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Review on ABRA Сrypto Course by francis fernandez

ABRA CRYPTO COURSE: a learning source for crypto-beginners

ABRA is an online platform for learning everything related to digital currencies. The portal has a study plan structured in 10 modules structured by days.

Each module or day has a specific content that goes from welcoming the user (Day 1) to the use of social networks to promote the platform.

The study plan is summarized by lessons as follows:

Module 1: The learner is welcomed to the platform.

Module 2: This lesson explains: * Definition, purpose, background, classification, characteristics and importance of cryptocurrencies.

Module 3: This lesson explains the creation of different categories of digital currencies with characteristics different from the pioneering cryptocurrency Bitcoin. This is how the origin of altcoins is described; Alternative cryptocurrencies to the Bitcoin currency. The first altcoin being the Namecoin digital currency.

The creation of various cryptographic project initiatives that seek to develop cryptocurrencies based on a particular use is also explained in this module.

Module 4: The variables of the crypto market are explained here. It includes concepts of: market capitalization, uses of cryptocurrencies to develop digital applications that provide solutions to other problems, such as: privacy, protocols and commerce, entertainment, data management and programming, payment instruments and cryptocurrencies, financial companies.

It also covers concepts and types of forks, definition and origin of ICOs. And finally, it explains step by step the procedure to enter the cryptoactive market through the ABRA application.

Module 5: This lesson explains how the value of a cryptocurrency is determined, the variables that influence its market price, and the difference between digital currency and fiat currency or FIAT.

Module 6: This lesson explains the options to protect cryptoassets to guarantee their security; such as hot and cold wallets.

Module 7: Explains how digital wallets work.

Module 8: This lesson explains the background and variables to consider when investing in digital currencies.

Module 9: Explains the procedure for creating the first ABRA portfolio following the steps of the application.

Module 10: Explains how to use the referral system to invite other people to use the ABRA application.

Pros & cons

  • It is a source of learning that allows its to obtain specialized knowledge on the terms related to the crypto market.
  • Unlike other training blockchains, it does not offer videos or evaluative material.