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Review on Blockchain University Course by Cesar Medina

Blockchain University Course

This is a platform that will give us one of the best university training courses in everything that has to do with blockchain technology, from its beginnings to the present, they will also teach us how cryptocurrencies work and what they are, as well as how to use them to our favor to earn money. The whole process will start from the most basic to the most professional with easy to understand practical videos. We will decide when and not to conclude with the course. When we register we will have to pay and we can do it with both fiat money and cryptocurrencies. The customer service is optimal and will attend to our requests 24/7. In addition, it is fast, safe and reliable for all users even though it is not licensed.

Pros & cons

  • The entire course is easy to understand and we will learn endless things about both blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, we will be able to learn to trade with cryptocurrencies and how to make money with them, good customer service and the entire platform is secure.
  • It is not licensed.