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Review on Blockchain University Course by José A Rodríguez

A Blockchain University Course Yet to Improve

New ways of learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies come to the digital ecosystem. Many of those are designed to offer a better experience in learning about these fields of necessary knowledge to unlock financial freedom.

Blockchain University Course is totally an academic course that focuses its syllabus in all terms related to blockchain and finances with concepts of easy understanding for new crypto enthusiasts. I think after learning on a platform like this, crypto learners are ready to start trading and making good profits.

Some of the contents available in this course are cryptocurrency market growth, trading statistics, exchange services, and concepts about BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, and other altcoins.

The issue with this course is that it is not globally available. The IP addresses of some local cities are restricted. Besides, the course is not free at all. A deposit in fiat money must be registered, and there is no reliable information on the internet. There is just one course on the platform and there is no validity of the content shared.

However, I think many crypto users around the world can enjoy the experience of learning with this course, and perhaps, share them.

Pros & cons

  • It is a supportive blockchain course listed to guarantee crypto understanding about fields covering trading and exchanging, staking, digital finances, and more.
  • Crypto enthusiasts learn at their own pace. After paying they upgrade unlimited.
  • There is not trusted information about this course. All findings are reduced and the course is restricted for many countries.
  • It requires more updates to be a better option among crypto courses.