrected to be more readable and clear. Widgets changed too. They got new animation when you point the cursor on them as well as new functions like displaying the small graphs with the related information. Sharing token’s performance to Facebook and Twitter doesn’t work just yet but it’s coming soon.

Second, we not just changed widgets, we added some new ones. Three of them, to be exact. ‘Today Volume’ widget compares token’s trading volume with the previous day. ‘Week Volume’ does the same only with the previous week. Finally, ‘Investment Price’ shows you how much you gained since you invested in a token.

Third, the ‘Investment Price’ widget is customizable. You can insert any date and the price and see how much percentages token gained since that moment. We hope it’s going to be a useful tool for quick analysis of your investment.

That is just the main improvements, we got tons of much smaller invisible ones. We are working hard to get all this features to the final release as soon as possible.

As always, we will really appreciate your feedback. It helps us to get the final release right. Send us your wishes to feedback@revain.org or our Telegram group https://t.me/revainorg

Stay tuned!

Revain Team

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