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Review on Blockchain Training Alliance by José A Rodríguez

Blockchain Training Alliance: A Highly Expensive Platform but Many Courses to Offer

Blockchain Training Alliance, is perhaps, one of the platforms with the most expensive courses offered, but considering it in a professional view, their prices are good because it is a platform with a outstanding support, a great design, and a wide variety of themes of study to choose from. Now, explaining in more detail those features, the support it receives come from four principal leading companies that bring assistance to every single thing that is required in the platform. Moreover it is specially centered in Ethereum, that means that it is never enough the basic contents found in the web.

As a gift or an entry promotion, the company is currently offering a course for free that covers just a foundamental step into the blockchain world, but in some way is a necessary knowledge. At the same time, the first list of courses in some way can be accesible for learners since they have good prices considering the topics in which they focus. Each one of them offer a certification after completing the course, which is recognized by many companies offering blockchain jobs as developer, managers, or even Hyperledger creators.

The platform goes directly to what is important. First of all, it is focused on the courses and a simple but concise overview of their content. Secondly the company provides access to the social community, and offer a rapid understanding of their mission. However, this is still a learning network that for the most advanced courses offer expensive prices that are difficult to manage. So, in a whole way it can be recommended for everyone. It is a platform dedicated just for those who can pay for it, and consider this company provides unique knowledge.

From my point of view, many of the courses provided here can be found in other sites of the internet, or at least great content of them. The certification program matters the less when it's difficult to access to the course economically. So, in conclusion, this is yet a platform that can be better with time, but they require to readjust their prices.

Pros & cons

  • Official content provided by the company where some interesting lessons are covered with great sense.
  • It receives great support from an alliance of an Ethereum company. It serves a lot to understand more about the company.
  • It is specially supported by many leading companies. In some way it justifies its finances and accessibility.
  • The platform has simple but concise content for their sections. It has a standard design that can be confortable to manage.
  • It is a platform with highly expensive courses. It is not available for all users interested as the company tries to ensures, since the most important courses are so high.
  • It tends to maximise commercial facts and prices instead of cooperative labour among courses.