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Review on Bitcoin Homework Cryptocurrency Education by Jose Luis Perez

Education from a click.

We never stop learning something new and even more so when we have this type of platform that offers us vast information to educate ourselves on the subject of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general through a walk through various levels that adapt to the learning capacity that the user has, since we can find courses that are aimed at beginners who throughout the teaching are acquiring more knowledge. As well as courses that are designed for the most advanced people in the subject and even children have the opportunity to enter and learn.

The working method of this platform is through the use of didactic videos and subsequent questionnaires that allow evaluating the knowledge acquired and being able to continue towards the other levels. It should be noted that these courses are mostly free. Also on your page we have a forum available where you can clarify any questions you have about the topics you learn. Apart from taking the courses on the page we also have interesting and updated information from the crypto world. They also offer us to join their newslatter that is gradually updating us through the mail.

Pros & cons

  • Courses for all levels.
  • Emphasis on education.
  • It has an easy and fast registration.
  • Take a series of quizzes and tests to assess what was learned.
  • Classes through educational and creative videos.
  • They add updated courses.
  • Free classes.
  • It has a newsletter to which we can register to receive updates on the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
  • None.