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Review on Blockchain University Course by Jose Luis Perez

Instructive course with little information.

It is of great importance to be prepared when we want to enter the world of technology development that is covering a lot of space in different aspects of technology development and commerce in general, such as blockchain technology, that's where it is. This course is intended to understand the use and development of this ecosystem for beginners, as well as for those who already have a path on the subject and it is towards them that this course is focused, which has a platform where the courses are always present in the page. There are several courses. Something that is striking about this course is that it is not possible to find much information about this platform, which does not make it so viable taking into account that it is necessary to know in order to enter education about this technology. In addition, it does not offer certification at the end of the course and it is not available in some countries, which does not make it so accessible, since according to the user's location, sometimes it is not possible to access the course.

Pros & cons

  • Various courses.
  • The course is always on the platform for when you want to enter.
  • There is not much information necessary to know about the course.
  • It presents inconveniences to enter the platform from different countries.
  • It does not offer certification.