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Review on 101 Blockchain Course by David Olayide

Earn A Professional Certificate With The 101 Blockchain Course

101 Blockchain is a learning platform that also provides educational courses on how the blockchain network and cryptocurrency in general work. I took a look at their portfolio and saw that they had students from a number of recognized corporate institutions. Apart from that they equally have some impressive reviews from a lot of professionals.

101 Blockchain offers students of its program a certificate as a Blockchain professional upon completion of the course. They provide amazing content in their courses and it is also well detailed to make the students achieve an understanding of various concepts being explained to them. The platform promises that all the content it dishes out has been well researched. Videos and quizzes are available to simplify the learning process.

From what I could see on the website, I can say in my own opinion that the tools they provide can actually help individuals to learn at their own pace and time. However I feel that they could probably do better to add more resources, and craft out a very nice curriculum. So far they have a system in which you learn 15 minutes per day for 4 days. This method seems to be very effective too as I have noticed.

For those who have a deep interest in how blockchains work, do not hesitate to utilize the opportunity of a free course offered by 101 Blockchains.

Pros & cons

  • They have a lot of professionals from other recognized institutions
  • Provision of video tools to aid learning
  • Issuance of certificate after completion of course
  • very Interactive interface
  • They need to improve their curriculum structure